What kinds of problems do people have?

by kingde
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I'm trying to figure out a topic of a product that people would be interested in.

I know I've developed a lot of knowledge in strategic marketing, content development and website building and automation but I'm not sure what to focus on and what people need.

I've developed a few ideas but I know that a lot of the people on this forum are in love with the mechanical aspects of buy traffic -> send to offers

But how many people are trying to get clients who they want to help to succeed in the long term? Like to actually talk to the ones who are your best clients and learn who they are what what they want to do? The idea to me is to actually help people and not just sell stuff.

How many people on this forum are struggling alone because there is the standard of behavior to have an automated business even from the beginning? And very few people want to team up in the early stages (is this true)

I stumbled across Sean Mize's info here in the past week or two and what he had to say really filled in some gaps for me. So now I feel I have a pretty complete picture about developing content but don't know who I can talk to or where to start sending out some ideas.

Besides figuring out how to use some cool (Jay Abraham style marketing concepts), I have a solid technical background and have developed a few Bootstrap systems to automate your marketing for (mostly free) including a building a membership site.

Would these types of things be interesting to people?

Sean filled in my missing conceptual gaps for developing content, but where can I test out the content to see what people respond to? (besides Facebook ads which I'm not so sure is a great investment)

Now I've worked out systems for showing people how to make cool videos, podcasts etc and again using mostly free tools.. but who actually needs this? Anyone here?

Would love any feedback thanks!

Send me a pm if you want to skype
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    It really isn't about who wants your products.. especially in the internet marketing industry where the most consumers don't have a clue as to what they are doing, and things are constantly changing as well.

    You just put your products out there, and let the market tell you what they like or now. And one or two will hit big, which gives your the funds required to launch other products as well. So, it's a win-win for you and your customers/clients.
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    I'll keep this simple and answer your headline. What kinds of problems do people have? In the context of marketing their biggest problem is believing nonsense. They believe in "done for you" nonsense. They believe in "autopilot" nonsense. They believe the in the nonsense that some kind of "program" or "system" is going to fill their bank account over night.

    They believe the nonsense that spun articles and spammed backlinks are going to somehow put them to the the front of the line with Google. They also believe the nonsense that Google is to be worshiped and that everything revolves around keywords and SEO and on and on and on...

    The biggest problem people have is not realizing that online marketing is based on an age old concept: Find a product or service that people want and need (in that order) and deliver it to them with a smile. It also helps if you actually have an interest in the product and maybe even like or love it. That makes otherwise tedious stuff fun.

    Bottom line. People are trying to get maximum rewards from minuscule efforts, yet if someone tries to shortchange them in any way, shape or form they go apeshit. What's the lesson? Treat others the way you want to be treated. Learn business from the ground up.
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    What are some of your problems? If you have these problems, then so do others. Poke around forums and find out what questions are being asked.

    Good luck in your findings!
    Geri Richmond
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