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Hi Guys,

Been out of the forum for a few weeks due to workload etc, but before I got so busy I had a problem, I couldn't get online when a series of mishaps hit my IM business and I couldn't get online the conventional way.


I had to improvise.

I had customers waiting to hear from me.

I couldn't reach them via computers and broadband, trust me all options were completely blocked to me, it was like being back in the stone ages lol... except I had a mobile phone available to me 24/7.

So... ,

I said to myself... "I can contact my customers via email using my mobile phone, right? So, what am I waiting on? Rapture?!"

And that was my Eureka moment.

I asked some friends how to get connected to the web using my phone (cos these guys are always online browsing for fun and not profit I never thought to use the same method with IM, didn't even think it really worked, silly me!)

Anyway, after 20 minutes or so, I was online... I was in YahooMail, I set up a new Gmail account, I checked my Paypal balance and those who had recently ordered and got their contact details, I checked my shopping cart database for special order requirements they had sent me and under 1 hour I was back in business... at least I could now communicate again!

What happened?

Well, my customers who were getting really impatient, heard from me via my new mobile gmail account and were elated I hadn't simply been ignoring them.

We chatted (via email, me on my phone, they not being any the wiser), within 24 - 72 hours my IM business was back on track, my customers were happy and I was making money - Pretty much business as usual.

Now, Mobile phone web browsing has flaws...

1. It's clumsy at first till you get used to it cos you can only browse one page at a time (no tab browsing).

2. You can only scroll in ONE direction at a time and really only UP or DOWN (side scrolling is possible but even annoying on a small phone screen, so you're happier when you don't need to).

3. It can be expensive (unless you get lucky with a great mobile phone carrier, like I have--I actually browse on my mobile phone 100% free for the time being anyway on a time limited special deal). When that's done I'm happy to pay cos it's not that expensive about 25 cents an hour give and take a few cents.

4. You can't view some sites and use some web forms cos they are built for desktop browsers, but there are a multitude of sites you can access and use, I enjoy easy browsing and can not access and/or use only a handful of sites.

E.g. I can view threads on the warrior forum but can't log in and post for some reason may be due to my location and the fact I'm on a mobile phone (Allen please take note, yeah right, lol)

But all in all, I'm writing this on a desktop, but will check responses on my mobile throughout the day later, other than that, I will be mobile browsing for everything else from Facebook, to Google online research to email customer support.

I get the feeling I will soon not be alone doing this.

As an aside, imagine if you could browse the web and do IM without anyone near you having a clue, sometimes when I should be done working online for the day, I can still sneak online and do some Internet marketing without my better half ever suspecting... being with a workaholic of sorts (me), she's strict when it comes to my relaxation times, but now I can cheat and get away with it -- for now anyway lol..

Anyway what are some of your thougts or questions, I consider myself a mini-mobile-phone-web-browsing-guru so I can answer some doubts, shoot away.

Meanwhile, if anyone knows of even better ways to mobile browse, do share!


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    Sounds familiar, though I used my phone as a modem to connect with a laptop.


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      Even Twitter has a pretty good mobile communication tool. Celebrities and politicians use that to good effect.
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    any one use usb modems? If so what do you think of them? I am thinking about getting one.
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      Originally Posted by Saul' View Post

      Sounds familiar, though I used my phone as a modem to connect with a laptop.
      Hi Saul, I did the same back around 2002 in the UK before broadband became the norm. It was very handy, and I'm looking into setting that up again, right now though I'm browsing only via the phone, no laptop or desktop connected.

      It's both fun and a hassle (great to stay connected whereever, whenever, but lousy to browse long pages on a small screen, I use a Nokia 6070, nothing state of the art and I know a smart phone would do a much better job).

      Originally Posted by Lady NaNa View Post

      Even Twitter has a pretty good mobile communication tool. Celebrities and politicians use that to good effect.
      Interesting, I'm pretty sure President Obama tops the list here, saw so many news clips of him with his blackberry (that appears to live in his palm), and he always had his face buried in it, probably on twitter like you say, or checking and sending emails worldwide, probably even has it in his hands when he's signing powerful life-changing national and international policies into effect

      Originally Posted by samuelbell View Post

      any one use usb modems? If so what do you think of them? I am thinking about getting one.
      Did you mean Apple's USB modem for connecting to dial-up internet or the smart phone usb modems for connecting to laptops and desktops? Haven't used either but gather the latter would be effective only with certain mobile phone carriers. As for the Apple USB, that's just a little portable device that gets rid of unnecessary wires etc and makes for easier and faster set up to get online where dial up and a mac are available. Maybe others can shed more light though.
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    Kunle, yes, there's a whole big mobile communications world out there! With smartphones like Blackberry, Palm or HTC, you can do slightly more in terms of browsing online. The "frustration" of most mobile phones is the smaller screen real estate, and the tinier keyboard but at least it's better than the normal phone keypad (which isn't designed for decent civilised texting purposes).
    I've been looking for almost 2 years now but haven't found any really good devices that do a good double job of netPC and cellphone rolled into one. The closest I have found was this from HTC, picture shown below, but it's still not the one I want. (I supposed wanting to do Photoshop doesn't exactly cut it on the device, screenwise). I love a 10.2" screen endowed smartphone tho'

    Samuelbell, USB modems (for wireless broadband) are good proviso you have good cellular or mobile signal coverage where you are. They are SIM card based, and are generally tied into the mobile comms service provider. Don't know about you but in the countries I move around in, they work pretty well off the GSM mobile phone network.
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