What If You Didn't Link Web Pages to the Index/Main Page?

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What if I had an existing website that I wanted to create new pages for, but I didn't link those new pages to the main/index page?

In other words, supposing I started creating new pages based on the sites main keyword/phrase, and created and uploaded a bunch of new pages (each optimized for, say, a long(er) tail keyword/phrase under the main root site keyword/phrase) but those individual pages linked to no other pages except, let's say, a sales letter?

Would the Search Engines be able to

1. notice that I've got a site with, for example, a main page and a few pages linked to it BUT a whole bunch of other pages on the site only linking to a sales letter?

2. would the SE's even really care?--or would the site overall be given "authority" based on the site as a whole rather than the linking structure?

In this case, ostensibly, I'd be talking about a straight-HTML site (not wordpress or other CMS per se) where I might not be inclined to do intensive linking of each new page to the main page and vice versa....

What do you say, warriors??-(...hope this question is making sense.... ;-)


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    I see David,

    Remember, it is not the site that gets ranked as a whole. It is the individual page that gets ranked in the SE's.

    I would include a not so obvious link back your home page anyways. Make it the main keyword too. This way you have just gained a link for your main keyword. Adding rep to your site (page).

    Hope this clears things up and you will have to see if you lose out on sales. But, I doubt it as if they want to leave your site they will just click the close button or type in a new site or google search something. It would be better if they leave your site via a link to your homepage containing your main keyword. At least you get something valuable from non buying traffic.
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