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I had a potential buyer abandoned a shopping cart order (checkout page) on my site. I've recently converted a site to WooCommerce so I can see the cart order & I collected the email.

I sent out an email

The buyer replied via email explaining how they didn't know for sure If the products were exactly what they needed. I sent back another email explaining in detail what the product consisted of & details on how the product could be used for their specific needs. I explained I was currently in the process of setting up my shopping cart & apologized for any inconvenience that might have caused while they were shopping on my site. I offered to manually place their order & gave them my Paypal email.

Two days later they placed the order for the items they had abandoned on the shopping cart. I sell digital products & threw in an extra bonus product to show I appreciated their sale & make up for the sales cart issue.

This got me thinking about my sales pages & how I need to better communicate how my products can be used for different situations (sales FAQ needed).

The WooCommerce setup is great since I can see any abandoned shopping carts that make it to the checkout page, by the time they get to the checkout page I've already collected their email which gives me a 2nd chance to contact the potential buyer & ask If I can help them with their order or answer any questions they might have.

Anyways, I think it's a good idea to try & salvage abandoned carts, collect the email as soon as possible during the sales process, that gives you a 2nd chance to manually send out a personalized email asking the buyer If they need help.

In this case the buyer wanted the product, they just needed one question answered before they would purchase the product.

BTW, I have a contact page on my site, not sure why they didn't use that.
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    Thanks for the video, interesting site.
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    Today I got an email from a Shoppingsite where I placed an item in the shoppingbag. Its not a digital item and they told me that by placing the item in the shopping cart doesnt reserve the item for me

    maybe you already do it but you might want to setup an automatic "Email reminder"
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