How can you make money with solo ads if you are broke?

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Hi guys! I know no one in here works for free and I know alot of people have succeeded with solo ads because they were able to save up money for solo ads.

But what happens when you are broke and maybe can only afford to spend maybe $20 dollars worth of solo a month?

That will take forever to build a list. Say you get 35 clicks, 10 opt ins and maybe 1 sale

Now you have to wait another 30 days to buy another $20 dollar package and you don't know if that is going to work or not.

In top of that, I heard that you should sell and/or drive the customer to a paid offer.
You should provide them a free report, newsletter, video series for a few weeks and then introduce your offers. My goodness at this rate it will take me years to build 1000 subscribers

How did you guys build your list with solo ads when you were starting up?
I know maybe you invested more but I am referring to those who were broke like myself?

I think I might have to cut my internet off, my cell phone, not get a haircut for a few months, sleep in my car for a week to save on gas to work, buy mcdonnals $1 dollar cheese burger and split it in half, lunch and dinner with alot of water.
That's the only way I cam going to be able to save up and buy a bigger package solo ad.

In top of that, I don't have money for private coaching to see if my sales funnel is set up correctly. I ask a lady in here who is successful to see if she can spend a few minutes with me on the phone and she said no.

I don't understand how some people make it and some don't. I can not understand email support. I need to speak with someone and ask questions!

But that's never going to happen.
In top of that, I notice everyone here has different opinions on how to build a sales funnel. Some say when they opt in, is ok to redirect to the offer, others say provide value first. But if you do that, the problem is that there are sooo many marketers buying solo ads and so many different offers are being sent to them, that now they have so many emails coming in and they forget about yours, or they don't know which ones to choose from. So it makes you think, maybe I should of just offer the product after the opt in not to lose my chance against another marketer. Is soo confusing.

Also the follow up messages, do I just use the ones from the vendor affiliate page, or do I come up with my own ones? Should I promote different products through my follow up messages, or should each squeeze page be promoting the same product through the follow up messages?

No one ever talks about little details like these

I need help. I take no action because for one, I am freaking broke, and if I did have $20 dollars to spend on a small solo ad package, I think I'll be throwing away money because my sales funnel is not set up correctly, and so I think.

Then if I want someone to build me one, they charge at least $100 dollars.
I could pay it but then I can not pay the electricity, or cut my cell phone and internet for one month. Damn the sacrifices I have to make. Then in top of that, there is no guarantee I will get any sales!

I am so frustrated with this list building business. I am never going to make it

Is all about money, you don't have any, then you can't get help!

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    Hi Ray,

    I would get an extra job, or do odd jobs, or whatever it takes to make some money. Save up so you can spend more than $20 a month. Buy into a quality series of lists.

    Assess your financial situation before all else; money shortages can be fixed, immediately, by doing something that guarantees a steady paycheck.

    If you are going the paid marketing route either save up for a bit, cutting corners in other areas of your life, or by working an extra job to make some dough.

    It pays to spend more money on quality solo ads which increase the likelihood of you converting and cashing in.

    All the best!

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    If you have no money. use the free traffic methods to get optins. Why try Solo's if you have no money? Makes no sense.

    Do a Google search on Bum Marketing or on How to get free traffic
    birminghamshootingrange.comfor sale |"Knowledge is NOT power... ACTION on Knowledge is power"
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    Use safelists and traffic exchange sites, you can join those for free and start mailing.
    Works fine with free offers >>>building your list. PM me and I´ll give you a list which ones
    works best.
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    There are so many ways to make money online..stick to one..make it work (and I mean that)..then venture into other things and grow..

    But you must do one at a time..chasing 2 rabbits will leave you with no rabbit..

    Good luck!!
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    Hi Ray Warrior 1978,
    Well you present a difficult situation to start with and more information would be necessary to be able to help you, because with what you said there are 2 issues:
    1. The broke Challenge:
    If you are healty this is what you need to do: GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER ( This applies if you don t have a overwelming debt on your shoulders)
    First of all if you repeat yourself that you are broke all day long guess what: you will feel all day that you are broke and just feel miserable for yourself....
    So instead of thinking that you are broke like said on this thread thing 2 ways:
    1. How can I start being less broke ?
    2. Is there anyone I could ask for help ? ( Ex: someone that can land a couch for a few days where I don t need to pay rent...)
    2. The solo ads challenge that you decided to adopt.
    Well there are ways on the internet to make money with litle money but if it was easy and obvious well everybody would be doing it and the reality is most people are not....
    Just because one person told you that they won t help you does not mean that no one will - so keep trying I can guarantee you that all people that made it in life:
    1. Were helped somehow by other people along the way
    2. Never gave up after receving the first No s....
    So if you want to make it in solo ads:
    1. It is possible
    2. You need to have the tools and find a way to have them ( ex: you can start with mail chimp is good and free until 2 000 subs)
    3. There are some ressources out there you can use for solo ads that are for free... but of course conversions are lower - it s up to you to find them.
    So hope this was usefull which you all the good luck
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      Thank you for your advice. I will try to just set up a basic sales funnel and buy a $20 solo ad just to get my feet wet. I know I won't make any sales, but at least i'll have 2-4 opt ins and in one year i'll have 48 at this rate

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        Originally Posted by raywarrior1978 View Post

        Thank you for your advice. I will try to just set up a basic sales funnel and buy a $20 solo ad just to get my feet wet. I know I won't make any sales, but at least i'll have 2-4 opt ins and in one year i'll have 48 at this rate
        There's a flaw in your thinking.

        In your first post you said something like "I spend $20 and...maybe get one sale, then I have to wait another month". What are you doing with the commission from that one sale? Spending it?

        When you're bootstrapping a business, you spend the initial period pouring any money the business does make back into the business. Say your $20 results in a $20 commission. Next month, you can buy two $20 solos. Keep reinvesting.

        You also seem to think that buying a solo ad from time to time is all you have to do, and you can spend the rest of the time sitting on your ass waiting for the money to roll in.

        Someday that may be an option. But not when you're trying to bootstrap a business. In addition to the solo ad, you should be hustling to make the free (only cost is time) methods work in addition. Get that "4-hour Work Week" bullshit out of your skull. To paraphrase pro wrestler John Cena, "if you want some, go get some..."
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    Well, if you don't have the cash for ads, then don't think about that way for now. Get a job and save some money, or try many other free traffic tacticts. Simple as that.
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    What John said above.

    Basically, there are a plethora of free traffic generation methods. You DON'T have to rely on solo ads and just solo ads to build your list.
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    A few people above suggested things like traffic exchanges, which is fine I guess, but the quality won't be there. The good thing about getting premium ads, is you're also getting premium traffic.

    I understand that it sucks when you're starting up but sometimes it does take several moths to get anything going. And if all you can spend a month is $20, or you won't be able to pay your bills, you might want to save that money and try to get a little extra money on the side. If you think about it, getting an extra $100/month is only $25/week, which you could earn from just mowing a lawn or two or shoveling a couple driveways every week.

    And if you don't have time to do that, you won't have to do run an email list either. It takes a lot of work even to send out one quality message per day. And it takes even more work if you don't have any money to spend on advertising.

    You can try some free methods that do bring in higher quality traffic like Youtube, twitter, or article marketing. But it takes a lot of ground work in order for these methods to start bringing in leads.
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  • well if you are limited on cash I suggest that you do some research on some good reliable people that sell solo ads for the price you can afford. there are some good reliable sources right here in the warrior forum. I have used a few people here and have gotten as high a opt in rate as 50% upwards. Don't wait to have a large list to start working it. Build trust with your list then start promoting something that your list could use and has value.
    As you make sales reinvest in solo ads. Rinse and Repeat
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    I would go to the website in your signature and submit your email address. Then you'll have $50, today. Then, do it again tomorrow. Then you'll have $100. Rinse. Repeat. Anyone can do this.

    Stop chasing money and start thinking about building a business. Focus.
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      Originally Posted by drewfioravanti View Post

      I would go to the website in your signature and submit your email address. Then you'll have $50, today. Then, do it again tomorrow. Then you'll have $100. Rinse. Repeat. Anyone can do this.

      Stop chasing money and start thinking about building a business. Focus.
      How does that work by going to your website with your signature and getting 50 bucks?Never heard of that before.
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        Originally Posted by chall View Post

        How does that work by going to your website with your signature and getting 50 bucks?Never heard of that before.

        He's referring to the OP's signature block that promotes a way to make money if you're broke.
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        Originally Posted by chall View Post

        How does that work by going to your website with your signature and getting 50 bucks?Never heard of that before.
        The first link in his signature went to a page that said you can make $50 per day. That it was easy. And that anyone can do it. Apparently it has worked better than expected because now you can make $1800+ per week...but still cant afford a $50 solo ad for some reason.
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          Originally Posted by drewfioravanti View Post

          The first link in his signature went to a page that said you can make $50 per day. That it was easy. And that anyone can do it. Apparently it has worked better than expected because now you can make $1800+ per week...but still cant afford a $50 solo ad for some reason.
          Drew everyone here has a signature promoting something. That doesn't mean that I ma making that kind of money, basically i have it there to promote my offer and build my list,

          So what you are saying is, only if you know how to make money and are already making money are you allow to promote your business in your signature?

          Sorry I don't agree with you. We are not is the same page buddy!

          Affiliate Links are not allowed!

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            Originally Posted by raywarrior1978 View Post

            Drew everyone here has a signature promoting something. That doesn't mean that I ma making that kind of money, basically i have it there to promote my offer and build my list,

            So what you are saying is, only if you know how to make money and are already making money are you allow to promote your business in your signature?

            Sorry I don't agree with you. We are not is the same page buddy!
            No... what Drew is saying is that you look foolish when you run a sig
            that purports to show people how to make money when you aren't making

            Based on what I've read in this thread I frankly think you should find
            something else to do. That... or get your mindset right. The way you
            think is what's holding you back... not the money.
            If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    if your are broke i suggest whenever you can invest $$$$, buy funnel clicks instead of solo ads. some solo ad sellers sell funnel clicks and they convert just as good but usually take a bit longer than a solo ad. funnel clicks are usually $0.30 a click vs a solo at $0.40 a click.

    before you buy funnel clicks find 2-3 reputable click banking partners to send 1st too. (click banking is about partnering up with another list builder were you send each other clicks. one sends 1st then once done the other returns the same amount of clicks back)

    The Funnel for this strategy in order to build a list fast as possible: squeeze page > download page (with 4-5 bonus links before you download link, these links to a rotator that goes out to your click banking partners)

    so if you buy 200 clicks at $0.30 a click = $60
    if your Opt in rate is at 40% = 80 opt ins ($0.75 per lead)
    if your bonus page CTR rate is at 120% to Your Click banking partners = 92 clicks coming back to your squeeze page (an extra 36 subscribers)

    a total of 116 Subscribers at $60 ($0.51 per subscriber)
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    Been there -done that. I was in a similar situation and for me the answer (and I resisted for a long time) was get another job! Sell something on Ebay, do fivrr, do anything to make a few more bucks and THEN go back to this solo ads thing. For me, -I can only speak for myself - , I had to get the heck off of tumblr, facebook, and warrior forum and go out into the world and earn some money. Then I went back to IM. btw this thread doesn't help sell the link in your sig wish you the best.

    If I was making 6 figures why the heck would I need your $17

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    Use safelists and traffic exchange sites
    Do not waste your time with these, they are worthless.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    I would honestly start finding BIG solo ad vendors, and then tell them you'll work for clicks.

    Who gives a damn if you embarrass yourself or if 90% of them say no.

    Find that 10% who will be happy to work with you.
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    First of all, with $20 you will not be able to do anything. So the best advice I would give you is to keep that $20 to yourself.

    If you want to have any success in the future with solo ads, you will need anywhere between $100-$300 per week to make a few sales.

    Now, since you don't have that much to spend, I would look into free marketing and spend 2-4 hours per day just testing different places to see which ones are worth your time and which ones don't.
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    First of all, don't ever say you "are never going to succeed" in your business. Be positive!

    There are a few good tips given in this thread. There are ways to get money. There may be things you have to sacrifice. Paid marketing is the faster way to go if you are trying to build your business fast.

    Free marketing is very time consuming. I suggest that you do FREE marketing if you don't have a source of income.

    But, do some odd jobs. Cut out some stuff. Sell your stuff on eBay and Craigslist.

    Your success is depending on YOU and how bad YOU want to be a success.

    Keep pushing.
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      Do you realize that if you work at Macdonalds, Burger King, or any other min wage job, part time..20 hours a week, at the end of the month you could buy several 100 click solo ads. But when laziness and excuses rule the roost then you can't buy any


      Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?
      ~Jack Handey~

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        Hi Ray If do not have the funds to buy solo adds, why not google free ways to market your product, or try facebook pages in the niche you are in ,forums that are of a simular to what it is you have to offer and any other niche that is like minded.these are just some of the places to start, but if you join in any forums and are giving good advice people will follow you and put in links back to what you have to offer, you will make some money and then reinvest what you made and build up, 1+1=2+2=4+4=8+8=16 you get my drift.hope this helps.
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          There are other ways to make money online besides with a list.

          When I started out I spent $10 per month on hosting and everything else was free, as I had ZERO dollars to invest.

          I joined eBay, Amazon and Google Adsense, I built several affiliate sites in different topics.

          I did all the work myself , and if one site failed, I tried another niche and kept going. I was able to create a steady stream of $1000+ per month within 7 months, with the same $10 investment and a lot of hard work.

          List building with Solos takes a lot more money than many other online ventures that can be very profitable, then you reinvest as you start to make money and then you can use solos.

          Good Luck.
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            OMG great advice everyone. Thanks for helping me out.

            But damn i hear someone said you need at least $100-$300 dollars a week for solo ads. Geesh either you make alot of money, or you don't have any bills to pay?

            I hear people speding so much money on solo ads, don't you guys also have bills to pay, like your cell phone, rent, water, electricity, car ins, gas, food, misc stuff for the house and you still have hundreds to spends on solo ads a week?

            Said what?

            I wish that was my situation so I can test out my basic sales funnel, i am paying for hosting 9 dollars a month, an aweber account $19 dollars a month, 3 domain names 30 dollars for the whole year but then i amd stuck with 3 sales funnel i can test out with solo ads cause my day job m-f doesn't give me enough income to pay for solo ads

            I think next month i am going to disconnect my cell phone, cable and internet, i'll just use the internet from my work, eat less food, turn off the electricity off from my room at least, take less showers so i can save a bit of money on the water bill, sell my dog so i can buy less dog food

            all of these sacrifices just to buy $100 dollars worth of solo ads once per month

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              Originally Posted by raywarrior1978 View Post

              OMG great advice everyone. Thanks for helping me out.

              But damn i hear someone said you need at least $100-$300 dollars a week for solo ads. Geesh either you make alot of money, or you don't have any bills to pay?

              I hear people speding so much money on solo ads, don't you guys also have bills to pay, like your cell phone, rent, water, electricity, car ins, gas, food, misc stuff for the house and you still have hundreds to spends on solo ads a week?

              Said what?

              I wish that was my situation so I can test out my basic sales funnel, i am paying for hosting 9 dollars a month, an aweber account $19 dollars a month, 3 domain names 30 dollars for the whole year but then i amd stuck with 3 sales funnel i can test out with solo ads cause my day job m-f doesn't give me enough income to pay for solo ads

              I think next month i am going to disconnect my cell phone, cable and internet, i'll just use the internet from my work, eat less food, turn off the electricity off from my room at least, take less showers so i can save a bit of money on the water bill, sell my dog so i can buy less dog food

              all of these sacrifices just to buy $100 dollars worth of solo ads once per month

              Did you NOT pay attention to all the free ways you can build your list with in the posts above? You need to hustle and work hard consistently to do this, build up some momentum and before long you'll be pulling in more subscribers in a day than you do in a week. But it does take work...

              No need to spend money on solo ads to start... Heck, get a facebook account and start posting good content that YOU write. Make videos that share content, etc...

              There are lots of ways to drive free traffic, you just bed to put in the work,

              PS> The only way you are going to get targeted traffic from any social media is to post quality content that is targeted to those whom you want to attract.
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    I'm new to IM as well and you make some great points. I too am going thru a lot of frustration. It just seems like there are roadblocks and obstacles at every turn. Yet, there are people out there making good money and they are no smarter than you are I. It's like a big jigsaw puzzle and not understanding how the pieces fit together. I am determined I will be successful. Good luck!
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    I agree with everyone else. If you are broke, don't even bother with trying to purchase your leads or solo ads to get leads. Start with free advertising sources first. Believe it or not, social media sites still work. I really owe a percentage of my success to social media.... Facebook, Twitter, etc.
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      yes i have gotten leads from social media but they are not really targeted, i was going to join traffic swarm but again i heard that is not targeted neither

      I am doing research of ARP because i heard they use sms leads which are super targeted but then again is $250 dollars a month, that is crazy!!

      Affiliate Links are not allowed!

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    Solo ads were never designed for broke people. It was designed to get great traffic fast to test squeeze pages. If you don't have money to invest, then stay away from PAID traffic methods... They take money to work.

    The best free method I have seen online is video marketing. All you need is a cell phone that takes video, I bet you have one... You then turn it sideways and hit record and start talking and then upload the video to YT and put link from in your description.

    Do enough of these you will get traffic.
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    I know the feeling.I am in the same boat as you.Not much money and trying to make a business.I just got my blog up last week.All I can say is keep trying and good things will come.I still am trying to make my first dollar online.I am determined with hard work that my efforts will pay off.Slow but steady.
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      Bottom line: You can't!

      Solo ads cost money that's how it is. If you are budgeted then free traffic generation and having the help of those that utilize them is what you need.

      I help people daily learn to use high traffic areas as leverage to funnel leads into their business. It's simple, free (or in some cases very very cheap), and returns targeted buying leads
      Let's Network!!
      Shoot Me A Message
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    Hi Ray, from one noob to whatever you classify yourself. I've been trying IM for 5 years yesterday. I've jumped from site to site looking, studying, and banging my head against the wall. I'm so much of a noob I still worry that I'm going to crash the internet from some stupid thing I do and have the world hate me. The 6 billion people on FaceBook I don't think I can take them all on at once. I might take a couple with me though

    You have an awesome tool here at the warrior forum, I didn't realize how powerful until last week when I joined the war room. Use these tools to the best of your ability, hold on to the picture in your head of why you want to make a living online. Cherish the small victories, and learn from the big mistakes.

    4 years ago there were numerous times I had to make $0.78 last me to payday, but my bills were paid and somehow I survived. Examine your life and see what you can do differently to get what you want, go talk to your future boss in the mirror and ask him what he would do.

    My dream that I hold onto to is chucking my alarm clock into the Gulf of Mexico. To close this out-- in 5 years, I've made a grand total of $3.31 from an affiliate sell, but that is what got me here because I saw it was possible, and I only want to grow.

    Keep your chin up man, and stay focused on your goals. Open your toolbox and see what will fix your problem.

    Good luck
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    If you are dead broke, you need to focus on free traffic methods and later solo ads.

    If free traffic isn't your "thing" (because it requires time and consistency) I would get a job.

    Getting a part time job will enable you to use solo ads and put food on the table and pay bills

    while building your business. Free traffic takes time and effort and work.

    The results are worth it with free traffic if you are willing to put in effort.

    Whatever you choose, always focus on moving forward and never give up.

    Good luck
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      I think you may be putting the cart before the horse. Let's say you hit the lottery tomorrow and can buy unlimited solo ads...then what? People won't just buy from you because you email them offer after offer. It is just not the reality of successful email marketing.

      I think quite a few folks have said here that you have to work on content and providing value. That is why you may want to start with free methods first before you spend (or waste) your money on solo ads. There is no sense in getting a whole bunch of people on your list if you have nothing to say because chances are, they won't be on your list for long.

      So, what I would suggest is actually look upon the fact that you don't have a lot of money to start out as a good thing. Because this is going to force you to write articles, forum posts, make videos where you are providing value to people in order for them to subscribe. The other great thing about having a small list is that you really value each and every one of your subscribers. You want to keep them on your list so you learn how to engage them and provide value to them to keep them there.

      As some else already said, 1+1=2, etc etc etc. Forget solo ads, focus on learning how to send out quality information to people through solid content marketing - this is the foundation of building a quality list. This also helps you build a targeted list because a targeted list of 500 people is worth way more than a non-targeted list of 5000 people.

      To be successful online, you have to stay focused and take action every single day. Start with a goal of adding 1 subscribed to your list each day. When you get good at that, focus on adding 2 people, then 3 per day, etc etc. Just keep at it and do 1 thing everyday that moves your business forward, just 1 thing and you will have a great foundation for a successful online business. It is not easy and you will get frustrated but just stay focused and keep at it. Best of Luck!
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  • Lurker for years, have a sustained online business for 12, tired of deceit and squat for answers. So here it is directly, and abusively. To the young man/woman:

    I was browsing the forum and saw someone ask: "How can you make money with solo ads if you are broke? It got me writing.. Then it turned more into a rant. So this isn't your magic key to success. This post is really just to get you to look at what you have, or are, doing in your internet (so called) business. Is it a business for you, or are you just pissing around with your S***** wordpress blog that gets 0 traffic? This post is to get you thinking, and to get you to open your d*** eyes that you need to change now, or you will not make it very far.

    In response to his question "How can you make money with solo ads if you are broke? " - For 1, you shouldn't be capping yourself. How do I get a lot, or what are the best ways to get new leads into my list.. would be better questions. Your question, is saying you don't want 2k or 5k optins a day.. There is a difference. You could get 200-500 just by doing Facebook PPC if you wanted. However, that gets expensive, and to do 2k-5k leads a day solely on PPC, would cost a good amount of cash every day. Instead, incorporate 5 or 10 different sources. By using cheaper sources (such as media buys or solo-ads), you can off-set the amount your paying for your Facebook leads, because they are a lot cheaper. What you need to know is, you don't promote the same thing to all of them! Or at least the same manner.

    Facebook lets you really dig in there and try to pick out the cream of the crop.. or you could lower your target audience and take what you can get.. Really though, Facebook is a great tool for getting GOOD leads but not MASS leads. In order to get a ton of leads, you will need to be experienced in marketing and have a pretty good sales funnel in place. 5-10 emails warming them up, giving them some crap, getting them to know you, then getting them to buy something small from you... then warming them up more, and getting them to buy something bigger.. again, until you get them to buy your "big ticket item"... It could be that your not selling products, but a service... same thing.. Offer a small $10 backlink package, and deliver it FAST with a good report. Make them say "wow that was fast and professional, I like the report too".. Then you can later (after warming them up) get them to buy your $199/mo SEO package, or $1,000 then $100/mo for routine monthly work... However, your NEVER going to get them to bite on your $1,000 item without warming them up, and they probably will not buy something expensive from you if they have never bought anything off you before. That is where your cheap little $10 - $20 sales come in, then higher to like $100..

    With media buys, and solo ads, ect.. You can really get a flood of traffic to a squeeze page, but your more limited on how you can target them. You can really only get down to categories.. So getting "cream of the crop" leads is harder, but you can get a HELL of a lot more average leads. So you need a way to weed them out. Send them a series of emails, but spread out your target in ways that you can later separate them. Maybe they are into the internet business, but not into SEO or software.. maybe they are into MLM instead? maybe they are into blogging... Toss out emails in different areas. MAKE SURE your subject is clear, so you can say "If they opened this email then they must be interested in xx because I make it clear in the subject that it is about that".. If your sending an email to test the water and see if they are into SEO, make sure it says something about SEO or backlinks or Link Pyramids, or getting your links indexed.. If its an email about MLM to see if they are interested, make the subject about that, like: "The 7 reasons people fail in MLMs". After you have sent 10-20 emails, you can then MOVE the people into new lists based on what emails they opened/clicked.. Then you can focus deeper on each list, warming them up, and getting them pushed towards buying from you.

    DO NOT just have 1 list in your Aweber (sucks) or GetResponse (best) account and put everyone in it. And just because they joined in a specific list, doesn't mean they have to stay there! Find out where they belong, move them there, so you can take the appropriate action! Make sure you are moving out those who have bought from you, they are your golden leads. Those who have bought more than once, move them somewhere. Repeat buyers are 10x better than 1 time buyers! And you should TALK to your repeat buyers differently than those who bought off you only once, and they should get rewarded with better discounts/deals!

    Getting 600-2000 unique visitors a day to your site. A decent squeeze should convert at about 30% depending on your niche. You can average about 20% to 50%, some markets convert better. Also, it depends on where your traffic is coming from. If you have a corvette website about corvettes and ranked for keywords about corvette's, then your optin rates could be well over 50%!!! If they are coming to your corvette site from random places, you could get really low conversion rates.. By snagging traffic of related sites or keywords, they are already warmed up for you. So just because your squeeze page is converting at 21% doesnt mean it sucks, it could mean your traffic source(s), or quality of traffic, is too low. Get your traffic quality up, and see how well your squeeze really converts! You want at least 30%. If your under 40% go ahead and try to tweak it to get it over 40%. If your over 40 and pretty happy with it, then leave it alone before you break it. This is where A/B split testing comes in handy. you could schedule 1,000 visitors (or just keep your campaign running until you get enough visitors to conclude your data), but at least a couple hundred people. Take the winner, and make another tweak, split testing again.. It reminds me of getting an eye exam. "Which one is clearer, A or B?".. B!.. "Okay good, now which is clearer, A or B"... lol
    A good way to test your squeeze page conversions is Facebook, or LinkedIn, or somewhere you know you can get good leads, even if you have to pay a bit more for them. Once you get it all tweaked, open the gates.

    There are a dozen GOOD media buy networks where you could buy cheap traffic. There are lead services like GetResponse's lead program, or DirectCPC. Google and Yahoo PPC. A dozen social networking sites.. Places that allow you to send an email to their member base, like the Linked In paid emails.. Sometimes even traffic exchanges or PTC sites allow you to buy an email blast.. Guest post on high traffic blogs in your niche.
    You may be thinking... well all these are paid and cost money.. Umm Yes, This is business, cough up the cash and get used to the idea of having an advertising budget! Whoever told you that you can make money online for free, was lying. If you want real success in this business, you gotta pay for it! If you want 2-10 leads a day, then keep with your crappy free methods. I can make more money in 1 day (profit) than you can in a whole month, if not year, with your free S***. If your too scared to spend money on advertising, then I suggest you get a 9-5 because your in the wrong business, and the "internet" dream isn't going to work out very well for you. The free crap will barely get you going. If you want to make enough to live very comfortably, then your going to have to pay for advertising.
    There are a few exceptions, some people get lucky. To them, they may think you can make money online without spending money. I want you to understand, that those people hit the lottery and got lucky. The right place, with the right thing, at the right time. It more than likely will not happen to you. So stop waiting, stop pissing around, stand up and do something about it. Don't quit your JOB yet, use it to help save up money, use it to pay for advertising. If you have a Job, it shouldn't be hard to start off spending $100/mo on advertising. Try out a bunch of different places. Just make sure your mixing up different niche's, products, and traffic sources. Try a little bit of everything. Also, make sure you have a good funnel for each! I mean at least 10-20 emails already queued up, and already have your "trigger" to sell to them spaced out in the queue.

    So all you gotta do is dump leads in, and money shits out the back end of your funnel.

    Do not quit your job until you have made DOUBLE your monthly income solely from the internet, for at least 6 months to a year. When you quit is on you, just make sure you don't jump the gun. I have seen it where people make $5k a month for a couple months, then S*** hits the fan and they are broke and already quit their job. Don't set yourself up for failure, especially if you have a family! Make sure you have enough money saved up, and have racked up enough experience to where you can bounce back from a failing campaign. Just because you have a good campaign or two profiting does not make you an expert, and it doesn't mean you know what your doing. You could be lucky, and after those campaigns die off, you could be left with nothing.. No money, and no real knowledge of wtf to do.

    You could do well with 20-50 leads/day if your product your selling in the end of your funnel costs any real money ($50-$500 per sale). You don't need a lot of optins to make a lot of money, though it helps lol.. I would rather have 20 new leads a day, that are really really targeted vs 200 leads that are cold and not related.. Some people just optin just cuz'. They may have been looking up how to make an apple pie, and somehow got a touch of A.D.D. and ended up on your site because they are a guy and likes cars in general. That doesn't mean they even like corvette's. They could be a Ford guy for all you know.

    Leads that come from crappy sources, or not as filtered, can be good. Even mass PTC traffic. The quality is a lot lower, but there are gems in there. And since its so cheap, its worth doing. You could get 100+ leads a day solely from buying PTC traffic. However, they aren't your Facebook PPC quality though... So put these PTC people into a small funnel, and split them into different lists appropriately. If they open/click then move them into an appropriate list, based on their interest they showed.

    What I am saying is.. low quality leads are good too. You just need a process to sift the good leads out. Later on, maybe once every 6 months, do some house cleaning. Those leads who haven't clicked or opened an email in the past X days (you come up with how may days back to go), move them to your "S***" list lol.. You dont want to delete leads, so move them into a list thats for only those who havent done anything at all since they opted in. Send them some "bait" emails twice a month. Some of them will come around, and when they open/click, move them to another list.. Just dont keep mailing to them all the time because they are tire-kickers, but give them a chance to come around. Hell, I have had people not open an email or click a link in 6 months, then later they buy from me out of the blue..

    After you get this going, and you have 200+ leads coming into your lists a day.. Thing will start to pick up the pace after 2-3 months. Don't get discouraged right away! You gotta let your funnel do the work, and that may take a month or longer. You have to give it time to warm them up and move them along. If you start today with NO list, and boom turn on the traffic.. it would still be a few weeks before you really see anything positive, other than new leads coming in. Especially because you dont sell to them for a couple emails later, so you hvent had the chance to make money off them yet. Once you have a steady supply of people making it to your "selling" area of your funnel, the money will start to flood in.
    At the end of the day, its not the size of your d-i-c-k, its how you use it. A big wang is the macho ego perception, however you can get the same (if not better) results with better targeting.

    So, increase your targeted traffic, and thus you increase your new leads/day as well as the quality of those leads.

    PS: DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DONT FU-CK-ING SELL TO THEM the very first email you send to them. THE ONLY exception to this rule, is if they JUST bought something from you, and your follow-up email says something like "Thanks for your purchase, you may also be interested in x, y, and z". Though, this should be done on the checkout process itself (upsell directly on your site).. However, I have done it also in the follow up email and snagged some extra people by using the upsell in the follow up emails to their purchase. I give them the super 50% off right now (because they just bought from me) deal that will go away in some short time (24hours).

    You can buy traffic, and you can buy leads. Just DO NOT buy email lists from people! That is illegal, spam, and just stupid. I don't care if they give you a 1million email list for free, they probably scraped them from Google or Craigslist, or they have a subscription from a site that gives them 30k/day and they are just selling you the month's worth. When i first started, I was paying $50/mo for a service that gave me about 50k emails a month total, a few thousand a day... I could sell the whole month's worth of leads (50k of them) for $20 a pop, and I was making money reselling their lists.. I did mail to them first, and snagged a few actions.. however, most of the actions where people replying telling my do die lol.. Those lists are all spammed to hell..

    Just think about it, nobody is going to sell or give you a good email list. period. If it is still good, then they are guarding it with their life until they are done abusing it like a 2cent whore. Then they will sell it to some idiot desperate to make "moniez" online.. who will email to it once, and get their sites suspended.

    Use PPC on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and other popular social sites. Ones that allow you to really go all crazy with choosing who you want to advertise to. If you have a CPA for a baby pillow, find women 18-35 who are engaged or married. I havent ran FB for a while, so I dunno what else they allow you to tap into. I would try to target "pregnant" women obviously.

    Find solo ad providers that look legit. Presentation is EVERYTHING. If they have a crappy 1998 website, close the page and move on. If they have a good list, then they make decent money, and they can at least afford to buy a decent website. Solo providers also have other lists, which you can "talk" your way onto Just buy small 100 click solo blasts from MANY DIFFERENT providers. Record your results with each of them.. The ones that show promise on your 100 click test run (which costs money!), come back and buy a 500 click or 1,000 click solo blast. Just dont buy a 100 click, then turn around 2 days later and buy a 500 click from them. They are probably mailing to the same list. So give them at least a week, then order the higher package. You don't want to hurt your higher, more expensive blast. If they JUST saw your email, they dont want to see it again the next day!

    It CAN be good to but up a provider. If the 100 click, 500 click, ect. runs go great.. Talk to them, and see if they have any other, or better, lists that they dont use for solos.. Offer to pay a bit more, since it is a fresh list that hasnt been hounded by solo-ads. Buy 3-6 blasts from them. Space them out every 2-3 days. Use this to your advantage, and setup a good series of emails. Make these emails work together to warm them up. Its hard to get someone to take action on the 1st email (its YOUR first email to their list!), so sending a couple emails can really help you here. Squeeze all you can get out of his list, then move on. You can come back to the same provider later, but give it time, like a month or longer, and promote something different the next time you come back..

    Next thing you know, you have a couple trusty providers you hit up often, and another couple new guys your testing out. So you could have 5 proven good providers, and testing 2-3 new providers a month..

    Last thing.. Don't forget about the Google content network! You can (cheaply) get your banner to show on thousands of sites all across the internet. Then look at the data, find the best sites, and setup a new campaign but ONLY focusing on those specific domains. Check them out in your browser and get a feel for where the banners are placed on the site, ect. You may find a specific page you want to run it on, instead of randomly throughout their whole site. If your bidding on an exact URL, your ad will show more, as apposed to if your advertising on the whole site (then its rotated around the whole site). So you have like 2 campaigns, one for your EXACT sites that you have found, and the other is a mass S*** storm of every site you can get (except the ones your doing exact domains).. When you find new good winners, move them into your exact campaign to target running ads on that domain (and/or page) specifically.

    Work your way up, and before you know it your spending $500/day on advertising.. but who cares if it's making you $5k a day! I would scale up more, and spend $5k a day.. or spend $500k.. as long as I am profiting, the large amount of money I spend a day is irrelevant! You can't say "oh thats too much money to blow every day"... You need to remember, it is not your money yet. It is your business money.

    In the end.. if your financially set and don't need a mass amount of money (to pay off debts).. Then just split off a set amount of money every month. If you scale up to making $10k/month.. Only transfer $2k/month (EVERY MONTH) into your personal account. The other $8k/mo stays in your business account. It isnt worth thinking about an amount right now, but you will need to come up with a percent (or number) to spend on advertising every month. If you are at $10k/month.. then move $2k to your personal (to live on, pay bills for the month), leaving you $8k business money. Take $4k of that and spend back on advertising.
    If you knew how much money companies like Ford, Toyota, Microsoft, Chase, Mastercard, ect. spend a day on advertising, it would make you sick. They spend more on advertising in 1 day, than you probably make in a year. It is just business. If you are scared to spend money on it, then you are in the wrong business!

    Hope this helps someone. It was just my rant, and tid-bits of advice. It isnt any 1 solid "do this and make money", but more of an outline to train your brain into thinking. Anyone can click a few buttons and target ads in front of related people, S*** my 8 year old can do that. I could make up an exercise (like a fun school worksheet) and say "Johnny is selling LCD TV's. How would he find the correct audience of people who would be more likely to buy his TV?" and she could come with traits or interests! "People who like movies, or sports, more likely men than women, men over 18 but under 40, ect ect".. I could then say "well, 18-40 is a large gap, how can we find out the age of men who we are targeting".. She would say "we can split them up into groups, 18-25 26-35 36-50"... Then you test all those variants. You may find out that men 18-25 is your best rage.. Why? maybe because they aren't as wise as a 30 or 50 year old. They are more apt to just put it on their credit card. Then they get older, and have kids so a TV isnt a priority for 26-35. and well, 36-50 they don't care as much about having a bad ass new TV.. ---- Now this is NOT real data, so dont go running PPC on this lol! I am just saying, its easy as hell... So why are you not making money? It is probably because you are too d*** scared to put any money into it!

    The hard part is putting it all together, not the actual marketing itself.. You have to find out how to setup, track, and manage, all of it at once. You have to run 10 different PPC campaigns, queue up and hide in new solo-ad runs.. Create a new website for a new niche to try out.. You have to write all the emails (100s+ of them) for the auto-responders.. move people in your lists (if they arent moved automatically by a trigger on click/open).. S***, the list goes on.. You may be able to do EVERY single one of those things, on their own.. The problem is, putting them ALL together as part of your daily routine.

    Anyone can START a business... but what separates the winners from the losers, is sustaining it! You can't teach management skills in a YouTube video, or some Warrior Forum eBook course...


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    You cant its impossible solo ads dont work work very good these days anyway your best bet would be to start a blog and submit your ad to a niche fits your needs
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  • Profile picture of the author gcbmark20


    Post helpful YouTube videos on a daily basis around topics and sub topics
    of your niche.

    Leave a call to action to your blog or squeeze page and build your list that

    At least then you know those people are actively seeking information
    or need help with something in particular in that niche.

    Solo Ads are good but you need to do a lot of testing and tweaking to
    find what converts.

    Once you've posted your video on YouTube turn that into an article and
    post it at your blog, share your video on FaceBook, Twitter too for every
    video you upload.

    Do this consistently enough and you'll begin to build your targeted list
    of subscribers over time.
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      I advise to learn success. Why? Because thinking poverty only leads to poverty. Start by getting the movie the secret. Download the book "the science of getting rich" by wallace wattles. Your thinking must change in order for your finances to change and this does not happen overnight.

      Courage, Patience, Perseverance, Visualization, and the ever most important:

      Is success

      There is always a way out and you must have patience.
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    I remember when I was in that position.

    The money was running low, so I did whatever I could to make some more money.

    Offer services writing sales letters, or emails...

    And I even sold a ton of my personal belongings to keep the cash coming in

    There's plenty of ways to make money to invest into solo ads...

    Just gotta be a little creative !
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  • Profile picture of the author rmolina88
    Want an extremely good free method?

    Use your signature here at the WF to promote affiliate products on a personal blog. While it doesn't make enough to buy yachts, I can't even begin to fathom how well it's converted for me here.
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    • Profile picture of the author JensSteyaert
      I would suggest you use that $20 to get hosting and start building a site and learn free ways to drive traffic.

      You can still build your list on your site, and once you generate more income then invest in solo ads.
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    Well my friend this is the problem in all business, and the start is really hard but let me know when you found it, because here no one will give you answers for free.

    Stefan Zeulner,Internet Marketer and Website Flipper
    triliano projects free to join
    classified ads with Stefan

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    Honestly, I'm more concerned about finding solo ads that will actually work. It seems like everyone on this forum offers them and has five star testimonials.

    [B]The Pardini Report:
    Investment Research and Real Time Trade Updates:

    Follow hedge fund manager's trades in stocks and commodities while getting top tier research on macroeconomic trends and emerging markets.

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  • Profile picture of the author Daniel Szalok
    You need to make some money before you even start anything else.
    Start offering writing services, you can make $1/100 words. If you write 5 pieces of 500 words articles a day, you can get $25 (minus Paypal fees).
    When you collected at least $300, you can start buying solo ads.
    Check the solo ad testimonial group here:
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    What if I would rephrase your question as follows:

    "I've opened a hamburger shop, but I'm broke. Everyday I spend more money on rent, supplies , taxes, loans, than what is coming in by actual sales. And this already for a looong time. What to do?".

    Would you now know the answer?

    Sorry, it's a bit harsh. But internet marketing/sales is a business like any other...
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    You need to invest money to make money my friend!!!

    Look make the most of your $20 and use it for something else other than solo ads. You will get a poor quality solo ad with $20

    Focus on free traffic generation methods to build your list such as blog commenting, forum marketing and video marketing.

    Also I suggest you do some affiliate marketing and make some funds, with these funds you can then scale your business at a faster rate. It really comes down to patience, persistence and investing!

    Finally, find a good mentor to hold your hand in this business... you need someone to keep you inspired especially if you are saying you are going through a difficult life situation. This business is not easy so find someone to help you stay focused
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  • It's hard there are all kinds a fees and everyone tries to get money out of you. The best thing is build a squeeze page, something of value to offer and promote it 24/7 like your life depends on it using every free or cheap source build a list and sell some affiliate offer. Take that route first.
    soon people... Relax...
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    HEY raywarrior1978...

    I do not know what your situation is, so I need to be careful not to say something that may offend you with out really knowing what your current situation is and why you are broke.

    So I will not try to assume that anything, but what I can say is this. Look for a way to make some extra money offline, fiverr, the point is find a way, to make extra money some how.

    I think you may want to change your way of thinking, and say" I do not know how I will make extra money but I will find a way " and tell you this to yourself every morning or every night before you go to sleep to reprogram your subconscious to being more positive then negative.

    I am not in your situation, so I do not really know what you are going through, but trust me I have hit rock bottom, more then once and have come back up because of faith, positive thinking, persistence, tenacious, I will find a way attitude, i will make it attitude, and good old hard work !

    Good luck to you, if you are going through hard times right now I sincerely wish you well and that your situation changes for the better, but go out there or on here find a way to make a little extra money to at least start a small advertising campaign if this is what you want to do...
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