Windows 8 for internet marketing tasks?

by serdok
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Hi warriors,
I am about to buy a new HP laptop for my Internet marketing work as an affiliate targeting Email marketing focusing more on solo ads and ad swaps (building a big list).. so i just was wondering if i would buy it with windows 8 or i just keep the 7 ?
again, i would like to know if win 8 is good for my work online or not such: dealing with files, uploading them to my host account, creating PDF ebooks, videos, different campaigns, ...etc
so the bottom line is:
win 8 or win 7 for internet marketing tasks?

thanks guys for any advice
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    I have a windows 8 laptop and windows 7 pc. About the same work wise. Just make sure you get a good machine in terms of specs. You want a powerful machine to be fast enough for your work.

    P.S: Make sure you also get a fast internet connects. Preferably above 20mpb.
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  • yes window 8 is fine. really any operating system is fine I use windows 8 windows 7 ubuntu linux mint and android to do my stuff. one thing to remember is that if you need to render videos you want to get a computer that csn handle it. It is all about what you want to do.
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      Yes windows 8 is good for marketing.

      Every time they come out with a new OS, it generally is much better than the last OS, and much easier.

      Think back as to when the computer first came out.
      It was very, very limited as to want it was able to do.

      My first puter had windows95 on it. Since then it has come a long ways, and people where doing marketing on them then.

      Yes windows8 is very easy to use, it is a part of our learning curve, for things coming down the line.

      It will not be long before you hear about a new OS. As they are already working on it, and possibly the next 2 or 3 after that.

      Well let me see. OH yea need to start work on my ???????? again.
      Been working for slave wages to long.

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    I have had nothing but problems with Windows 8. Everything was hunky dory at first then a few weeks/months in everything went wrong. Couldn't access metro apps, everything crashes, constantly need to reboot. I did a clean install and still have major problems. My advice is to stay away and stay far away. I'm reading similar stories in many forums. Hope this helps!
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    The main thing to know about Windows 8 is that there are two general versions: Regular and RT.

    RT is scaled down and presumably works similar to Android/IPad. In other words, it doesn't run regular Windows desktop software. It's made for Internet, Email and "apps".

    There are some great business apps but I personally want and need desktop functionality so that I can run professional grade tools like The Gimp or Photoshop. I use Windows 8.1 Professional, which gives me the app stuff in addition to traditional desktop stuff and I love it.
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    I personally don't link windows 8 and within a day of buying a new desktop I had installed classic shell which restores all the normal settings you are used to.

    You might be better just updating your memory if everything is working ok as most internet marketing tasks are pretty basic unless you are using powerful software that hogs the memory.

    Last time I looked classic shell had about 10 million downloads so people were looking to ditch windows 8 settings, in saying that I do know some people love W8 when they get used to the apps settings.
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      thanks guys for your time to reply but YES i will just stick with my lovely windows 7 which is the easiest adorable windows ever (especially when it comes to Internet Marketing)... I know MAC is better than Windows but i just prefer to work with Windows though.
      thanks again for your opinions.
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    I strongly reccomend going with 7.

    I personally use 8, and although its not an absolute disaster like a lot of people make it out to be I'd strongly prefer using 7.

    Windows 8 works like a tablet/smartphone design which in my opinion isn't optimal for PC's or laptops. Its harder to find things stored in here, and in general its very obnoxious to navigate it sometimes.

    It also has the terrible setting (I've tried turning this off a million times) that FORCES your computer to restart when an update comes out. It sends you a notification and gives you the option of postponing it for a few hours (after that it just says "F*** You" and restarts anyway without asking). As a college student I lost a lot of work on a paper I was writing after I walked away to make myself a meal because of this.

    Windows 8 is usable, but 7 is preferable.
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