I need help earning from home

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Hello everyone

Okay I will say it like this...I need help earning from home! I mean I been trying to find solutions for many years, but none had the success like I thought they would. I tried paidtoclick, surveys, creating blogs, creating cafepress shops, drawing requests on fiverr, clickbank...I did many things. Sure, I earned a couple of bucks, but It's not a lot. I'm not sure If I just didn't go along with it long enough or what.

I have skills of drawing anime and realism. I know basic skills of html....

I suck at gaining traffic...I tried doing traffic exchange, but that doesn't do me any justice.

I'm 21 working a 10am to 9pm schedule 5 days a week as a cashier at a retail store, but I always believe there was some way to earn online. I'm not planning to get rich, but I'm so tired of working these hours if you know what I mean......College is definitely not the answer right now XD

I know there is something out there, I just haven't crossed it yet.
That's why I need your help lol

I am a fast learner and can do anything if I put my mind to it.
I figured that maybe I think too small when it comes to making money, I just need some your input to get started.

I need to be guided in the right direction I guess...

All my attempts failed, and I'm tired of it!

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    Find something you're good at and do it online for money. Get a freelance copywriting gig if you're good at writing. Freelance design if you can draw and can afford a graphic tablet. Start vlogging on youtube.
    Just go to elance.com and see if you can find something you find interesting. Try yourself out in several spheres, and see which one is the most fun for you.

    Unfortunately there's no easy way to make money online, or everyone would be doing it.

    I make some additional pocket money by editing videos, since it's something I enjoy doing and something that not a lot of people can higher a professional for.
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    I you have art skills (anime) that can easily be translated into graphic design skills. My anime loving friends took their art skills to the computer and now make plenty working as designers. Since you know html as well you might be able to set up websites for people with a bit more knowledge and experience. Do that or offer logo creation and other graphic design skills that most people can't do. I think offering services will be your best bet for earning online based on what you've shared about yourself.
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    Originally Posted by jacutiepie14 View Post

    I suck at gaining traffic...
    Until you figure that part out you won't succeed.

    Find something you can do that adds value to people's lives, and then drive traffic to it. It's no more complicated than that.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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      Originally Posted by Dennis Gaskill View Post

      Until you figure that part out you won't succeed.

      Find something you can do that adds value to people's lives, and then drive traffic to it. It's no more complicated than that.
      Not if he makes a service (like anime design) his business...
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    My advice is first don’t give up on your dreams because it is possible to earn money with Internet Marketing. Second you need a vision and a strong “why”! This why will keep you going. And I don’t mean a why like I wanna make money or a new car no I mean something really strong. A reason for you to keep going. Third you have to have goals and your goals have to be as specific as possible and you have to stop telling yourself “I’m not planning to get rich”! Then what you making it for? You have to think big because everything is possible if you believe in it.

    Pick the skill you are good in and create a service around it to get started. You also can have a look here at the WF for Joint Ventures or maybe you can partner up with someone who can drive traffic. You can provide your skill and he can do the other part!
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    I happen to have written an eBook on 100 ways to make money online. Detailed, no crap content, with links that bring you where you need to go. If you want a copy, please feel free to PM me. Lotsa luck!
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      craigslist is always good for quick money.

      p.s. i would love a copy, owriter
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        Originally Posted by BryanPost1985 View Post

        craigslist is always good for quick money.

        p.s. i would love a copy, owriter
        Sure thing, please send me an email via my signature/thread, or PM me. Just a tad disappointed with someone who asked for a copy a few hours ago, and did not even have the decency to respond with a thank you or even just a TY. I gave him 4 eBooks!

        Oh well.

        Yeah, hey, just connect with me and I'll share.
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        Originally Posted by BryanPost1985 View Post

        craigslist is always good for quick money.

        p.s. i would love a copy, owriter
        Care to share your Craigslist strategy?
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          I also want to know about your strategy regarding craigslist?
          Fancy Clone - A clone script to fulfill all your needs.
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  • Begin by putting the idea of "earning from home" aside - just for now - and instead think about what you can do, with your anime art or anything else, that people will pay for. Everything you do has to begin from there.

    Who is most likely to pay you? How will they find your products and/or services? How will they pay you?

    Once you answer all these questions, you can figure out how to run your business from home (which will probably be a lot cheaper and easier than renting an office anyway). Good luck.

    Bros find strictly platonic dudes on seekBromance.com
    "It's pretty simple. You work hard, you believe anything is possible, and you try to make the world better."

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    jacutiepie14, I know exactly what you mean because I was once EXACTLY in your position. I finally overcame that "mountain" a while back by drilling positive thoughts in my own head over and over again. I made the leap to become an entrepreneur and for the first 2 years, I was a "serial entrepreneur" but settled down after a while once I was able to admit to myself what my strengths and weaknesses were.

    If you are truly interested, I'll give you free access to my site - "Entrepreneur Modules". Just PM me with your name & email and I'll set you up with the Silver package, no prob. Cheers!
    http://Documentoz.com [go paperless]

    http://EntrepreneurModules.com/dap/a/?a=3 [simple ways to become an entrepreneur]
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      I need help earning from home please can you help me
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    You should start a gig on fiverr...
    CBDISCOUNTS - Clickbank Discounted Marketplace
    Magic Article Rewriter - SAVE $24 OFF!
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    Just because its online doesn't mean its going to take less work and less hours to make money. If you're interested in starting a succesful business you're gonna put in atleast 60+ hour weeks just like your retail job, but without the guarantee of a payment. Its tough.

    There are other ways to make money online that aren't entrepreneurial ventures. You can work from home as a customer service rep, telemarketer, etc. as long as you're fluent in English, able to speak in an understandable accent (preferably a midwestern one), have a stable internet connection, a good microphone with a mute button, and an environment with minimal background noise.

    You said you're good at drawing, and you know some HTML. Like what was said before, you could definitely make a career out of graphic design with just those two skills. Definitely touch up on your HTML, any monkey can learn basic HTML in a day for free, go touch up and learn some more advanced stuff. Learn good CSS too. I'd also recommend having a good knowledge on how to use Javascript. Knowing the more advanced stuff will make you stand out and will help you get more clients/allow you to price your services higher.

    Another option is to go local. This can be a bit harder to get started with, but it might end up getting you money quicker than advertising yourself online and having to compete with the millions of other people offering the exact same thing. Start off by approaching local businesses and offering to do some Graphic Design work for them for free on the condition that they'll put out a good name for you. Make sure what you do is QUALITY work, you're building a reputation here. Once you have a few people who are happy with your work and willing to give you a good name start offering your services for a price. Advertise locally on Craigslist, Facebook, Google+, whatever.

    I know you said College isn't a good option for you, but I wouldn't rule out all forms of education. You don't need to go to a University, but if graphic design is a path you want to go down you could attend a local college of graphic design (I don't know if that's a common thing, I know there's one in my area cause they called me every other day asking me to do a visit during my last couple months of Highschool). You'll learn a lot more skills that are marketable.

    Without a good skillset you're going to be stuck at your cashiering job forever. I'm not saying you need to go to college to learn them, but you need to have something. Nobody's going to pay anyone good money to do something literally every other human in the world can do.
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    Hey, yes, I can sympathize. It's not that simply (when you don't know how!). I was stuck on the same online treadmill for a LONG time. And traffic generation was always a costly flop!

    Recently, I've moved away from my usual attempts to make the next shiny object work. I've found a great source of products (that I don't fork out money for) and an equally great way to sell them. It's quite straight forward really, but took me 4 years for the penny to drop. Strangely enough, it's what I started looking at all those years ago but just didn't have the last piece of the puzzle then to make it work.

    If your interested, I'm happy to share. No promises, of course. But it works and it's very scaleable. PM if you're interested.
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    Making money online has a much longer and steeper learning curve that most folks think. You need to find something, affiliate marketing, through amazon, blogging, product creation, and stick with it until you start to make some money. At that point, most folks build up the skills to start making real money. It takes quite a while, though.
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    Hi I'm a 22 year old full time freelancer who work from home. I strongly recommend you to sign up at elance.com. At first it'll take some time to build your reputation in Elance but once you're done trust me you'll be earning a lot.
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    You've got some bit of skills, that's good.
    You can accentuate your skills by
    learning best ways to market them online.
    You made some money on clickbank. How
    about scaling things up from there.

    Every body sucks at getting traffic. It's
    difficult. But you've got to understand that
    it's the life blood of any business, online or

    I seriously think you need to condition your
    mind to work. There are no short cuts to
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    Given that you have drawing skills, perhaps Zazzle would interest you. I know you have tried CafePress, but Zazzle can be a lot more profitable these days than CP.

    You can create any designs you like (and/or slogans) and load them onto t-shirts, mugs etc. for selling through the Zazzle marketplace (a ready traffic source). Whilst the commission is a lot less than ClickBank products for example, you do get to set your own markups and Zazzle customers often buy multiple items.

    It would be one way to get started without having to build up your own traffic first. If you come up with some designs that prove to be popular, they can bubble to the top of the Zazzle search. Plus if you have already tried CafePress, you probably already have a collection of designs.

    If you plan on selling other products from your own website, then traffic will be a huge priority. This is why you can often progress more quickly with a strategy that can utilize other sites that already get decent traffic such as Elance, as mentioned by one member, or oDesk or Zazzle etc.

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    There are (2) types of people who make money online in any niche.

    1- Those with an 'employee' mindset who are willing to put in the time but only want to some 'extra' money every month to pay bills.

    2- Those who have 'shifted' from an employee mindset to that of a 'Successful' Internet Entrepreneur.

    There is nothing wrong with either one. Every personality type in this world has there own meaning of success in life.

    However, the people who have already 'transitioned' to an Entrepreneur, tend to make a lot more online (and in a lot less time than the first group).

    You have to first determine what group you fit into.

    Then find a system online that will teach you everything that you will need to know about making money, the proper 'mindset', what to expect (your results ETC) and how to 'create' the traffic that any one needs in this line of work.
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    I would suggest you go to youtube and type in Carbot. He is a successful animation creator who makes money in youtube and patreon. Maybe you could do something similar
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    In my opinion all that stuff listed above is hit or miss. The only way to really do it is to buy and sell tangible products. Make a website or use ebay & amazon to sell stuff. Buy low sell high. Drop ship ect. I have a program where I have 20 drop shippers making $100 a day selling stuff online where they don/t have to buy inventory. Simply by drop shipping. If your interested, I have a link here on the forum.


    btw. You can work at home doing this. Only takes an hour or so a day to do.
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    you can try fiverr or elance
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    and this site designer watches for men
    will help you find out enough information about watches-brands
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    I was also going to suggest advertising on odesk, elance or craigslist. Sounds like you've got great skills that people can use! If you're interested in ecommerce, I can helpl (find me in the link on my signature). You've got more skills than I do- if I can succeed, you can too!
    Click HERE to download my FREE guide and learn step by step how I make a 6 figure (profit) income selling real products online while automating and outsourcing most of the work! (no website necessary!)
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    For a start it depends if you just want an income, or to actually build a business. If you just want an income then just hit fiverr, elance and the other sites mentioned hard. Build up a good profile, good reputation and the money will come in.

    If you want to build real wealth though and a proper business. Then you have to come up with a good idea. If you don't you will be fundamentally floored.

    When I say a "good idea" I don't mean some amazing next-facebook type start-up. I mean taking what is already successful and doing it better.

    Brainstorm your strengths, abilities and interests. Look into the markets that crop up based on your brainstorming. Then look at successful businesses and come up with ways to do what they do, but much better. Then you have a chance of getting a flyer and earning well.
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    Get a coach or join a team or group of like-minded people that can help you on a more personal level.
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    To make money online is not easy as most let it out to be. Do not
    seek to make it your bread and butter until you have fully established
    yourself and fully understand it. You should focus on offering your drawing skills
    online on websites like Elance and Freelancer. Join groups on Facebook and
    Linkedin etc that relates to your field.
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    its depens what niche you want to be..but afflilate,product owner, ads marketing, dropshipper, ebay seller depend to how much traffic you can bring in.. i had develop a simple trick that can bring more traffic easily..yes it using facebook.
    see may sample below
    when you click like it reveal a download freebie offer and a like for my page..
    stay touch or pm me if interest..
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      that page is sample purpose..iitss not realy gift the offer, but you can like it to be first update because i want to make a special offer next week..
      stay touch by like it..cheers
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    Until you get clarity on what you want to do, you will be able to focus on that one thing, do it consistently, and then see results. If you do something for a small amount of time and throw in the towel because it's not working, then you'll jump into something else and the same thing will happen. You've got to get focused and take your strengths and develop them. Consistency is what pays off.
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    Originally Posted by freedom4days View Post


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    $10 per simple task following!

    get in now!
    EarnStart.com Earn 10$ for every 30 second Task. Internet Job
    I don't think this is a legitimate online opportunity. First off, the site content is highly suspect. A quick glance at the FAQs section rang a warning bell reminiscent of neobux and those bux websites:

    --pasted from [http://earnstart.com/faq.php]

    When will I get paid?

    The minimum balance required for payout is 300$ and you can get paid through PayPal, Cheque, Western Union, Money Gram, bank transfer at end of every month.

    Well, click all you want!
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    You are an anime artist? You need to definitely look into being a graphic designer. Mashable lists over 40 places to sell your designs online, be sure to check it out. Also check out cowcow.com, they give you a free store, or you can get a paid one. Hang out where other anime artists are, that way you can find out what they are doing to earn money. One place I know of is Deviant Art. If I find any good websites, I'll refer them to you. I am no good at traffic, so I just go to places that have it, so there is little to no marketing to do. I know how you feel. I have a day job I've been trying to get out of for a long time. My problem was I did too many things, so I chose "one" thing to focus on and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, hang in there. It will work out for you.

    Learn How To Write And Publish A Book Fast

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      Originally Posted by Caden View Post

      You are an anime artist? You need to definitely look into being a graphic designer. Mashable lists over 40 places to sell your designs online, be sure to check it out. Also check out cowcow.com, they give you a free store, or you can get a paid one. Hang out where other anime artists are, that way you can find out what they are doing to earn money.
      I definitely agree with the above advice. The reason I think you should focus on graphic design is not only that you have skills as an artist but that you like and enjoy it. If you really want to find something that you will stick with, it has to be something that you both enjoy and can make you money.

      Even if you have skills at something that you can translate into earning potential online, if you don't have a genuine interest in it and enjoy it, then it will be no different than the day job in retail that you have now. If art is what you truly enjoy, I would focus on that. There are definitely lots of ways to capitalize on that online. Just check out places like Fiverr, elance, odesk, etc. and you will see tons of ways that others are turning their artistic skills into ways to earn income online.

      Good Luck!
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    Watch and read the ebook "color your world crazy" then use the 7 free tools. Then join the free membership site below that has all the tools you will need to make an online income. It wont happen over night but you can get all 7 tools for free right away and start your dream. One other thing if you are an artist sell your work on ebay. You can list 100 items a month for free.
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    Clickbank,FB,YT so many possibilities don't give up.
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    "I have skills of drawing anime and realism. I know basic skills of html.... "

    Okay here is my two cents.

    1) Google "whiteboard video productions" and contact these companies to see if they need animators. This is a very fast growing niche market: whiteboard animations. (your services can be done "remotely" - online)

    Whiteboard Video Animation | Explainer Video | Story Vision Video

    And YouTube search on "Whiteboard Video Production"

    2) If you can "self-teach" yourself some programming, you could create a website and start your own business by helping others here on Warrior Forum promote their "money making opportunities" by creating superior whiteboards for them.

    I hope this helps.

    To Your Success, Mark
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    I believe that it will be better for you to stop being a seller if you cannot get enough traffic or conversions. Try to work offering a service online, depending on your skills, or learn how to do something you could charge for.

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    "I suck at gaining traffic" - that's your main problem, I think.
    No matter what you do online to make money, traffic is your bloodline.
    Master it, or fail. That's it.
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    Originally Posted by jacutiepie14 View Post

    I suck at gaining traffic
    Luckily to solve this problem, all you have to do is pay for traffic. (ex: Google Adwords)

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    My advice:
    1. Stop complaining and being frustrated.
    2. Work harder to save some budget.
    3. Find a good coach in your favorite niche to spend your budget (you can ask reputative members here who's good coaches).
    4. Stick with him and his method till you earn.
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    Yeah, if you want to make serious money on fiverr you have to be disciplined and very efficient. It's not for everyone. Module 09: Fiverr.com Gigs
    http://Documentoz.com [go paperless]

    http://EntrepreneurModules.com/dap/a/?a=3 [simple ways to become an entrepreneur]
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    Don't be FOOLISH.
    You are 21 years old, working as a long hours as a cashier and you think you are going to find something better without a college degree???????

    Are you out of your mind or simply stupid (sorry-I have to tell the truth).

    Think about what you just said in the post, in just one sentence:

    "I am a fast learner and can do anything if I put my mind to it."

    Well, guess what, I guess you are not a fast learner or did not put your mind to it or WORSE, you did your mind to it and now you are posting basically begging for help.


    I don't mean liberal arts, I don't mean some foreign language, or something that is going to be useless. Not even a business degree.

    I something like accounting, law, etc.

    Look, about 95% of what you read on the internet about making money is B.S.

    Think about it.

    Does a person who is making money actually have time to post on forums unless he or she actually want to sell you something.

    Let's take it a step further, does a person who is making money want to tell you what they are doing or HOW THEY ARE DOING IT?????????????????

    Don't get me wrong, there are many coaches out there, but none will promise a refund on your money if it does not work (I don't mean click bank products.)

    Your 21 years old, get a college meaningful college degree and use internet as a secondary source of income, not your first.


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    Originally Posted by jacutiepie14 View Post

    I have skills of drawing anime and realism. I know basic skills of html....

    College is definitely not the answer right now XD

    I am a fast learner and can do anything if I put my mind to it.
    Let's face it: you have no marketable skills whatsoever, young man! As a fast learner, you should have no trouble breezing though college, learn something useful, and become employable.

    Maybe not the answer you want to hear at 21, but you will grow up, eventually...
    buysell-browse.com * Free Classifieds Advertising & Promotion *
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    You're all over the place. My first thought was, "I wonder how long this person sticks with any of those ideas?" I'm guilty of it too though, so no judgement. My advice to folks in your situation is to stop thinking about "how to make money online" and just think "how to make extra money" in general. If you're limited on time, don't try and learn an entire new industry. Focus on what you know and leverage your skills to create a side business. Of course ONLINE will have something to do with it, because what business doesn't have some sort of online presence? I find that entrepreneurs tend to limit themselves to thinking "how to make money online" before they think about the value they can bring to other people. Maybe that's online, maybe it's not. That's my two cents.

    Edit: Oh yeah - this might be a valuable forum too: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...desperate.html
    Like what I said? Visit WorkFromSomewhere.com where I teach by example how to build a profitable online presence through full disclosure and transparency with regards to my traffic, income, and marketing strategies.
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    I think your problem lies in the first sentence. Most people that fail are those that have 'tried everything'

    You need to find something, stick at it and focus on accomplishing your goal before moving on. With anything you do or try you will hit a brick wall at some point, you just have to fight through it instead of trying something new!!!!
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    Yes, getting more traffic is essential for any online business. The best way to get more traffic is using Google Adwords, I think so. It can help you to get more traffic and increase the amount of your online income.
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    Become a drop shopper. Play with other peoples money by utilizing Amazon and Ebay. No recruiting, no SEO, no click banks. Just a simple copy and paste.

    Please do not use affiliate templates in signatures

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