Etsy-style niche site how to get vendors?

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Hey guys and gals....I'm building an etsy style niche site. I will make commissions from customers buying products. In order to get customers to buy, I first need to get vendors to post their products. How do I ramp it up in the beginning to build the inventory by getting vendors to post their products?
I think this is the hardest part. Can't really offer free transactions because I will be charged paypal fees. I'm stumped. Thanks for any input you can give.
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    tell them that u will do vast advertisement of their products through your site...
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    before making any products by yourself, do you have ideas of affiliate marketing or are you successful affiliate marketer if not then please do affiliate marketing cause lot of hard work and time need to make a product...which you get the idea from promoting other people products..
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      Thanks for your comments. Any other ideas?

      Top Products from Top Professionals!

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    As Chandrapaul said, you'll have to be able to convince vendors that you're going to promote the crap out of the site and vendor products to get them on the site.

    You may also need to start up by offering some very low fees for the first xx number of signups for a certain period of time to get people to try it out.

    Depending on your niche and general cost of items, you might need to seed your site with some dummy accounts and products (if you want to keep your rep, make sure you buy the products or can quickly buy them in case customers start to buy).
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    A site like this will require a lot of promotion. Paid, unpaid and social.

    Really, to attract vendors you need to show them that you have targeted visitors and enough traffic to make it worth their while to create, maintain and support a vendor profile with your site.

    You need to both build the brand and traffic for your site as well as give vendors an incentive to try you out.

    One thing you could do is offer to advertise the first few vendors for free. Or have a 'VIP Member' level that allows those members to piggy-back on your website branding and marketing campaigns.

    So you do PPC/PPV/Social Media for "Dave's Crazy Leather Hats (at"

    So Dave's Hat Store is getting advertising for free, you are getting better traffic because targeted leads are coming looking for a specific product and seeing the value of your site and you are branding yourself as an exclusive soruce for products by including "Exlusively at" or "Now available at" in the advertising.
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