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Hi ,

I am Shiva and am new to Warrior Forum. I just had a question and hope this is the right place to get the right answer from the right people.

To improve my site ranking i tried to submit my site to Directories using a submission software but it really didn't work. So i have found some paid submission services on Google where they say they submit manually. Can any one suggest which is the best submission service that i can rely upon.

thank you
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    Check out the classifieds here or the Special Offers forum, there are often folks who are offering directory submisison as a service.

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      I've just come in looking for that service.

      Is it still around?
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        Welcome to the forum. When it comes to submitting articles doing it by hand is better as you get your articles submitted to the right category and also first time round. I find that is the best place to look for submission services as you get a lot of people and companies competing against each other and the prices for submitting articles can be as little 75 cents an article.
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