Fiverr sellers, what percentage of customers rate your gig?

by dwus90
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Hello, Warrior Forum; first post. I've considered working on Fiverr for a while, and I've looked at some of the gigs, trying to get a feel for how much money they're pulling in. To help me guess what a given Fiverr gig earns, could some of you Fiverr sellers tell me the rough percentage of paying customers who actually take the time to rate your gig?
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    From experience less than 50% of buyers leave feedback straight off . . .

    Once you start selling on Fiverr, you can use a little pyschology to get the feedback level increased . . .

    Ask tyour buyers if the reason for non feedback was because they were not happy with the order, and if this is the case, you could offer to put things right for them.

    Works a treat!
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    about 90 percent, because i ask them to. If you ask them they will leave a review.
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      sorry to add on in this thread guys..

      I plan to sell a digital products....

      but don't wish to use stuff like media fire..etc storage website to let buyers go to the link and download themselves..

      can I direct email them the digital products??
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      Originally Posted by seonutshell View Post

      about 90 percent, because i ask them to. If you ask them they will leave a review.
      Yeah. Ratings are pretty huge with Fiverr in terms of positioning and how many people are actually going to see your offer so it is totally worth it to allows ask for a review.
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    You can send it by mail, why not?

    But the download way is the better one imho.
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      Originally Posted by peetjahbee View Post

      You can send it by mail, why not?

      But the download way is the better one imho.
      hmm than can recommend a stable .secure free storage site?
      I see most use media fire....

      why email is not good?
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    From my own experience, 30 to 40%. It helps if you ask them.
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    It depends upon the work you do, and the type of client you will attract.

    For example the traffic gigs which are all automated will attract the type of buyer who's desperate and unlikely to achieve success.

    If you do a service type gig and over deliver then you will find that the feedback takes care of itself and just happens organically. If you do get to this stage it's worth have a tips gig to really reap the rewards of your hard work.
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    I've been on fiverr for about a year with 4 gigs. I've had 1.1K positives with 255 not rated. I don't think its that people don't like my gig, I think its that they're too busy or lazy to leave a review because they don't think their review makes a difference(though I wish they knew how important it is.) I say that because I have regulars that I order from and sometimes I'm so busy I forget or put it off. I always end up leaving reviews though.
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    It really depends on the seller and his attitude regarding the customers after they the order was delivered. Most sellers are not proactive enough (I have been like this for a long time), and as result the average rating percent for most gigs is around 25 - 33%.

    This question actually give me an idea for a nice post, so thank you
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    I average about 35% that leave feedback.
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    50 to 55% buyers leave feedback....
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    Less than half and it is getting worse. People are not as friendly as years ago. Regular customers are still giving good reviews. All we can say is be on your toes and remember that Fiverr is down quite a bit and that can mean losing a dead line and people will cancel on you. OK so that will hurt your ability to get new gigs. Try to exercise some care. For example, if a project takes three days, give yourself six.
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    About 70% at the moment. (over 2,000 gigs complete)
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    About 90% for me. Most of the time Fiverr buyers just usually forget to leave a review, until I remind them!
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      I had almost all of my buyers leaving reviews. I was offering a service so there was a bit of interaction to begin with. When I delivered the work I would add something like:

      "Thank you for choosing me. If you could take a second to leave a review I would really appreciate it."

      Then I made sure to respond to each one so we each get a good rating.

      I did really well on Fiverr. I think it helps to just ask for reviews.
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