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Hi, my name is Richard. I'm 21 and I've been working, for 5 months at my crappy job. Feels like my life is going no where atm. I've always loved the internet marketing idea, but never really knew any methods to generate income. I know this isn't gonna be a walk in the park, but I'm very excited to learn new things, but just dont know where to start. I lost a total of 30lbs, the beginning of last year. I was thinking of creating a quality website, with my experience and tips on fitness. Or maybe a gaming website. I've been reading around the forums and everything is just so confusing to me. If anyone can show me some methods to make money online, i would really appreciate it. I'm a straight up noob, so please go easy on me..
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    Good to see your interest in IM if you want to earn some money and have knowledge about fitness is the sub niche of health and health product are very competitive but one thing is good about health niche is there are many buyers so make an ebook or if are fit and can make a video for training the this is better than an ebook.Make a product and sale it on clickbank contact affiliate for sales and they will help you. Hope this Helps!
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    Looks like you are experienced in weight loss and gaming
    Gaming niche does very well on youtube and dailymotion also vimeo
    Just make sure you start making walkthroughs and guides as quickly as new game launches

    Most importantly focus on big brands like, battlefield, COD, GTA, NFS, whenever their new version comes out make multiple videos with multiple titles, descriptions and tags,
    then upload em to youtube, dailymotion and vimeo

    Also if you want to try out fitness niche make sure to build social community this works best there
    If you want to make your own videos and tips, you may find some one with big following in social circle, then contact them for a JV
    it just requires some planning, plan better so you may get good results
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    Originally Posted by Hangsok View Post

    I lost a total of 30lbs, the beginning of last year. I was thinking of creating a quality website, with my experience and tips on fitness.
    That's an excellent idea. Most people who try to sell weight loss products have no clue what they are doing and they have no personal experience.

    If you build a web site around your personal experience you can do very well with it.

    There was a WSO from some guy (onlinemarketingchamp, Brad Scot) that basically did a similar thing. He is more focusing on the fitness aspect but basically very similar. Anyhow, he is very successful and all he basically did was show people what worked for him.

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    he first things I would suggest are to learn how to use WordPress, find a good theme for it, and learn traffic and lead generation strategies. For the sake of focus I wouldn't do much of anything else until I accomplish those three.
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    Hi Richard, I know what you mean I still work as a removalist and cant stand it. I'm reasonably new myself but have quickly learned that its easy to get scammed and or just blow your hard earned cash. So while your still learning its best to try out some free methods first until you get a little experience or feel really sure about something. Good luck with your online ventures.

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    Hey man, progress slowly. I suggest you to first start searching for a niche. A niche is a topic to which you are going to be focusing on. For example, if you go on a random website, and you see pictures and blog posts about guitar, then that person is probably in the guitar niche. When choosing a niche, don't choose it based on how much money you are going to make, focus on how interested you are in that niche. Do you see yourself in that niche within the next few years? Take some time to pick your perfect personal niche, because picking a niche is the most important part of internet marketing.
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    Don't give up. If you're new, there's a learning curve but it is soooo worth it.

    *Dee Neal: The Success Junkie*

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    Hello Richard,
    I am glad that you are here well if you want to start work on fitness niche then write an ebook first and provide some review copies for getting review and then try to sell it make your cash and that how much traffic like your ebook if your book going amazing then you are able to make a site or blog.Hope this helps!
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    New to IM? I just released a WSO about internet marketing + sales page yesterday.
    It's a course, I don't know if I'm allowed to put the link here, but if you're interested, then check out my sig or go to Warrior Special Offers Forum.

    Good luck!
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