Changed from Web 2.0 to WordPress, will this convert?

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Hi guys.

I created a weebly website about 2 years ago and just let it run. It's got up to 100-150 unique per day and after some advise from this forum I decided a wordpress upgrade was in order.

I've now completed the wordpress site but am worried that it isn't laid out correctly to optimise clicks to affiliate links.

My main reason for changing the site is because I'm now looking to monetise the site through affiliate links and a little adsense.

The web 2.0 website managed to earn me about £55 through 139 clicks and 7 sales in 1 month - all through google traffic. I think there is much room for improvement, but it's just getting people to click the link that is the problem!

I just wanted to know if I had the links and ads in the right place/right style and if the website strikes you as good enough to convert?

The website is entirely in the London/UK travel niche:

Cheers for any feedback!
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    If you're going to create a site for making money, it would be a good idea to switch to WordPress. It means you have much more flexibility with the things you can do with your site.

    You can add plugins such as; Google, sitemap, Google analytic, SEO to further enhance your site.

    You can also use the space available for ad sense. This can be placed in the widget section of your site or at the top or footer.

    Having a WP site enables you to develop high quality unique content which engages your audience & invites further traffic to your site - provided the content is updated, unique, in-depth & engaging.

    You can further monetize your site by offering ad space for a price or/and doing a section for 'Products Review' or 'Recommended Products' & include your affiliate links.

    If you have a minute or 2 to spare, stop by the my Blog for some free tips :-)

    ==> 7 Days to $1000 Blog
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    Sorry dan, the link posted got a glitch! Delivers a "no found server" response...

    Thinks your web should deliver better if you chage this:

    P.S. Your signature link is OK, nowadays...
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    • I've got some sites on both free hosts and my Wordpress installation. I get a lot more traffic and conversions from my own site than from the others on the free hosts.

      I don't want to give them up because I like them and they give me a boost in traffic, but I concentrate most of my efforts on my own self-hosted site.
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        @Xiqual - Thanks, just fixed the link! Unfortunately I can't make the change as you suggested due to the Wordpress Theme I'm using.
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