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I don't know if this is the category to place this, but I thought it was a relevant and very interesting article. So wanted to share.

Is there an area just for news, etc?

Put Ad on Web. Count Clicks. Revise.

ON a recent Thursday, Darren Herman, the president of Varick Media Management, was sequestered in his SoHo office. He wasn't scrutinizing a television ad or images from a photo shoot. He was combing through graphs and Excel spreadsheets...

Where the data guys were once an afterthought in a marketing presentation, now they are at the core of the online strategy. What's more, they can help advertisers save money in traditional media by testing different phrases or images online to see what works before producing an expensive television commercial or magazine ad. Who attracts more clicks in a grape juice ad, for example -- the blond girl or the brown-haired boy?

The shift to data-based campaigns is forcing marketers to learn new skills and drawing a new breed of worker to Madison Avenue. While most data executives now in the field came from media backgrounds, they are recruiting Wall Street math geniuses because the job requires hourly adjustments in strategy based on numbers. read whole article here
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    Very interesting read, Cackle. Thanks for the link.

    I think when TV and the Internet merge completely (and not just Web TV, but a much more user friendly combination that will appeal to people who either don't have, can't use, or don't want a computer, but do want to see what's on the Internet...) we will see a tremendous advertising revolution that has 'only just begun' in the current Internet Marketing scene, with the skills currently being used by those in the IM field becoming extremely valuable to Madison Avenue types.

    There was an interesting article a while back on the BBC about TV screens doubling as browsers. Here's the link:

    BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click | TV screens double up as browsers

    A bit off topic from the article you posted, but there ya go! It's getting late in my neck of the woods, I'm tired and my mind tends to ramble off in weird directions at the best of times!
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      Thanks Val S. Yes, it will be a revolution for sure. Except...I think that it also means a wake-up call for a lot of IM marketers. A lot of us make a living on little niches and creativity. But the article was basically saying that those skills won't be enough in the future. Like wall Street, it's going to be taken over by number guys...pushing a lot of us out. Especially those that make big salaries at corporations doing this type of stuff. Another example of obnoxious MBA's trampling the little guys :-).
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