What would you do as a noob with $400

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I keep seeing the same threads over and over again but theres never a solid answer or platform for the noobs to work off. So if you were a noob again and had $400 at your disposal to begin your IM adventure how would you start and what would you do/buy.
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    I would tell the NOOB to use the search function at the top and do a search for the hundreds of threads here that all start with "what to do with $xxx.xx

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    Try DotComSecrets X - it is a 3 month course that covers a lot of field when it comes to Internet Marketing, especially valuable for newbies and struggling marketers.
    Good luck mate
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    Hi Brainster, without a question, I'd create valuable content for Kindle and Amazon Createspace.

    Doesn't cost you anything, if you create it yourself or interview friends that are knowledgable on topics.

    Only have to pay for ecovers.

    TOTALLY passive income.

    Can easily make a passive full-time income fast if you put yourself to work.

    Solid platform. Stable income.
    Need help getting more leads and sales? *** Click here to work with me ***
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    I'd buy some expired domains, setup my own private blog network and rank some micro-affiliate sites for niche terms with high paying affiliate offers.

    Crawl Your Way To Cheaper Expired Domains - PM Me To Access My Personal Crawler/Scraper

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    I would definitely go to the kindle and createspace platform as suggested earlier. I have 5 self help books on the platform that generate monthly income without any promotion. All sales come directly from Amazon's algorithms. Write a short book, with a catchy title, and good content. Sell it for $2.99. Trust me it's your best and likely cheapest option.
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      I personally would get started with making some product review websites, that is how i got started and they are still making good money if done right.

      Stay away from Amazon product reviews and IM related products from Clickbank
      (as someone in IM niche will just get it themselves from clickbank).

      Buy hosting with someone like bluehost or dream host so then you can have unlimited domains. You can find coupons all over the net for big discounts, $50 in some cases. PM me if you want one i found for $50 off.

      If you want to do really well in IM then at some point or another you are going to need a website to sell stuff or a list. This is why starting with review sites is a good idea i think as you can get the hang of making Wordpress sites (piece of cake), learn a bit about keyword research, learn a bit about product selection, learn a bit about content creation, writing and a bit about SEO, backlinking and promotion. You get to try a few different things that will always be useful to know and if you love one aspect then you may want to focus on that.

      If you target long tail keywords or the product review as the keywords and pick the right one with lower competition you can see results fairly quickly and test different methods.

      Try it with 2 to 3 sites to begin with (as they all don't hit) and then every week update content, post a related video or 2 to YouTube linking back to your site, post a couple of articles about that niche to ezine and other article directories, create a couple of web 2.0 sites and post articles to them, comment in forums, blogs and Q & A sites on relevant posts linking back to your site for a couple hours each week.

      When you start to see sales then you can tweak things to optimize and then repeat.

      To get an idea of how to set up a good review site, find a product that has tons of competition and be very hard to rank for, google the product name + review in quotes and see the top few review sites. See how they are made with the pages, keyword density, media etc and do it just like that.

      Sorry for going on a bit here, it worked great for me.
      Start your own online business today. Here is a FREE software that sets up money making websites in just a few minutes. Click HERE for your FREE ACCESS.
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    Amazon digital products were mentioned which is a great start, but a great majority of people are shopping on Amazon for physical products. Promoting physical products will earn you very little (Amazon associates) unless you can manage HUGE volume, but SELLING physical products will earn a LOT in very little time. This is what my whole business is based on- and using FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) it is truly "hands off" income (I don't see or touch most of the products I sell). $400 is more than enough to get you started (I outline the exact method in my free ebook (check signature if you're interested). In my opinion, it's the fastest way to earn money (once you're set up, you'll have money in your account within 2 weeks- even faster if you sell on Ebay!)
    Click HERE to download my FREE guide and learn step by step how I make a 6 figure (profit) income selling real products online while automating and outsourcing most of the work! (no website necessary!)
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    $149. i would get a low competiton keyword blog built from warriors from this forum...i use verna
    $37 service where this person will set up a clickbank offer on your aweber account, includes great converting squeeze pages to a very high converting product.
    ================================================== =====
    $200 i would get an authority site built by seo hamster....
    ================================================== =====
    now, you have a little of everything, blog, authority site, list building
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      Originally Posted by tristatemedia View Post

      $37 service where this person will set up a clickbank offer on your aweber account, includes great converting squeeze pages to a very high converting product.
      ================================================== =====

      @tristatemedia, do you have a link to this offer?
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    i would invest to test which business model works best for you. when theres a good idea, test it. its bad practice to go full blown commited to any idea/thoery.

    “Action will remove the doubt that theory cannot solve”

    in whatever you test make sure you track the performance and after 100 unique visits or so. You will probably wont have a "success" just yet but what you will have is information that can help you decide if you can improve or ditch it. there might be little things you can do to improve conversions or nothing at all.

    pick 2 business models. set a budget. set a goal. and track your results. shouldnt cost more that $200
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    Sign up for peerfly and run some campaigns on an ad network that allows cpa campaigns and follow the steps outlined in our post about maximizing ROI on PeerFly offers.
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    I would deposit it into a PPV network like Media Traffic where the barrier to entry is low and the targets are relatively cheap

    Then I would promote something like email submits, just to get my feet wet and learn the ins and outs of paid traffic

    Then I would start promoting higher priced CPA stuff
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    Personally, I would find a coaching program/training course that teaches a business model that has been proven to work. I would make sure the course is within that budget of $400 and focus on learning and applying what I learn in that course until I reach my desired income.

    Then I would just freestyle after that.
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