If you still aren't making money online - this is probably why

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Hello fellow warrior,

I spend a little time every day reading the posts here and making a comment now and then. I figure if I can help one person do a bit better, both them and me are better off.

I spend an hour or so every day perusing Facebook posts in the various groups I am in and reading my newsfeed. I usually make a few posts, too.

I watch about an hour of TV every day and that is split between maybe 15 minutes in the morning and 45 in the evening.

And of course, I go through and read my email in my 3 main email accounts and respond to the people I need to respond to. (I also look at a few of the offers and even buy a few now and then)

And a few times a week I go to the WSO forum and spend some time checking out a few new products, often buying a few and going through them.

I also like spend an hour or so a week listening in on a good webinar now and then.

I talk to my marketing buds on skype and Facebook almost daily.

So many things to do. So little time to do them. I just described about 7 hours of every day.

And NONE of this will make me money.

It won't make you money either.

Take a hint.

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    Well said...

    So many distractions that sometimes

    if we are not careful time will be gone in a flash.

    To add on here,

    take HUGE action on what make your business flourish.

    Apply what is learned otherwise its all pointless.

    It took me quite some time to get

    out of an unproductive rut.

    Don't let it be you.
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    Hey Mike! Totally agree! I wrote my first business plan ever at the end of last year. Two lines. Laser focused. None of it had anything to do with all of the above.
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    So many distractions that sometimes

    if we are not careful time will be gone in a flash.
    Time is the only REAL asset we have. We all have the same allotment too. We can't buy more, or trade for more, or cheat and get more. An hour for you is an hour for me. The playing field is totally level.

    The key is using your time in highly effective ways.

    Turn off your phone, your TV, your iPod and close every window on your computer except your word processor.

    Get somewhere quiet with no distractions and start writing. When you stop the noise, your own brain will begin putting out output. Type that into your word processor - and at this point it doesn't matter what it is.

    After doing this a few times, you will begin to be able to FOCUS on one topic for quite a while. You will be able to detail that topic. You will be able to TEACH others about that topic.

    Now create an outline for a teaching course on how to do something that you already know how to do. Then fill in all of the bullets with the detail. Add pictures and diagrams to the sections that need them.

    Get it?

    Output will make you money - not input. :-)
    "Knowledge is NOT power... ACTION on Knowledge is power"
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    well nice advice I will add that it can be helpful sometimes to see what is new so you know how to co-operate with it also you might know new info which can be useful but as you said you need to focus and make your plane clear

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      Great advice here. Procrastination and distraction are the worst enemies of productivity. Tim Ferris has some great advice about this in the E for Elimination section in Four Hour Work Week.
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        Many, including myself for the past unspeakable amount of months, brainstorm and brainstorm and maybe even have what they need to do click in their head but they never do it. You need to do. Do. Then do some more. One day, if you read the right PDF's from the forums, things will click and you will know what needs to be done.. and you WILL get addicted to it.
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    That is great. One of the best things I have started doing is keeping a log of my start time, end time and total minutes with the income related task for that time in a spreadsheet. I set goals for how many hours a week to log.

    It is absolutely amazing how much you can get done in an hour of just focusing on work, without going off to some other distraction. I used to check email literally all day. Now I do it 2x a day for about 30 minutes. That's it, and I took email off my smart phone because I don't check it unless I am logging my hours.

    I don't even turn the computer on anymore unless I am logging my hours. I'd rather just a read a book or take a walk if I'm not on the computer to actually make money.

    I am even logging my time right now as I consider the learning and posting here on WF to directly affect my business in several ways. I have been posting here on WF since I started my website 6 years ago and I have learned allot, met lots of great people, and introduced my business to many folks who now use my site. I spend 2-3 hours per week posting in forums and blogs.
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    I use to spend lots time checking email....and then I was making no money back then.

    Then I found the world of list building and now I build email lists and send emails, and I found money came easily and never have to work a day in my life again. Well it doesnt feel like work anyway. :-)))))
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    Thats so true Mike..managing your time is key..

    Get that right and you are a winner!!
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      I have the same problem.

      What I do about it:

      1. Each afternoon, I make a list of the most important things to do tomorrow, nr 1 being the most important. Tomorrow, I start with nr 1 and move on to nr 2 and so on. The first items MUST bring in money.
      2. I've learnt to always ask myself: "Is this activity making me money?" If yes, I proceed; if not, I switch to something that does.

      Have a great day! Making money, that is!

      Get good stuff at adriaanlouw.com. The others do.

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    Great post. I can definitely relate as one who would involve myself with useless activities that wasted the day away. Since, focusing more on implementing what I know I've started making progress getting leads & growing business!
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    Good post and a great point.
    But not all is a waste of time. I learn as I look at sites as both as a surfer and as a webmaster. And that will make me money in the future.
    Knowledge is power.
    Move it along folks, nothing to see here
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    My two cents is to fabricate yourself a "vision board".
    They are effective and help to motivate people
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    Very helpful and well said thanks!
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    Very true.

    Just to add on to what you said....

    Have a to-do-list ready before the day begins and make sure you don't do anything else(besides eat and drink) until you have checked everything off that to-do-list. This builds discipline and helps you feel like a million bucks at the end of the day when you know that you accomplished everything you set out to do.

    Just make sure you're capable of completing all the tasks on your to-do-list with some time left at the end of the day to relax and reward yourself for getting everything done.

    Works for me.
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    yes, for internet marketing we need to do the work, not listening to tapes will make us reach.

    The simple idea is : buying a proven system, make it work.

    That's it.

    NOt about watching tv, watching coaching, listening to motivation audiobooks, making concept, and never make that happen...

    plan your work, and work your plan

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    Very Well Said
    Making Money Online Is Really Awesome Guys...!
    All You Need To Do Is Blogging 1 Hour A Day...!
    Lets Connect On FaceBook And I Will SHow You How You Can Use Blogging To Make Your Living !
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      Technology can help you save time and make money.

      But unfortunately it can quietly drain your time and money if you're not careful. It's a very thin line and getting thinner as it takes over our lives. The one's who can use it the wisest ... wins!
      Download "Free 80 Page E-Book"
      "201 Ways To Live Better On Less Money".
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    @WineBuddy - Yey, welcome to my world, 'cept I don't see feeding/watering the kids thrown in there for good measure.

    Still, when you get a lifestyle like this how good does it feel.

    Your message shouldn't be spend more time working, it should be 'Set Things Up Right' and you can spend your days doing all that stuff you talk about.

    Upshot of that is, you have the time to develop new stuff, rather than think about paying the bills.

    If I wanted to spend more time working I'd have carried on being a chef.
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