Please could you have a look at my site

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Would love some thoughts on my site.

Home — Help to beat AnxietyHelp to beat Anxiety — Giving you the tools to help beat anxiety.

On top if this I have a funnel that I am using for Ppc (campaign started less than 24 hours ago)

This uses a squeeze page version of the home page and then uses my products in the funnel (they have proper copy on the sales pages and not how they are on my product pages)

I'm going to be split testing as I go but I want to be starting from a good foundation so if I could have some advice on how I could change aspects right now It would be much appreciated.
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    Hey Mark, had a look through your landing page. Overall its very presentable. Just a couple of tweaks for your consideration:
    * change 'our client reviews' to 'testimonials' - more powerful
    * the main headline is great, but the sub headline is a bid wordy and I'd shorten it
    * I'd suggest reducing the # of bullet points to 3 for more impact and a cleaner look, and tighten them up a bit. For example you state 'discover how to stop and prevent...' - the 'and prevent' is redundant in that case

    Overall I really like it but would suggest just a bit of tidying up so your points are absorbed more quickly.
    Hope this helps.
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      Unless I missed it, there is no affiliate disclosure which is required by the FTC.

      Adding a Privacy Policy would be an excellent idea.

      You are running a business here so take time to make sure you have the basics covered.

      Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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    Affiliate disclosure?
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    I would suggest removing the menu from the squeeze page.
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    You claim to be a former severe anxiety sufferer that has the secret to eliminate anxiety in 7 days.

    As you know anxiety can be an uncontrollable sense of fear. Along with uneasiness, worry and an unpleasant feeling of imminent doom that could happen at any time.

    Now, you are claiming to free these people of all this. Your products are changing their life for ever.

    They are free from the debilitating behavior.

    You have a problem. You're Squeeze and Your Website don't cut it. Ya, I took a look at your website and your VSL.

    You're changing their lives and it sounds like you're giving them a prescription for a nasal decongestion.

    You need to take these people through an emotional roller coaster with all their problems and your products and hypnotherapy are thier solution.


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  • From a web design point of view, some parts could use more margins and padding. That's just the web designer in me talking though.
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  • personally, I don't like the site. The colors (horrible)... the content (not detailed enough).

    It's looks like a sales page to me.
    - Not a product page where the customer wants to buy something.

    It looks likes it was canned... Certainly, not something I would make for my customers.
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    Sorry to say that your site is not looking good the template, layout. Colour scheme etc must be more better.I think you should take some experts adivce.
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    My thoughts:

    Personally I don't like "Rush me my videos." it just comes off as scammy, even though I'm sure its not.

    Second bullet point "You'll finally understand what the real reasons behind your anxieties and how to completely resolve them!" there should be an "are" between "anxieties" and "and"

    Your subheader is a tad bit too wordy. Try and lessen the word count a bit.

    All in all I'd say its a great looking site that just needs some finishing touches. To help increase conversions try and add some kind of sense of urgency as to why they need to opt in "now."

    Good luck with making this work for you! I can tell that you put a lot of hard work into making that page and I sincerely hope it pays off for you
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      As many have said there are some minor issues here and there. Some of the things that grabbed me.

      • The prices in the "Products" pull down, I would remove those.
      • You really need an "About Me" page
      • A FAQ page might be of interest.
      • The product titles need work. If you read them on your product drop, it appears you have 2 products, then a package - even though its not
      • your pages are kind a just floating, there is no sense of direction, once you are past the call to action on top, then what?
      • The video you have on your blog, should be on the main page
      The video is a GREAT call to action, and you in essence have it buried.

      A Portion of web design is call to action. The other aspects become backing that decision up with information. Click here to eliminate your problems in 7 days with your photo really isn't doing the trick.

      Drop that video on them, in text, let them know you have been down the same road. Let them know you spent 15 YEARS looking for a solution. Explain that these products helped you and it will help THEM. Then place your call to action. Start down the road to an Anxiety free life TODAY click here. Then you have the e-mail address ,you immediately on that next page hit them with the $14.97 Anxiety quick fix. Get relief RIGHT NOW! 15 minute audio and 2 free gifts. Don't endure another minute, put anxiety to rest with this easy 15 minute audio. Not only does it work for me, It will work for you! Buy now!

      Are you feeling the difference?

      Hope That Helps!
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    you'll get the biggest leverage out of changes to the offer or the headline, so will focus on that.

    The Secrets That Will Completely Eliminate Your Anxiety in 7 Days Or Less For Free!"

    ^there is a lot of hype in the sideline, but nothing that inspires a sense of uniqueness or differentiation from the common sales pitch. See how the following examples expand upon your headline in subtle but powerful ways:

    Secrets from the Amazon rain forest that can eliminate your lifelong anxiety issues in under a week

    As a licensed hypnotherapist, I've cured hundreds of people using the power of the mind. Here's how I do it…
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    The feedback is fantastic, thank you. It gives me huge amounts to work with and implement.

    Can't wait to do so on Monday!

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this
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    I like the site. I would lose the logo in the top left of the page, and bring the headline text up some more. And change the title of your home page and make it more simpler.
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    My suggestion would be to move your logo from the top of the page.
    And instead of "former severe...." start out with:
    "Completely Eliminate Your Anxiety in 7 Days Or Less"
    That grabs the attention of the visitor and loads the page nicely, so that's what we see first..
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      Originally Posted by 7A View Post

      My suggestion would be to move your logo from the top of the page.
      And instead of "former severe...." start out with:
      "Completely Eliminate Your Anxiety in 7 Days Or Less"
      That grabs the attention of the visitor and loads the page nicely, so that's what we see first..
      I agreed . You can move your logo from the top of the page. Your site looks very professional
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    It is pretty professional, personally I don't see great problems. May be your comment shall be opened to anybody and not just to aOL, Facebook and so on so on.
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    Hi Mark

    The very best feedback you will get is to have visitors with anxiety visiting your page and see what your opt in rate is . To do this you will probably need PPC, SEO rankings or traffic from other related sites ( ie facebook, twitter, forums ).

    The copy needs some work in my opinion, too much info for a squeeze page. It looks professional but some of the most basic designs perform better.

    I can hardly make out the opt in box as it merges with your background a bit. Just my thoughts but going back to the first point you need to test this in the anxiety niche really to get valid feedback as you can see how it is performing.
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      I dont trust the pictures of your testimonials, looks fake.

      Wouldnt buy anything from that page, just my opinion.
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    I wish i could have a good sales funnel very soon..
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