would you blog comment on these types of sites?

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I noticed there are a lot of websites with a lot of traffic, but with nonstandard blog commenting Links. When clicking on the name of a commentor, a profile page opens up instead of the link to their website. However, there is usually space for a link back to the website on this profile page.

I haven't done much commenting myself but getting into it nowadays. Are these blogs with profile links still decent for driving traffic to your website, or are they a pass?
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    It totally depends on the site and the link...

    If its relevant and and the site is not spammy then it will be ok but you need to look at the site and see if it adds value to your sites visitors...

    You need to take a look at the site(s) and make your decision
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      I agree with Danny.
      I would study the site as well as the profiles of people who have already left comments. Do the links in their profiles lead to reputable sites etc.?

      You can often find really good blogs to comment on via comments left on blogs that you already have a high regard for. In other words, if the blog that you respect moderates comments, then a lot of the screening process has already been done for you. You can click through to sites linked to from those comments and find some excellent blogs. Just check their traffic stats via Alexa and you are set to go.

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      • If you are only commenting for traffic, then you probably won't get much from any site that doesn't allow a direct link to your site, so you might do well to skip that site.

        But if you are blogging to build your online reputation, especially in your niche of expertise, then commenting on these sites is going to go toward building your rep, especially if your comments are consistent in tone and message.
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    By all means do a thorough examination of the site you're considering blogging for. Is it an authority site within the niche?
    What kind of readership does it have, and what's the profile (demographic) of the average visitor?
    In short, is it a site that appeals to YOU? Not spammy, good information, well laid out. If it ticks the boxes it could indeed be worth pursuing not just to build your reputation but also to get some targeted traffic back to your site.
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