I want to do a giveaway - please help

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in one of my niches I sell a monthly DVD subscription, and I have a few affiliates.

I just found out that I had a few DVDs left for each month I produced them (12 dvds of the march edition, 7 of february and so on)
Total : 50+ dvds

I want to run a campaign where my affiliates could give these DVDs away to their list, but I can't think of a way to do this AND make sales from that campaign...

Any ideas/suggestions ?
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    How about doing an upsell, where when they give away the dvd someone can purchase another one at a discount at the same time and your affiliate cashes in on it with their cut.
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    do the classic, buy one /or two and take one for free. it worked before, and i think people always gravitate whenever there are freebies.
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