Squeeze page or sales page?

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I am planning on making my own product as apparently it is the best model to go with.
I am also planning on using traffic via media buys.

My question is, should I send prospects straight to my sales page and then aim to sell them all sorts of other products after they purchase; or

Should I set up a squeeze page and develop trust through delivering quality content to them first before I attempt to sell them to my product.

Obviously option two I have email addresses so it appears that is the best option however I feel that I may be just building a list of people that are freebie seekers. Plus the complications of moving prospects from the squeeze page list to the buyers list is holding me back on this approach.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    Obviously option two I have email addresses so it appears that is the best option however I feel that I may be just building a list of people that are freebie seekers. Plus the complications of moving prospects from the squeeze page list to the buyers list is holding me back on this approach.
    As you say that you have a list try to do swap.this may be help you to grow your list and also make an oto page when people buy oto then you can get the ratio of buyers.
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    G'day Hustler (fellow Aussie!),

    Without a doubt you want to get your squeeze page set up...

    ...and a relationship-building, suspense generating, email sequence.

    It's the only way to go.

    Don't even consider sending them straight to your sales page. Unless you want to test conversions maybe.

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    You should set up a squeeze page and capture their email and then redirect them to the sales page.
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      Unless your banner or other media makes it very obvious that a clicker will be going to a sales page, I'd go with a landing page and go for the opt-in.

      Now, one of the things I seem to end up harping on is that you have to set expectations for the person opting in. You can do that by exposing them to your sales page early in the process. The message is simple - "I'm going to help you get what you want by giving you all the info you need in my emails. I also sell Product X, which makes the whole process easier/quicker/cheaper/whatever..."

      Here's how I might structure things:

      This assumes you are using a confirmed opt-in (aka 'double opt-in").

      Media ad

      Landing page sells the benefits of opting in.

      Confirmation page (obviously, if using single opt-in, skip this step)

      Success page:
      Short message thanking new prospect for confirming.

      Short message with what's coming in the welcome email.

      "In a moment, you'll go to a page with a valuable offer. You can check it out while you wait for the next email." Use a timed redirect to send people to your sales page (simple with javascript or php). Make the words "valuable offer" a live link to your sales page.
      Keep things very low-pressure. If they're ready to buy, they'll buy. If not, let your email sequence do its thing.

      As for moving buyers to a new list, most autoresponder services offer an easy option for "if user joins List B remove them from List A" operations. Check with tech support for the best way to handle this.
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    The whole point of creating a low ticket Front End product is you can


    Once you own a HUGE list of buyers that you can sell to again and again
    you then own a great asset for your business.

    So I would recommend you capture the email address FIRST then you
    can send them to your paid offer as soon as they opt into your list.

    Hope this helps you Hustler.
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    I agree with gcbmark...

    You can funnel them in with your squeeze page, send them value, offer a sale and you can split out the buyers from the freebie seekers right there.

    You can even take the freebies on your list and resell as solo ads at a later point so you can still be in a win-win situation...so they aren't all that bad to have on your list right ?
    Owner of WideEyedConcepts.com
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    I think you probably already know the answer! Build a list. I know people talk about freebie seekers but the truth is that if you are offering something of value that your subscriber needs then they will pay for it.
    I think the freebie seeker situation occurs more when they haven't yet learned anything about you. In other words they haven't read an article, blog post or something else that you have created, before they opt in. Build a connection first and then offer something for free. Then continue developing that connection in your email campaign.
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    It's always best to go with a squeeze page that way even if you miss the initial sale you'll still have an opportunity to promote either the same product or a different product to them at a later date. You can always setup a squeeze page with the freebie offer and right after they opt in, redirect them to your sales page as an OTO.
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    You should definitely do a squeeze page and build a relationship with your prospect and then sell them through your email sequence.

    You're putting way to much thought into this notion of...
    Originally Posted by The_Hustler View Post

    freebie seekers.
    They've provided their email address because they have interest in what you're offering and want to know more.

    I know I wouldn't go to...oh let's say...a recipe squeeze page because they were going to give me a free report on how to make oatmeal cookies. I have no interest in that.

    People optin for information they're interested in. Sure some will buy some won't.


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    If you want a long-term business, you should be communicating regularly with your prospects and building trust - And the best way to do this is via email.

    My funnel flow goes like this...

    Squeeze Page Offering something worthwhile --> Covert sales page (it looks like an instructions to download page, but is actually a covert sales page offering a paid solution to their pain points)

    Some people are ready to buy a solution right away, so if you don't give them a solution to a problem (that they just indicated they have) you're missing out on $$.

    This also lets you segment your list by buyers and after a month or so, you'll be really thankful you did it...

    Also, I'd recommend using exit pop-ups when you can...it can increase your opt-in and sales by as much as 20%...They're annoying, but they work.

    Jeremy (emozart)

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    Build a list first - then focus on the sales through your sales funnel. It'll be a better use of your traffic. (i.e. if you pay for traffic worth 100 visitors to your page, you are more likely to get more sign ups than sales.. So focus on the sign ups, then build a relationship with those subscribers.)

    If you have a minute or 2 to spare, stop by the my Blog for some free tips :-)

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    Here's a little more food for thought in addition to everyone's great answers. You say you're worried about the freebie seekers, but if you don't get their email address right away and instead send them straight to a sales page, then you're not getting the emails of the people who just aren't interested in what you have to offer at that particular moment.

    If you take their email right away, then you have their address so you can build a relationship with them and maybe you'll have something to offer them down the road that they will want to buy.

    Sending traffic straight to the sales page is a good way to build a buyers list, but you can build a buyers list alongside your "freebie" list as people eventually buy what you're offering them over time.

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    On my websites normally I use a light box which usually does good but I also add a form in the side bar. I'm sure we get a lot of "Freebie Seekers" but it's still an opportunity to sell them as long as they stay on my list.
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