How to Buy domain currently owned by someone else

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Hello, I am looking to buy a domain. But it is parked by some one else.

I tried by checking whois but no information found about the domain holder.

How can i contact him ?

Actually he has activated privacy by which no one can see his identity by any Whois.

I Only know one thing, i.e domain is registered at Networksolutions.
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    You can always try contacting Networksolutions and see if thy'll email the domain holder on your behalf with your proposition. Never hurts to ask.
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    If you can't find the detail at, it means its registered under another region ( you may need to look at website similar to in Europe or Australia. You shall be able to find the link to it on listed somewhere when you check the domain at
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    Thank you guys, Although I hv tried 2-3 whois zones and found same results. Next option left is to contact networksolutions directly.
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    I havent done it in a few years, but GoDaddy's Domain Buy service is great.

    You pay $60 or something like that, tell them how much you'd be willing to pay, and they contact the owner on your behalf and negotiate for you.

    They will even refund your money if they can't reach the owner.

    Its worked 4 out of the 5 times I've done it.

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    Although the owner's true information is shielded by Network Solution's privacy option, the email address you see (typically [some-random-code] will still forward the email to the domain owner.

    That private address functions, but it's a proxy (forwarding) address that changes regularly so spammers will never have a long-term address that they can use.

    Just send 'em an email.
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