Is Barter applicable to IM

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Hello Warrior ,
Just a thought came to my mind .

There are many people like me who want to learn and earn from IM but problem comes when we cannot handle all steps alone

We can be good at one or two steps but not able to handle other steps.

Basically i am technical guy good at things like html,website codes ,installation of plugins and many other technical procedures but i feel like a newbie when it come to blog writing,seo ,affiliate recruitment and many more .

So i would like to know how we can design a barter system in IM and how many of you support this idea
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    Although it may not be called 'barter' by many, the concept you're talking about is all over IM. That's what forms partnerships - different members with different skills combine for success.
    You could look to enter an existing group where your skills are valuable and others have the ones you need to learn more about.
    Another alternative is to work with a coach who likely has access to such a group.
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    Bartering and/or swapping services is great idea... if you and the other person/company have a service(s) or product(s) that benefit each partners need(s) and the trade for service is fair.
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    What you are expressing here is the ethos behind Joint Venture partnerships. Join some Facebook groups and fora (even this one) to seek out people with skill sets that are different to yours but complement each other.
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    What you are describing is available here: Warrior Joint Ventures
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    I've always wanted to barter, fiction writing for cover design, but I don't know how many people that do graphic design would want to do that.

    You should look to the Warrior JV forum to look for partnership opportunities in the getting started in IM arena - there are plenty of opportunities there at any given time.

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    Thanks all ,

    So barter in IM is known as JV partnership ,i will surely try that portion also .But i know many people need this type of relationship especially when starting in IM

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    I bartered with my wedding vendors

    Saved $3k on the Photographer, and $4k on our florist

    I did SEO and Web design for them - and in turn was able to get higher quality vendors that I would have chosen otherwise.

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