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by oxhorn
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Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster. I run a niche site that gets 50k unique visitors a month. I believe I have monetized it well to date, but I would love some suggestions for improvements based upon your expertise. Finally, at what point do I move on to a new project, having squeezed as much as I can out of this site, and let it generate income passively?

Here is what I have done to date:

Amazon affiliate: Making $800+ a month
AdSense, making $70 a month
Paid advertising: I make anywhere from $300 to $100 a month selling advertising space directly to merchants
Commission Junction: $0--lots of clicks, no purchases yet
ShareSale: $0--lots of clicks, no purchases yet
Lijit: Very few clicks, 0$ so far
nRelate: $20 a month, gets descent clicks
Bluehost affiliate: $0--lots of clicks, no purchases yet

I create lots of content myself, and it appears to be paying off. Despite spending 0 time on generating backlinks, 80% of my traffic comes from Google. I rank on the 1st page for most of my search terms.

I've had good success on social media and reddit, getting the other 20%of traffic primarily from Facebook and reddit.

I have yet to do any PPC on AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ad,s etc.

I can always create more content. I've already optimized the site so it loads lightning quick. I just want to know if there are any other monetization strategies I can use to optimize conversions from the traffic I currently get, before I invest more time making content.

My ultimate goal is to get this site supporting me financially, and then duplicating the success of it with other niche sites.

Thanks very much for your advice!

Update: One more thing, I use WPBounce and ReEngage-a-Zon to reduce bounces and improve conversions, and I use EasyAzon to get the 9- day tracking cookie (for most products). Though I have no idea how well these are converting. I get about 10 extra clicks to Amazon a day from WPBounce, and I sell around 5 extra products a day that get the 90-day tracking cookie with EasyAzon, but I'm blind to how well reEngage-a-Zon is performing.
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    First thought would be to try replacements for the bad performers, like hosting.
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    Let's say you're making a flat $1,000 per month, all those monetization strategies combined.

    $1000/50K visitors = $0.02 per visitor.

    Some ideas to improve that earnings per visitor:

    1. CRO for AdSense ads (test, test, retest).
    2. You are building a list, right?
    3. Place important elements (i.e. AdSense ads) above the fold.

    Great job on getting that traffic.

    JR John
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      Create an ebook/ video course on your business model and sell it online

      You are writing content ,so you can sell them also to make more money

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    build a list and promote some related affiliate products. The real money is in the backend
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      I am building an email list, yes. I have a newsletter signup form, a blog subscription widget, and I have email addresses of blog commentors.

      Can you extrapolate on the comment, "The real money is in the backend?"

      I've toyed with writing an eBook (or even publishing a paperback book) about my website's niche. I should really sit down and do it.

      My niche has nothing to do with affiliate marketing, so it would be hard to monetize my experiences and tips from the site. I'd have to create another site about affiliate marketing, build it up, and monetize. Which I've toyed with.

      The complication with my adsense ads is that I self those ad spots to direct advertisers, so m y adsense income will fluctuate from month to month depending on if I have an advertiser to fill the spot that month.

      Thanks for the tips all! Any others?
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    since you can create content. you should create a product or set up a paid membership program. have them filter through your squeeze page to your offer. if they dont buy yet. set up your autoresponder to follow up by helping them to get from point A to point B awhile promoting your product on how it will get them to Point Z.
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    Replace the bad performers and put something else in their spots. If you're getting a lot of clicks you know the positioning of the ad is good, the users just don't end up buying once they reach the sales pages. Try to find other products that your users might be interested in and see if they have an affiliate program. Ones that offer some kind of a free trial tend to convert the best in my experience.

    You can also send out occasional advertisements to your email list for products they might like. The free trail products work very well here as well.

    Hope this helps.
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    It's difficult to come with a concrete strategy not knowing the niche or the site. But if this should remain "secret", with what you said above, here's what you can do:

    1) You are surely not doing enough as far as list building. You should have several several places on your blog where you can convert readers into subscribers. Check Online Marketing Strategy – Social Triggers where you will learn A LOT about this topic, and especially this post: Email Signup Forms: The 7 Key Places to Add Them for List Building where the author Derek Halpern goes through in details "The 7 High-Converting Places to Add Email Sign-Up Forms to Build Your List"...

    2) You should create several products covering that niche - if the niche permits that... That si essential so you can build a profitable funnel - your backend - where the real profit is... Does product creation intimidates you?.. Then hire a ghost writer, interview experts from your niche, partner with somebody. Otherwise you are leaving a lot of money on the table...

    3) Create viral traffic opportunities. Having 50,000 visitors is a good leverage for multiplying your traffic through social media, inviting other expert to as guest writers and more...

    I can continue with much more, but that would be a good start. Getting 50,000 visitors a month is great - not so many people get to that. You have the critical mass to multiply your traffic and to build an asset as a targeted list of subscribers to whom you can market again and again.

    I hope this was useful
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