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I run a local classified ads website which gets 1,900- 2100 visitors a month and brings in 25-35$ a month. I've been a bit desperate to bring in more revenue to my website through Google adsense. In order for revenue I need more traffic. I have a Facebook fan page with nearly 3,000 local likes and a Facebook group with 3000 local users.

Bad/Good idea to use Craigslist to advertise my local classified ad website?

In addition, I've been working on a business directory listing. This directory will have featured business section that will have a video showing the business and I will also place advertisements on the website for businesses.
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    Check CL's TOS to make sure, but you shouldn't have a problem posting your site on CL. I wouldn't put an ad that says "hey check out this site...blah blah" but you may be able to find a creative way to market using CL, like posting a link to a specific listing on your site.

    Like any good advertising campaign, don't forget to diversify and use a variety of SEO, posting, blogging, ads, etc.
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    Advertising on Craigslist is a good idea i think it will help you go ahead.Best of Luck!
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    It certainly can't hurt. And your site is a natural 'fit' because in essence Craigslist is an online classifed site.
    I agree with Blaise, diversifying your traffic technique is a good bet as well. You're getting enough visitors to start seeing some more profit. And test the FB page as well because that's a decent # of likes but it doesn't seem like its translating to a lot of buys.
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    If your website meets all of AdSense's program policies/requirements then go ahead and apply and see what happens!
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    Actually, it's a good idea to use Craigslist to advertise your website.
    You can also use many ways to advertise it, such as blogs, articles, directories and etc.
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