Affordable & Complete Landing Page System?

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I'm wondering if there's something out there like I have in mind. I'm going to start giving away my first ebook and I want to make sure that I get good conversions on the landing page.

I'd like to find a service that lets me use templates to create a high quality landing page easily and then has built-in tracking and A/B or multi-variant testing to get the highest possible conversions. It must also allow me to add an Aweber signup form.

I've found landing page products and A/B testing services, but they all look either difficult to integrate together or expensive.

Is there a simple to use all-in-one type of service to do this for a low monthly fee? Most of these services seem to be hundreds of dollars a month and that's more than I'd like to spend if there are more affordable options.
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      Originally Posted by Moneymaker2012 View Post

      Going to PM you about one..
      Is there some reason you can not share your info in this Public Forum

      I personally do not need a solution for this, I am just asking.

      I would look into paper template, it is only $7.00 and could be a good solution


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        Is there some reason you can not share your info in this Public Forum
        He sent me a (probably affiliate) link to an autoresponder service that includes landing pages, but I already have a different autoresponder and that's not what I was looking for.
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    I'm actually looking for the same answers you are.

    I'm considering looking into OptimizePress...Maybe you could check that out.
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      LeadPages, phenomenal service and great advice.
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  • I've heard of both of those services, but haven't looked into them enough. It looks like if I were to get Optimize Press, I'd have to also get something like Optimizely for the A/B testing, right?

    I might look into LeadPages a little further. That might be the type of thing I'm looking for. I wish their $37 plan included the A/B testing, but I could probably fit $67/month into my budget. I'm just cheap.
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    Try epic squeeze plugin, it s a pretty cool told to use and does everything you need
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    Hey JordonCouchIncome,

    I have used Optimizepress 2.0 and have used leadpages and they are both fantastic - you do have the price tag on leadpages though if you want the split testing facility.

    What I would suggest, I know it is a pain in the bum to do it seperately but I do this to keep costs down right now is to use a different split testing service.

    I personally use easytrackpro and someone suggested to me using AdtrackzGOLD - I don't jhave links for either one, but it all depends on the amount of traffic you are getting and wanting to test.

    I am on the basic package for easytrackerpro and I can send upto 10,000 hits per month before I need to upgrade which ciurrently is more then enough for me.

    AdtrackzGOLD is a one time payment wordpress plugin, I beleive around $67 and I am personally going to be buying into this system once I have generated some income as I rather not have to pay monthly.

    I did have a look at visual optimizer and it is a fantastic platform to use and for me it was a little too expensive for someone starting out.

    I hope this information helps, oh and my web guy said that instabuilder has a buildin split testing feature (I have never tried this myself though)!
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    Hire us poor designers to make them!

    We're becoming a dying breed in this industry with all these automated tools.
    ** Professional, Quality, and Experienced Conversion Website Designer **
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    There's a product called FunnelKit that I was checking out that may work for you.

    I haven't bought it yet but I'm seriously considering it.

    It's supposed to create geographically targeted pages, among other things.

    It's pretty inexpensive, $17 for 5 domains and $27 for unlimited domains.
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