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I'm creating a very long post, approx 25,000 + words
I wonder what is the best way to post it, what would readers like most? What will Google like most?
- Splitting it into 2 ( or more) posts? I don't like this option
- Creating a pagination, breaking it into few pages
- Just putting it all on one page, perhaps putting internal page jumping to different sections ( my preferred option).

Any thoughts or preferences?

appreciate the help.
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    A 25,000 word post is more like an eBook...
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    I would say that a 25,000 word post would not be read by many people.

    Your best bet would be to break it up into smaller posts where the finish of 1 post will pose a question or something similar that will be answered in the next post.

    Then release each post every few days.

    This gives your site some fresh content every few days and will even be loved by search engines.

    With so much effort put in, its a good way to get some mileage out of a lot of work.
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    Are you trying to sell something?

    I see much more benefits to split the post in series like 3 or 5 or even more.
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    Wow and I thought my 3,000 word super posts were long thats like a Stephen King novel you may want to submit it to Kindle

    All kidding aside if it's good it should be good for the search engines, and possibly could go viral if it's extremely useful .
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    It's a list, that's why I do want to keep it in one post and not a series..
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    I've yet to see a 25k word list. On the other hand, I have seen ebook-length tutorial posts and even a few sales letters that used the 'long form with internal links' approach.

    Another option would be to have a lead-in post with each section in a following post. The lead in would have links to the various sections.
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    Wow that is really a lot of content. I personally feel it will be dependent on how you can want to make use of this content.

    If you want to post on your blog, you might want to have internal linking in place so that the reader can jump to the specific list if they want to.

    If you want to build a list, you can consider compile it as a PDF report and give it away. You can even get the reader to read the 1st half of the content and they will need to join your list if they want to read the 2nd half of the content

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    I break long posts (3,000+) into chapters usually.
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      What's the point? What are you trying to accomplish?

      If you want viewers to "read" or see the entire list, you'd better break it up into bite-sized pieces. I can't think of anything more boring that going through a long list of anything that never seems to end, especially if it's just one word or phrase after another.

      You'd be asking your viewers to read an entire book and unless it is interesting, compelling, or engaging, no one is going to "invest" that kind of time on something that is monotonous.

      I'd say you'd better rethink your strategy here.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    What will Google like most? I think I'm going to be sick.
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    Even splitting it into a bunch of different posts may not work. After all, most web searchers are looking for quick answers and solutions that are written in a way that's easy to understand. They're used to seeing short blog posts and articles that are broken up by short paragraphs and/or bulletpoints. They're notorious for scanning a piece of content before sitting down to digest every single word.

    My point?

    I'm afraid that readers are going to see your giant post (or a ton of different posts that all need to be read in order to get the point) and run away screaming. They're not expecting to sit down and read something that's as long as an ebook (and a lengthy ebook at that... I tell my clients that the average ebook page is around 350 words or so, depending on bulletpoints, chapter breaks, and other whitespace. At that rate, your 25,000 words would translate into roughly 70 pages!)

    Think of it like offering beer at breakfast time. Even if you've created the best-tasting craft beer in the whole world, people are in the mood for eggs and bacon -- not beer.

    Why not turn it into an ebook? If you were planning on letting people read it on your website for free, you could give it away for free. That way, your readers will at least be in an "ebook mood" when they sit down to read it.
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    Split it into several parts. Why you should bother for Google? Are you writing for Google or reader? If for readers, splitting into several parts will keep them interested to read more. All together might make them bore.

    If you are writing for Google, :| I have nothing to say.
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    Split it into several post. Google does not like extremely long posts
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      Originally Posted by cyberzolo View Post

      Google does not like extremely long posts
      LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL.

      Dan's content is irregularly read by handfuls of people. Join the elite few by reading his blog: dcrBlogs.com, following him on Twitter: dcrTweets.com or reading his fiction: dcrWrites.com but NOT by Clicking Here!

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    Split it up..always. Most people do not have anywhere near that attention span unless you have data that shows your niche audience likes hat type of thing. Some do.
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    25,000 WORDS!

    That's 50 pages @ 500 words an article. In other words, you don't have an article you have an entire ebook. Or 50 weeks worth of posts by breaking them down to 500 words. Or maybe 7 to 10 short reports that can be given away to build your list.

    What are you looking to achieve by offering such a large chunk of information at once or even splitting into a few posts?

    25,000 words of content can be split up and cut into multiple different formats giving you a lot of different benefits instead of just putting it all into one huge post.

    You could break it into;
    • an ebook
    • several short reports
    • blog posts
    • articles for search engines
    • doc sharing sites
    • etc.
    To me that's kind of like feed your readers an elephant all at once. I believe that by doing so you'll choke them to death and almost no one will get the desired benefits or results of what you're offering them.

    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

    Hope this helps,

    P.S. It sounds like you've got a wealth of information that can and should be leveraged and not just dumped. Please take this attempting to be helpful 'cause that's the attempt.

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    Originally Posted by IMPromocoder View Post

    I'm creating a very long post, approx 25,000 + words
    I think it's against the forum rules, and if it is not it will be a strong motivation
    to create such a rule. (There is a minimum length rule.)

    This seems very impractical to me and to you too because you wouldn't
    ask the question in my estimation if it didn't raise a question in your mind.
    I don't think a forum was designed for such a long post. Just doesn't fit
    the medium.

    -Ray Edwards
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    One thing you might consider is making the post work double duty, by posting half here on forum and linking to the full article on your own blog. That way you are capturing attention of forum members and funneling traffic to your own site, where you can monetize easily and earn money over many years.*
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    It'll probably work best if you split it into chapters and make each chapter like a mini stand alone guide that can be read on it's own even if they haven't read the previous chapters.
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    A list with 25.000+ words is bound to be fairly long.

    Without having any clue what the list is about I would probably consider splitting it. Occassionally, you will see lists like Top 100 Athletes by Earnings and stuff like that, probably with more creative titles. More often than not they split them into segments (100-91, 90-81, etc.). That might be something for you to consider.

    What's the really interesting question here is how much text you have for each item? Are we talking 100 Items at 250 words each, 10 items at 2500 words, or 1000 items at 25 words? That could make a huge difference in the way you present it.

    I would definitely not post it as one humongous blog post. It's highly unlikely that anyone would ever get to the bottom of the post.
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    First of all I'd completely avoid putting it up as one page and would even consider not putting it up as one post that paginated either.

    What I'd do is break it down into 10 x 2,500 parts and then publish 1 part each week. This will get your readers looking forward to the next part of the post.

    Of course this does assume you can break it down and I know it's not what you were looking for BUT it could work well as a part of social media promotion especially if you have a current Twitter following.
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    25,000 word posts....

    Just turn it into an ebook!
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    I think 25,000 is too long for a blog post. Even with my blog I never go beyond 3,000 words. Even if it too long people look interest. Why not break it down to 5 series of 4,000 word each+ That is also more beneficial for traffic purpose.

    Google prefers 10 post of 2,000 words each that one blog post of 20,000 word.
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    Post it in series.
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      Its either you create an ebook out of it or give bite sized portion of the posts. nobody will be too eager to read a very long post.
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  • I will say this.

    I've come across posts like this before. With epic information.

    Are they what Google likes? I would venture Google probably thinks they're pretty sweet. But even more importantly, the articles I can think of that were this long are works I continually return to. I have them bookmarked in my speed dial and every time I want to go look up something on that subject, I typically go to those posts.

    Because the content was just that good.

    On top of that, any time I'm talking with someone in private or read a post on a forum and the person asks a question concerning the topic of that article, where do you think I send them?

    This is evergreen-type content (assuming the topic is evergreen). They stick out like a 500-word piece never could.

    I think you could build a very sound business based on huge pieces like this. People will read it if the information is legitimate. I know because I've done it myself, and in every case, I wasn't the only one feeling it. In every case, the content had gone viral and become an authority resource because of the energy and time that went into it.

    I'm not saying any of this is automatic - that's obviously up to you (your effort, your writing skills, your information, and your marketing) - but the potential is there. Don't listen to anyone who tells you it can't work.

    All that said, I'd break it up for the sake of organization and to make it more readable. The usual online writing rules apply, but you should also consider breaking it up into separate "steps" or "parts," each with a great headline (yet retaining continuity), and possibly put each section on its own page.

    The introduction should then have a linked menu leading to all the different sections for those who want to jump ahead or come back and review.

    It's still an all-encompassing work, but this just makes it more navigable and easy to digest for the readers.

    A great example of what I'm describing is QuickSprout's "The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing." (no affiliation)

    I say go for it.

    Be different. Be daring.

    Create something valuable.
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    I think it totally depends on your niche. Without telling us you're the only one knowing if iot's worthy content or not.
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    25k word post its a huge amount of words for an article well if you are wrote this for people than convert it in ebook because 25k word article is very long and people get bored.Choice is yours,
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    If you are going to create a post where you have 25,000 words in it, 100% of the people are not going to read it. I know I am not going to.

    Too long.

    You should create some sort of an ebook with 25,000 words in it. That would be the best way to go.
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    But why are you creating such a long post?
    What is the point in it?

    Ricardo Furtado

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    25k word post is way to long, your visitors will be long gone before they can read the first 1000 words. Why don't you turn it into an ebook, and offer it as a bribe to optin to your autoresponder?
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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      I agree with every one else. 25k is to long for a blog post. I would write a 25K page ebook and then promote it on my blog using a series of 50 short blog posts of 400-500 unique words taken from ideas your new book. Include an action statement at the end with a link to your ebook.

      Bookmark each post using Only Wire to get them out in the marketplace where readers and search engines can find them.
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    Internal page jumping is your best option, I guess.
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    Break up that 25,000 word post and make into an autoresponder series. Just a suggestion.
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    Don't do things for Google because Google will betray you.

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