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Hi All

I need to feed news articles on my site and I can't find anywhere I can get these for any niche. As they say, not to copy, but how do you get "news"?

Please help
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    your niche site pm me with it ive got frw sites
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    you can find rss feeds in your niche. rss feed sites are looking for people like you that will publish their content and then link back to their sites.

    if you're using wordpress you can use some plugins to this on autopilot. all you need to do is grab rss feed links and set it with your plugin and every time a news is publish on the site it will auto post on your site.
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      Does that count as duplicate content? Do the penalise you for that?
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    Ok you can use PLR articles and then very quickly re write them... Thats one way... you can go to sites like iwriter and pay someone to write articles for you or you can do what I do....

    I contact all the PR companies in my niche and then they email me the press releases and a quick look to see if they are live or have been published before I have and if tehy are not then I get them up as they are :-)

    I am that quick at getting most releases up that the content is indexed fast and I get all the google love :-) I think mix in a few of my own articles a month to the site and suddenly you have authority site with lots of traffic :-)

    I have done this for the last 3 sites and am doing very well from it :-)
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