The Premium Market Mindset (with two $1,000,000+ potential examples)

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Hey Warriors,

John and I haven't been "actively" posting in the Warrior Forum
for a while, but I set a few minutes aside today to tell you a little
about what we've been doing lately and what kind of new business
strategies we've developed.

We could easily launch this as a $20 WSO, but I don't have the
time right now to write up a "formal" report, so I hope no one takes
this information for granted... :-)

What John and I have been brainstorming lately is trying to find as
many "premium" markets as people. What do I mean by a premium

A premium market is filled with people who:

1.) Have High Expendable Assets/Income OR
2.) Typically Buy Higher Priced Products OR
3.) Are Ready To Make A Large Purchase OR
4.) Are Active Investors

What do all of those things have in common? They are willing to
people who are at the poverty level when you can target those
who are at the 6 or 7 (or more!) figure income level?

The people who have that kind of income are willing to pay
more for your products or services.

If you're on the Warrior Forum, most likely you have more marketing
knowledge than 99.9% of the population. You've learned things
here that no one else even remotely understands.

Something as basic and simple as setting up a WordPress blog,
writing a few keyword-optimized articles and putting AdSense on
the blog is absolutely astounding to anyone outside of IM.

If you were selling this idea in a product in the Internet Marketing
field, you could sell it for a few bucks and make a handful of sales
at best. The idea is old and stale.

If you packaged it as a product that ANYONE can understand, like
for a mom who wants to make a side-income to support her family,
you can charge a LOT more.

Include videos that show them EXACTLY how to do it, package it
up as a DVD they can throw in their DVD player and watch while
they take care of their kids, or even offer to do it for them...

Your basic AdSense idea just went from a $5 report to a $200 or
$300 DVD set with a $1,500 "do it for you!" upsell.

This is a VERY broad idea. There's 100,000s of these kinds of
markets ready for Warriors to take over.

Here's the formula:

1.) Find a high-paying market
2.) Find out what they want to buy
3.) Give it to them

With where you can have
virtually anything created by experts, there's absolutely no excuse
for you not to be able to find a product to give people.

Example (feel free to steal this idea, I have too much on my plate
to do it right now)...

Let's take Car Dealerships. They want to sell more cars, right?

Even though quite a few are going out of business right now, people
are still buying a TON of new and used cars. It's the perfect market.

Go to eLance/Guru/etc. and have a website/database created that
will enable you to easily add their cars to the website and enable
customers to easily search the website. Then, SEO optimize the
website (or even pay a few pennies for pay per click for LOCAL
searches only).

It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but the above is relatively
simple, right? Well, I'll tell you this...bring that idea to ANY car
dealership and they'll be completely dumbfounded. Either do it
for a monthly fee or a per-lead basis. You'll make a lot of money.

And, once you have the system built once, you can bring it to any
of the 10,000s of car dealerships across North America.

That was an offline example. Let's take an online one. (Feel free
to steal this one, too.)

This idea is REALLY dumb and simple. It made me laugh, but it
would definitely work. Ready?

You know those annoying exit pop-ups that come up when you
decide not to buy a product on certain websites? Well...

1.) Create your own (again, eLance/Guru/etc., or you can probably
even find one that has resale rights)

2.) Go to websites that are offering high end, $1,000+ products and
tell them how you can increase their conversion rates by 15 to 20%,
then setup a lower-cost (or free) offer inside one of those pop-ups.
Offer to optimize the campaign for an extra fee.

You can charge a number of ways for this...a per-month fee to have
it on their site, or on a per-sale or pre-lead basis.

Hint: you could go to eBay right now and find a ton of sellers who
are doing $100,000s in business every month who would love to
add this kind of tool to their websites, but have NO IDEA it exists.

I'm serious...

The kind of stuff that is easy for IMers, and that we "get," other people
really don't. Take advantage of that.

I hope this helps a few people out. Any questions or comments,
please post 'em!

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