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I have been reading this forum and researching outside of here for a while now. I have a few questions about Amazon Affiliate sites.

When you have a separate site how much can you remove the Amazon identifiers from the product listing? It will matter for the products that I list.

Are there limits from Amazon of how many products you can list?

How do you find the country of origin from some of the products? Other than the reviews talking about how it shipped from Hong Kong or where ever. There is an import issue for some of the products I would be selling. I have seen issues in the reviews.

On some of the products I can see it is listed as the company is "A" but sold and shipped by "B".
"B" is a company that has hundreds of listings in the category.

Company "A" will have a full listing of their products on Amazon. Does this mean that company "B" is shipping from their own warehouse?

These may be easy questions to answer but since this would be my first site they are holding me up at this point and I just need to get started soon.

I greatly appreciate any answers to these questions.
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    The greater question is why concern yourself? Amazon I am sure understands the rules and regulations of what can ship where and how. If there is "shipping' issues, they will do what is needed to have that issue corrected.

    Worry less about that stuff and more on HOW you are going to make sales!

    As to a limit on items, I have seen people here sell 1 and I have recently seen a site that sold 2200.
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      The products have been seized by U.S. customs and the buyer never received them, the need a certification from the govt. Which I could not control.
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        I am by no means going to say that happens to me "All" the time but it does happen. For me it is usually LED products... if it is a pattern that happens frequently, I might consider not selling the item, OR purchasing the item myself and creating a store front and selling from YOUR inventory.
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    There is no limit on the items you can list.

    Almost all products that Amazon sells and/or ships come from their distribution centers through the United States. I unfortunately don't know how this works in other parts of the world, but I assume similarly.

    All the products that I know of are either shipped by Amazon or the vendor selling the product. Amazon has something called their fulfillment system where vendors can store their product(s) at Amazon warehouses, and when someone buys, Amazon will ship it for them.

    Amazon also has a system kind of similar to eBay where sellers can list themselves as a vendor selling any particular product. Sometimes, Amazon doesn't have certain items in stock and you have no choice but to buy from one of these vendors, that ship independently, have their own set shipping prices, and will ship from their own warehouses.

    I hope this clears some things up for you, so you can get started.
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      Thanks it does. The shipped from the other seller sounds as if I could handle it later. Right now I am trying to keep it manageable since I am new to this.
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        Are you talking about listing stuff for sale yourself, treating Amazon as a dropshipper or just a straightforward affiliate site?

        If you only want to be an affiliate you really don't have to concern yourself with any of these questions, you send the visitor to Amazon and after that everything is up to them.

        Unless you want to sell your own goods or dropship just ignore all that aspect of it!
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          Preexisting products on Amazon listed on my separate site. I have been going through the products and seeing what sells and doesn't. Then read the feed back on products to see the info on the product and the company. Then choose the best of them. Build the site around my knowledge of the subject compared to the products and feed back.

          Then they order through my site and it is shipped by amazon, and I would get the affiliate %. I know I may be off on how it technically progresses through the steps. For the niche to be seen as a straight up Affiliate could really hurt my credibility and then sales. That presupposes people even know what that is in the first place because I didn't until a few months ago.
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    You might find Fresh Store Builder useful then, they produce sites that look like straight ecommerce but work on aff commissions actually, and the guys in the forum there will have the answers to all your questions.
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      I forgot about this. If you have more favorable reviews through Amazon will your listing then be above someone with lower ratings if they are an Affiliate for the same product?
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