How would I pick a domain name for an online store???

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I'm looking at setting up an online store. Although, I'm starting off in 1 niche, I feel like I want to keep the name a bit generic so that I can eventually branch off into other products as well. Like the domain could have the word: Shop, or Store in it potentially. I don't know. I've never had an online store so I have no idea. Any suggestions? :confused:
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    I would take the first three letters of either your last name, or first name.. and then add the word "mart" "store" or "shop" to it. So, if your last name is "Walton", then it would become, "WalShop".

    Think creatively and come up with many ideas and pick the one that you like the very best.
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    I remember when amazon was just a river.
    I wonder what keyword tool they used on alta-vista to come up with the name google

    with your going to have to spend a ton branding your name, or just make it catchy or easy to remember for your target market.

    what the hell does a warrior forum have to do with marketing, isn't that the ancient place in rome?
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      Maybe look at the current niche, and then go one category up and put that in the name.

      eg your product is for sexual health, go a level up to health and put "health" in the name eg healthshop

      or if you niche is computers, move it up a category level to technology, and put "technology" in the name

      That way you have a bit of room to widen your offering down the track
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    I run a little blog which posts available 'Brandable' domain names that may help. There are a number of domain name generators out there which could help as well. There is a list of the better ones here Available Brandable Domain Names | Domain Name Generators
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    You can start with easy to understand and unique name for your domain.
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      Since you don't want to limit yourself I think you should go the brandable route.
      Something easy to remember that rolls off the tongue.

      But then again, I always think brandable.:rolleyes:
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    You can be as generic as you like and still develop a brand and drive a ton of traffic. Look at some of the following examples of thriving online stores:
    * - price comparison service website
    * - computer goods
    * - running, fitness and cycling goods

    None of these site names indicate in any way what the product line is, yet they're incredibly famous. So pick something you like the sound of, is easy to say, and available.
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