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Hey Warriors,

I dunno if anyone else has found this out but the more
high priced products I sell the more money I make.

Anyone else doing this?

I personally like to create my own products and recruit
affiliates to sell them for me. However, there are a couple
killer products out there already if you're an affiliate...

Dan Lok =
Russell Brunson = (his home study course)
Rich Schefren =

(Rich has a product that will pay you over $2,000 per sale!!!)

Anyone else got any more good resources for selling high
priced products? I'm much more into trying to sell 1 big product
per day then 25 little products per day.
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    Definately agree Justin,

    I'm a believer of perceived value too.

    I've heard that Eben Pagan's Ignition MIGHT start selling as an individual product. This was originally priced at $10,000 but i'd imagine it will sell around the same $2k mark or higher perhaps, I don't know yet. He reckons within the next 6 months/ a year it will be availible. But, that is if only they decide to do so. Keep your eyes peeled.
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