Has Someone Released a New WarriorForum eBook ??

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It seems that many newbies are popping in here and trying to build post counts by posting articles that may or may not even belong to them.

This is not an article directory, it is a marketing forum.. I am just wondering who is the idiot that written a new ebook telling newbies to come and post articles just to build post counts.

Newbies - You are welcome here but please do not follow some stupid tactics that some wannabee guru told you about. Taking the time to learn and being involved in discussions and offering to help on a subject "you actually do know about" will take you far on this forum.

Just posting articles from some other place online is not going to get anyplace.

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    Something else that I'm sick of is the constant stream of people posting absolutely nothing of value.

    You've seen them.

    They'll say something like:

    "Nice post."


    "Thanks for the information."

    Just tiny little posts for the sole purpose of boosting the total post count.

    Go away, people! Go away or learn how to communicate.
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    I think it's all the marketers that promote forum marketing in terms of just posting and getting people to click on their links. Very few people tell you to actually go to a forum and interact.

    When I tell people to use forum marketing, I tell them that if they really do like a post, there is a "Thanks" button for that, and they don't need to spam the forum with the "thanks for the great post" garbage.

    Honestly, people would much prefer if someone had two posts that are relevant to the topic and actually add value to the conversation than 100 posts that are 3 words long and don't add any value whatsoever.

    It is actually more profitable to build relationships and interact on the forum. I have formed partnerships with multiple people from this forum, and it is not because I posted everywhere saying "Nice post".

    Nobody likes people who don't add value to forums. If you aren't going to add value, please don't post on the forum.


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