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Hello everyone,

My name is Desiree, I am new to internet marketing but have been actively working virtual assistant positions from home.

I am ready to start creating my own products and services and I am excited to be given the chance to network here on the forums.

Thanks for having me,
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    This is the best place to find information to get started. The Warriors is full of helpful people and lots and lots of information. Welcome to you. I hope you enjoy your time here.

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    Welcome Desiree!

    It is so cool that you found this forum so early in your search for knowledge about a new career.

    Your learning curve will be cut by months, if not years. All you have to do is use your ears to listen to the advice and direction givenhere. AND, when you do have a question, search for it incase it's already been asked. If not, ask it? Chances are there are a few people with the same question.

    Get on lists of other marketers. Read about what they have to offer. See what others have to say about their products or services.

    Get on some teleseminars and listen in*live*. They're almost always free and I guarantee you will always learn something from them.

    I've got one going on at: www.8WeeksAway.com

    You can also listen to a recent one that Cam Forbes is giving away. Search for the post..."The WalMart Interview".

    Oh yeah. One more thing. Always keep your sense of humor.

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