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Hi Warriors,

If you can help me out, I'll help you too.

I purchased a domain several months ago with big plans that didn't transpire. Ever happen to you?

The domain is:

Don't bother going there; it's not live right now.

I was going to offer a comprehensive tax and accounting service for a specific niche. I have since abandoned that idea as it's not something I want to do long term.

But I really like the domain name.

I would like to build up the site and sell it to an accountant, tax attorney, or someone similar. I wouldn't mind setting it up as an affiliate site if I could find some good tax or accounting products or services with affiliate programs.

Anyway, I'll give a free video copy website critique to whomever provides the best idea. Other Warriors have received a lot of value from my critiques and I'm sure you will too.

Note: I've removed my signature file, so no one gets the wrong idea of my motivation for posting this...

- Darrel Hawes
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    Cool question Darrel.

    A belief I have is that domain names are like property (houses, apartments etc). Imagine you buy a house in a busy area and it gets busier and busier as time goes by. It will be worth a lot more in the future (providing it's in good condition etc). So, I believe the same for a website. Make a little site, get a bit of traffic to it and let it run. The best way would be to provide FREE quality info on the site. This way you will get people automatically linking back to you and passing it on to their freinds/business partners etc.

    I just believe if you do a small bit of work on it, in the future it will be worth more.

    But, that being said, if you need money now then you gotta do what you gotta do. An affiliate type programme will make you more money short term if you sell it as well but will be more work on your behalf long term.

    I hope this provides you with a solution,

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    Get a hosting account for the domain, set up wordpress, pick an "accountant appealing" template and then put up some graphics. Start posting accounting tips and tricks or you can just copy and paste articles from the article sites. Schedule the articles to be posted every 4 or 5 days. Do about 20 of these.

    Tack on a feedreader that will autopublish articles about the tax code on the site.

    Wait a month or two and then offer it for sale. It should start getting some traffic by then and you can sell it to a local accountant. Then you can "localize" the keyword strategy.
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