Anyone Use Online LLC Tax Service that works?

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We are online marketers, making little to nothing in the LLC. Anyone else out there have an LLC, preferably in NY, and uses an online tax program to file their fed/state?

Our return should be easy, since we make very little and have a bunch of expenses, but we don't want to pay a local tax service $250 to $400 just to file break-even or loss tax returns if we can avoid it.

Any suggestions would be great.

Would also be great if warriorforum did not delete my post, like they seem to for every post I make here, and if you do, it'd be nice to get an email explaining WHY. I am asking a simple question, am not violating your TOS, and I buy a TON of shit (emphasis on that word) here.

Please leave my post up since I buy a lot here and need assistance with this, thanks.
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    have you thought about using Turbo Tax Business and doing it yourselves?

    im pretty sure you'll need business and not home & business version, since you have a partner .
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      Thanks for the reply.

      It actually is not set up as a partner/partner ship. It's just a married couple, and an LLC formed by the husband.

      And "yes," I absolutely have considered TT, just wasn't sure if they had such an option available for people like us...always assumed it was targeted to single-income wage earners or similar.

      The return should be simple. We had HRB do it last year, and over-charged us. We figured we could "back engineer" it this year by looking at what they did for us (and there is only one outlet of theirs here locally who will handle including an they make it so that you have to pay more instantly with no other choices. And independent accountants charge even more!).

      Is TT a go-to option for many people in our position? And do you know approx what they'll charge? (or what the software costs, however it works?)

      Thanks again, much appreciated.
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