What to do if you have unused domain name with website

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I'm curious, if you have an unused domain name with a content inside it, let say wordpress.. what would you do with it?

If sell you would sell it, how?
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      Originally Posted by JosephC View Post

      I would sell it on ebay as a complete internet business. Start it on a friday as a 7 day auction. Start the auction at .99 cents. Make sure to leave detailed information and pictures of the website and all the content.

      Just last week, I listed an old domain and a completed website for sale. Within 5 minutes of posting, someone offered me a few hundred bucks for it. There are a lot of buyers for completed websites on ebay.
      I second that.
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      JosephC and seonutshell

      I haven't sell a domain and complete website before.

      How about the hosting of the domain? Do I need to sell it with the website?
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          I have a lot of such domains for future projects I just haven't had the time to get to yet. I bought the InstantSiteMachine a PHP script. Throw it on some sites to agitate feeds and amazon products. I guess that is better then nothing. However if you want to dash out and get ISM for $25, beware it is really out of date and doesn't support the latest feeds. If you throw the developer a bit extra money for the non ioncube versions so you can customize them and edit it is still cheaper then using decry.pt on them.

          Anyway hello Warriors this my first post.
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    if you don't want to use that domain then sell it for cheap price cause if there is no traffic, no income opportunity then people won't buy it and you won't sell it if you are making money with it, if the domain have some probability to sell more than try flipping it
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    You can start an Ebay Auction, sell it on GoDaddy Auctions, or Name Pros.
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    You could always try selling it on this forum.
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