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Hello everyone! I'm new to IM, and would like any assistance in getting to my first commission! I don't know where to go next, I'm a bit overwhelmed! Any advice appreciated!!! Is there a way to mentor with someone, profit share?
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    Hey bud,

    I know how it feels, there's a LOT of information out there and everything seems so appealing!

    The best thing that I did was join a paid forum & sticking to ONE method until I got it working.

    Try not to jump around with things, if someones making money a particular way, you can too, it's just a matter of time until you figure it out!

    There's a 'beginners series' I've made on my blog in my signature below you can check out.

    ~ Mateen
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    Mateen gave good advice and by all means you should check out his blog. But whatever it takes find one method that you're going to start with.
    And then take it a step further. If you want to get ahead fast, focus on that one method and nothing else. Regardless of what products / systems arrive to your inbox, ignore them. They'll be back. Trust me, you can't afford to get distracted and jump from one thing to the next. 100% focus on the issue at hand.

    Don't think I can state that firmly enough!
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    Get the free ebook color your world crazy. Read and view it. Then use the 6 other free tools create your IM knowledge. Then join the free memberships site and take all the free training in the back office. You will be well on your way to a payday.

    Gary Fleck
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    Ok so the is a section in this exact forum that is called "make money online". Go there and get all the free stuff you can. Then unplug for one week and read it all. Stay out of your inbox, stay off the forum... Just go and learn. Then do it again until you are able to drw some consistent parallels and you can start seeing a map.

    Then come back do some research and find the right WSO from someone with a good name and happy following. The buy the WSO and get to it. Do not stop until you have have made money. That simple... Really.
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    Idea: Pick a paper and a pen (it's easy to get lost in a digital world).

    Take notes. Then compare strategies in terms of:

    - Time & Skills Required to Develop (and time to get results).
    - Money Required to Get Started.

    Stick to one or two that seem to be easier to get started & get results. Keep it simple.

    Take notes of your actions and progress.

    Best Regards,

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    Hey there my friend,

    You are definitely not alone. The fact is all of us find ourselves in the place of information overload at some point or another.

    Concerning this I'd like to give you a 3 step formula to not only take more action but do so in a way that will begin to establish you as a leader. After I give you this 3 step formula I'm going to direct to a recent comment that I posted on another thread that gives you 5 steps to discovering a hot niche to building a list and driving traffic.

    So here we go,

    Step 1: Learn a strategy (Learn)
    Step 2: Do the strategy you just learned (Do)
    Step 3: And then teach the strategy you just learned to someone else (Teach)
    Note: You're teaching as you learn. By doing this you're gaining more experience and you're becoming the go to person for others that don't know what you know. You're building authority right from the start.
    Now as far as where you should focus I believe the best strategy in it's basic form is found in the 5 step formula I laid out here.

    Much success my friend and I hope this helps.
    Make it a great day,
    Joe Remington

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    My advice is to just get started and try to loose as little money as possible while stopping for advice whenever you get stuck. There is plenty of free advice out there to get yor started on an idea that you think sounds appealing. This is a bit risky but it certainly throws you in the deep end and forces you to learn more quickly.

    I know that there are a lot of cool sounding ideas and it's hard to choose one, but the sooner you do, the sooner you can get started. And you can of course switch to something else if you find out your chosen system isn't for you. That's not to say give up the first time you're discouraged, but if you really don't like what you're doing, then stop. Especially with so many opportunities out there.
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    Thank you everyone for the great advice! I am looking into YouTube marketing and email list building right now. I know that I can make money and that this is a great forum for new people like myself!

    Thank you all again for sharing some of your time to help me learn!!!
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      I'd start by reading 'The 4 Hour Work Week' by Tim Ferriss to get an idea of how some of this stuff works and get some ideas of what you're interested in and brainstorm from there in which direction you want to go. Selling online can take many forms and each one is its own animal.
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    Like some many people said, the best thing to do is pick a strategy and STICK WITH IT!
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    Great advice given by Bill Hugall and JoeRemington.....

    Pick one method, you have mentioned list building and drive traffic to your landing page. You have mentioned youtube for traffic. Thats a great start. Focus on that one method and maybe try adding another traffic source but that's it.

    1. Pick one method
    2. Focus on 2, maybe 3 traffic sources

    Do the above for 6 months or so and assess your results.

    DO NOT jump from method to method

    If you're really struggling to focus, check out Bill Hugall's signature above, perfect for newbies like you.

    I Have Nothing To Offer The World Except My Own Confusion

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    List what you know and don't.
    Then write out questions you have and research each question until you get an answer to it. Then move to the next one. Being organized and orderly is key. I was just looking at anything for a while then got sick of endless research. I still have many things to checkout BUT they are issues I can deal with later so that's when I will.
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    First of all, stop consuming most of the time. If you want results here, find one method that you think you would be good at and enjoy doing.

    Second, be clear about what your really after here in this line of business.

    Third, once you find that one method that works for you, 'Master' it and keep doing it over and over.

    Fourth, build your 'mindset' daily. Read and listen to personal development audios every day. Your mindset is a lot more important than any of your actions. Because if you lack the proper mindset, most of your actions can be fruitless.

    Fifth, Have an iron will. This internet marketing thing won't be easy but it will definitely be worth it!

    80/20 Rule: Only spend about 20% of your time consuming info on what to do.

    Then spend 80% of your time on producing - 'applying' what you just learned.
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