Don't Say "Someday", Do It Today.

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Hi Warriors,

I found a fairly new website that you might find interesting. I am not affiliated with this site at all, so bear with me here.

It's called "My Someday" mySomeday | Home

This website allows you to make an announcement, and hold yourself "publicly" accountable until you achieve your goals.

You can share any goals you might have, such as "writing an ebook", "selling $5000 worth of products in 100 days", "visiting India" or whatever.

Then you can upload your videos, photos and journal entries to update your progress. Other members can leave comments, feedback, encourage and network etc.

The home page currently has PR4, and within the content, you can include URL appropriately.

Many users share their social profiles, seeking others who are just like them.

So if you need others to "watch" you while you're completing a project, this site may help you achieve just that.
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    Sounds like my kind of site. I just posted here today about how hard it is to make myself sit down and actually write. I kind of did it to hold myself publicly accountable, which sounds similar to this site. Good idea, though, with inviting others to mentor you.
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      I love this quote.If you can make it today then do it.Tomorrow is another day and we should have another things to fulfill.
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  • Profile picture of the author Elvin Tiong
    Another nice place for social networking. Interesting site
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    • Profile picture of the author edhan
      Bring me back to my school days. Remember what I was been taught in one Chinese lesson.

      Today's homework should be done today even though there is still a tomorrow. Once you think of tomorrow, there will be more tomorrow and it will continue in a cycle. The end result will be your work will be unfinished. So, do it today for today's homework. Tomorrow will be another new homework.

      So, in our daily lives, we should accomplish what we need to do immediately then thinking there will be tomorrow.

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  • Profile picture of the author Matt Bard
    When I was growing up, I learned that 'Someday' was a road that lead to a town called 'Nowhere'.

    I still believe that.

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    • Profile picture of the author Kevin Riley
      LOL, reminds me of when I first came to Japan and was building a house in Minoo. The contractor came by and asked if we could make a change for the plumbers, and we replied "Okey dokey!"

      The contractor looked shocked. In Japanese, we have "Toki doki" (sounds much the same) which means "sometimes" and he became quite adamant that we must "Do it now!"
      Kevin Riley, long-time Warrior living in Osaka, Japan

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  • Profile picture of the author Sean S
    thank you for turning me on to this site, very nice...
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  • Profile picture of the author Matt Bard
    Hey Kevin,

    I once worked with a lot of folks fresh from Russia and they loved "Okey dokey Mrs. Cokey".

    I never learned the whole story behind that saying but it was quite entertaining in that circle.
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    • Profile picture of the author Razorblade
      Great site, Tak!

      I always remember my grandfather who kept telling us: "Do not wait for tomorrow what you can do for today."

      Thanks for sharing the site, my friend!

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      • Profile picture of the author MarkAmes
        Great Thread Takuya

        We all need a mentor or someone to hold us accountable - it really does help to keep the momentum going. I have just joined a mentor program and I am sure the program will assist me greatly to advance my online business. I am going to check out the suggested site!

        Kind regards

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  • Profile picture of the author Gambbit
    Great post, and a great website. I love the concept.

    It's a good way to build a few backlinks as well, in a non spammy way!
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  • Profile picture of the author Waterways2k8

    Interesting site and nice find - I guess it would have come in handy back when I first started.

    Thanks again for the recommend
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    • Profile picture of the author Palo Coyote
      When my sons were very young I would ask them, "When's the BEST time to do that (make your bed, do your homework, etc.)?" The answer was ALWAYS the same:

      "Right Now!"

      So, now they're grown and sometimes they do things, "Right Now" and when I'm working on my IM projects I will say,

      "When's the best time to go place 10 backlinks?" "Right now."

      Good site, thanks for sharing,

      No sig today.

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