Godaddy Stole My Domains

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I had a domain i was buying in the closeout section, i added it to my cart, then removed it from my cart, then I decided I will buy it 1 minute later and its listed as taken and parked by godaddy.

So i find another domain, I removed it from my cart again to see if the same thing would happen, and it did. They stole both my domains and parked them just because I didn't buy directly after adding to my cart.

I'm fuming.

Godaddy is a complete rip off.
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    This is really weird. It never happened to me and I have over a hundred domains with godaddy...

    Could you check out who is the owner now of those 2 domains?
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      Those domains will be released eventually after a few hours.

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    I am not saying this is true, but I have heard that Godaddy is notorious for this kind of behavior

    Thank you though for the heads up

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    Weirdly enough one of them just came back so i bought it. Maybe they have some type of reserve system and take it off the market after you put it in your cart. Took about 1 hours for it to come back after i removed it from my cart, and it was listed as taken and parked.
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    There used to be something called "domain tasting" where companies would register domains searched for on their site.

    Domain tasting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Another practice was domain front running:

    Domain name front running - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    When domain tasting was in force I used to play with it and search for the weirdest domains.: etc. Sure enough they would be unavailable right after my search.

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    I believe just being parked by godaddy means some one bought it , but hasn't redirected it. They all start out as parked by godaddy. That's from what I see when I just buy a domain.

    I check domain availability within my Ultimate Niche Finder program. Maybe people have a way of finding out just checked domains on godaddy and then snatch them up if you don't buy.
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    My understanding is that when you add an unregistered domain to your cart, Godaddy takes it off the market so that no one registers it while you are placing your order.

    It stays off the market for an hour.

    The feature is there to protect you as you purchase
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    Same thing happened to me few weeks back. Although I found the available domain while searching on another domain provider but after some hours when I felt ready to purchase Godaddy acknowledged that some one purchased and parked it there. Its just a surprise I think so; what do you think?
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    I've had the same thing happen numerous times. I'd search for specific domain names. go back the next day and they're all gone. My advice is to either not use Godaddy or to be decisive when searching domains.
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