Squeeze Page vs. Epic Content

by TimK06
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Hello to all of you entrepreneurs, successful and soon to be successful alike

I have a question that's been brewing in my mind and I need your help.
I was introduced into the value of a squeeze page by a great internet coach
a couple years ago.

I've had my ends and outs with it.
When I got my first sign-ups I was so excited, but it was short lived as I noticed no matter how I tweaked my emails I couldn't increase the open rates even as my list grew.

Now, I've been introduced to the art of blogging which I'm a newborn in but the idea is quite intriguing, that you provide killer content first then ask for the readers to opt-in after.

Now I have no experience in this so this is where I was hoping you guys would come in at. I want to hear from you and your experiences with these methods.

Thanks in advance
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    Yes, making a go of email marketing is more difficult than many make it seem.

    But blogging, building traffic and attracting subscribers is also a lot of work.

    Both methods work. I have sites designed to attract email subscribers and I also run a large email newsletter where I mostly pay for subscribers and don't build up a website.

    One advantage to building up a blog and traffic, assuming you attract traffic for no cost, is you can test your email marketing success without spending money.

    Of course the advantage to buying traffic directly to a squeeze page is you can test very quickly and either tweak to profitability or dump the project and try something different.

    I build up websites on topics I enjoy so creating content isn't a chore.

    That said, for my email newsletter with no attached website, I've invested plenty of time in improving the email sequence and testing many different freebie incentives. That alone is a lot of content.

    Both work. If you know your niche starting a blog isn't going to hurt.
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    Tim, I guess you could send visitors to your blog with a opt-in form in the side bar of your blog. Everyone does thing there own way. Just keep testing for the one that performs best for you.
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    To get more subscriber to you squeeze page you need to invest some green (cash) and buy high quality US clicks or if you are trying to make a blog then first you have much knowledge about your blog niche and after that you need killer and eye catcher content.Choice is yours.Best of luck.
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    In my opinion, if you are paying for traffic, you should always use a capture page.

    If it is traffic from Youtube or Facebook, sending them to your blog is fine!
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      Originally Posted by gluckspilz View Post

      In my opinion, if you are paying for traffic, you should always use a capture page.

      If it is traffic from Youtube or Facebook, sending them to your blog is fine!
      I am going to disagree with this a bit. I personally direct all of my main sources of traffic to specific landing pages. The one exception would be Pinterest, where I bring them in to a picture related page.

      The reason I say this is due to the fact of the more than possible differences in messages from each source. With youtube content you want them landing on a page that is going to add to the video message.

      The theory here would be that the promise of good content got them watching your video. You gained trust with your video message, now they want more. they click to your site. You back up that solid video content with more solid content. now you offer them to look around, and they are hooked ( or we hope so ).

      With every step that you can build value trust and authority in your brand, you are increasing conversion potential. This is the basic principles of 'content marketing'

      I will admit it is a bit of a pain, but over time it gets easier and you will see the difference in the long run!
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Squeeze pages feel scammy and gross to me. I'd rather develop content, drive real targeted traffic, and then convert. That's just me, though.

    Not allowed.

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      I love that someone else feels the same way as I do about squeeze pages.
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    A blog is a good way to get ongoing fresh traffic if it ranks well, and can get you a lot of free subscribers to your list and should continue to do well into thee future. The issue with this though, is it does take awhile for the traffic to start coming. You have to produce a good amount of content and be up for awhile to get on Google's good side.

    A squeeze page is good because you can start sending traffic to it right away and can start seeing results very quickly. The down side to this, however, is most ways of promotion are limited to paid adverting.

    In my opinion, which one you choose depends on what you like to do, how much money you have available to invest, and how much work you're willing to put in.
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    Blogging is just one aspect... look at blogging as just another source of traffic such as pay per click ads, banners, twitter, facebook, etc...

    What you want to be doing with all of these avenues of traffic sources is to bring it back to building a list and email marketing.... this is where most, if not all, of your traffic should be going to... is building your list. List building and email marketing is a way for you to have a solid, LONG term profitable business.

    So blog, yes, but don't limit yourself to just blogging.
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    Your readers should already have an idea of what you blog about, and what kind of content you bring to the table.

    And yes, you do that by providing killer content on your blog. Content that isn't written for Google, but rather for readers.

    JR John
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    Nothing wrong with sending your traffic to a squeeze page and once they opt-in they get epic content. Those that do opt-in will see great value.
    Your squeeze page could show some small samples of your work and better yet testimonials from real clients.
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    Actually comparing a squeeze page to a blog is completely wrong. Why? Both serve different purposes.

    While squeeze page is simply a smart sales-oriented funnel system to gather subscribers before you redirect them to your blog or other landing pages maybe, a blog is simply the hub!

    Think about it this way.

    If your blog is a spider, a squeeze page is one of its arms.

    Clear enough?

    So, you can kill one of its arms, but you can never kill the spider, right?

    That's how it goes.
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    Epic content every time for me these days then funnel my readers onto my email list from there.

    It takes longer to build a list and the list is smaller but it's far more responsive and outperforms any squeeze page lists I have.

    The difference is like night and day.
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    • Blogging is the original social media and is really one of the original ways to give people value first before you ask them for anything in return. Its not that squeeze pages are dead exactly, but they are being superseded by people,giving tons of great content AND asking for an email address if readers want more.
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