Help two brothers out...

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Hoping I can get a little direction here.

I'm currently in the whole just lost my job/downsizing corporation thing. Pretty bad timing as well as we just went through being displaced due to a flood and finances are nasty but the tax refund will get us through and my wife has an income that is steady increasing but we can't make it at all on just her money. Just not going to happen.

At the same time my brother is not able to get employment as he is stuck in a small time rural area with next to nothing in the way of employment. There are other factors but the bottom line is that he is not able to get a regular job. Once again, not going to happen.

So we have decided to make a go at making money here online. I learned a lot about this years ago but wasn't able to get anything done with my ADD brain. My brother and I have been working together for the last week and it seems that we do well together and get things done.

Problem is that we are having a hard time figuring out the best way to go. We are stabbing in the dark too much and wasting too much time. There are just so many options.

By the way, suggesting a course isn't going to help, nor is a paid for tool as we are just not going to be able to sink that kind of money in upfront. We are paying for the basics... hosting, domain, aweber and that is about all we can do in the beginning.

We have pretty much decided that we will start in the Healthy eating and living niche. I am super passionate about the subject. I can straight take you to church on it. I have significant food allergies that went undiagnosed until I was 38 years old and I went through some pretty terrible life experiences due to that.

I had to completely change my diet which forced me to actually pay attention to my food. What I learned was kind of awful and it made me realize how we are playing with our food supply and how scary that potentially is and how much hard we are doing ourselves due to our diet.

My brother is not in the same physical condition as me and does not share the same history but he is interested and wants to lose a ton of weight himself. and I was thinking about doing some sort of landing page based around the concept of two brothers. One who has walked this healthy road for a long time and one who is just getting started.

Do you think this could play for landing page, sales copy, facebook page, etc?

I am thinking we could make a blog with the idea of the experienced guy and the person getting started who needs motivation and coaching. Is that a narrative that would fly? Do I even need to be worrying about this?

My wife thinks that we should focus on my story, which is powerful I guess but it is hard to tell really. It involves multiple hospitalizations and over $150,000 in medical bills that accrued over a number of years and the medical trail is pretty messy (as was my families personal life)

I have made a complete turnaround and am a good bit healthier than a lot of people my age but I just don't know how to tell that story. Kinda weird. I can make up one easier than I can tell one that I lived through.

Maybe neither of those is the way to go. Maybe we should just focus on keyword research, do a landing page to email signup and market clickbank products and such to our little corner of the world.

Maybe I should do a combination of blog and social media web based around of the earlier ideas or another one and also focus on grabbing long tail keywords for traffic and try to build the rank of the site over time.

Problem is I just don't know how to proceed further confidently. We do have a little time where we can go without more than a trickle income, but not much.

And like I said earlier, we can spend next to zero money. Other than cheap hostgator, a domain and aweber we have nothing to spend and are going to have to do it the old school hustle way. I just need a little guidance...

I have some particulars down. I want to bring good products to people that need them and help walk them down the road of eating and living well for probably the first time in their lives. I know from experience how much changing your diet changes your life and I would love people to experience what I have. I just don't know the best way to get that message out there, while being able to feed our families.

If that message has to come later and we just have to focus on income regardless of message for a bit that is fine. I just keep thinking that I need to come with value and something to say before I start taking people's money. You know? Problem is that we am pinched for time.

If you made it thorough this you are a better man or woman than I am I really do appreciate any insight you can provide to me and my brother. Thanks a ton in advance.
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    Sounds like creating a blog would be a good idea. The health and wellness niche is huge and it seems like you like to write. You can use Wordpress to get setup easily and there are a ton of free templates to get you started.

    You can then use social media like Twitter to start gaining a following almost right away. Get a few articles up and start adding them to all the social networks that you have accounts with. You want people to get the feeling that it's established and won't just disappear next week.

    You can then find a prominent brand or figure in your niche and start following their followers. Because you're writing about something they're interested in, they'll likely follow you back. Be careful not to follow to many people at once though, because you will get banned if the number tops 300 or so within a 24 hours period (on Twitter anyway.) Also remember to use hashtags in your posts throughout all social networks to raise the potential viewer count.

    Monetizing in this niche shouldn't be hard at all using things like Amazon, Adsense, or a host of other affiliate programs specific to your niche.
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    I doubt you will make any money with a blog unless you have a marketing budget or background. You will be just one of a million sites trying to get peoples attention.
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    Best advice would be: Stories sell. Personal stories sell even better. So, if you've got a story to tell and you're passionate about it, then tell it and you will succeed. Good luck
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    Well I like the concept of 2 brothers, one learning from the other, lots of possibilities for resonance with your market there.
    And the sooner you get started the sooner you've got proof that your method works and can market it heavily.

    Unfortunately that probably won't be quick income though, maybe focus on doing somethong with your expertise first?
    I've no experience with Kindle myself but it sounds as if you could write a few good books on healthy eating, allergies, lifestyle menus, etc.

    Or put all your efforts into building a social following and then you've got affiliate offers to work with besides beginning to get your own ideas on paper, so to speak!

    I'd love to follow your story myself, keep us up to date!
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    I didn't read your entire post but I read enough. Two things. If you're broke I don't think it's wise to try and start something like a blog in a very competitive market from scratch. I think it's okay to start one and begin building it if that's what you really want to do but to expect a lot of income right off would be a mistake.

    One thing I noticed is your writing is really clear. It's way above average. That's your ticket out of the hole you're in. Please, don't run to some low rent venue and write for peanuts. Stay away from fiverr and other venues like that. You'll end up worse off than you are right now because you'll be spending a lot of time writing for small money.

    I don't have time to go into a lot of detail so I'll make it brief. Get a domain and assemble a portfolio of really good articles. Now you can point clients to a body of excellent work. Then do a search for web designers. There are hundreds of thousands of them. Contact them with personally tailored messages offering to be their "in house" writer. That way when they get a design gig they can offer to supply the content too. You'll be their in house guy. Make a deal with the designer on what you'll get and what they'll get.

    Look for designers that work in the offline market. People with brick and mortar businesses EXPECT to pay more for content. That's how you, or anyone for that matter, can free yourself from the low rent cesspool so many writers (and other service providers) fall into. You can build yourself a healthy little business in a fraction of the time it would take to establish yourself as a credible blogger in a very crowed market. Good luck.
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      Originally Posted by travlinguy View Post

      One thing I noticed is your writing is really clear. It's way above average. That's your ticket out of the hole you're in. Please, don't run to some low rent venue and write for peanuts. Stay away from fiverr and other venues like that. You'll end up worse off than you are right now because you'll be spending a lot of time writing for small money.

      I totally agree with you.


      I think if you are just starting out and looking to make money TODAY the op could consider trying to make money with writing on places like elance or odesk. Just a thought.

      But, yeah, definitely stay off Fiverr.

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    Am not sure why, but my first thought right after reading your post was this:
    "This would be an awesome Youtube channel"

    Just you and your brother talking to each other, discussing health issues, organic food, helping him get results and then you turning around to say "Now YOU get these results for yourself - just go here..."

    With Twitter and FB, this would get some great followers (and customers).

    That's a bit long term, so for immediate money:


    Put your best stuff into some articles and put them up as samples. Contact blogs in the niche and ask them that you'd be happy to write for them (show off your samples here).

    Go to Fiver and offer to talk to people for $5 about their healthy living and healthy food issues and how they can start doing what you've done. Doesn't have to be long - say, you will talk to them for 5-10 mins to understand their problems and their goal, and then give them a simple plan to follow (keep these ready, and customize a bit for each buyer as required).

    Another place you can charge for your expertise is: Expert Advice Online by LivePerson (people pay you a few dollars an hour that you decide for giving them advice)

    Create a few Youtube videos (not long, just 5-10 mins again) with you talking about the niche, problems people have etc so people know what to expect.

    From your post, I get the feeling that you have it in you to hustle - that's the first step.

    Sorry if this is a bit random - am falling asleep on my keyboard. Will definitely come back to this and post some more detailed steps soon as I can.

    All the best, mate!

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      Just so you know is available.

      I personally like the idea. The story by far and away is a good solid foundation. Gives you authority on the subject. You may actually be able to pump out content that isn't rehashed and played out.

      Start doing the photo thing with brother Deuce over there. You need him holding his fat pants a foot away from him at the end of this!

      I can tell you right now when all else fails ask the wife, she seems to be a guiding light in the project.

      Really mean it guys Good Luck!
      If you need some help with anything you can contact me
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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        You sound as if you've got the passion and knowledge to really come over well on live video.
        Get a few hangouts under your belt to get experience and then offer helpouts.
        They pay quite well for 15-30 mins of your time.
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    Create videos of yourself telling the story. It may be hard to explain on paper, but easier to tell verbally. Break it down into logical chunks, add chunks about what you are doing to maintain your new change, add new episodes of what others can do to do healthy lifestyle; you say you can take us to church--do that. Church is a session each sunday; you give us a session every other day or every x-day etc. Upload these videos to YouTube.

    The key is going to be focus. ADD makes it hard to do this and very easy to jump from project to project. If you want to jump, jump from YouTube to Blogging to Kindle; just link them all: YouTube is telling your story and providing value to your viewers; link to your blog where you give good tips and info to provide value to your visitors; link to your kindle ebook(s) telling your story, providing info on how to eat healthy, providing info on a healthy lifestyle....and then go back again; with having 3 different mediums to deal with, you can jump around without having to jump around in left field.

    Add affiliate ads to your blog. Add affiliate links to your Youtube descriptions and/or your blog links. There are a lot of free things you can do to get off the ground. Then of course, marketing via your Facebook account to get friends to share your Youtube channel and blog if you want will help get your presence out there.

    So start out affiliate marketing via Youtube and your blog, add Kindle via your blog and social marketing. Make sure to build a list the whole time because it really is true that the money is in the list--add an optin to your blog, add an optin with a free download to your blog, add a link to your optin on your blog to your Kindle ebook. Then you can affiliate market other offers to your list.

    I wrote this fast and I have ADHD too so I know how hard it is to explain things properly and in the proper order; we tend to jump around even in text! If you need any clarification on anything I wrote, just let me know!



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  • Eric,

    Hmmm... Let's see... You said you need consistent monthly income, don't have resources to invest other than your time, and have relevant real world experience that a specific group of people interested in the health and fitness niche could most likely relate to...

    You could try going to local health and fitness shops -- You could even contact health and fitness shops in other areas around your country, or even operators of ecommerce portals with products related to health and fitness -- and offer to set up, design and manage a website for them for a fixed monthly price, inclusive of onsite content development, mailing list building, offsite content marketing, social media marketing, search / social / private PPC or PPM or monthly advertising management and affiliate program setup, management and marketing services. Tell them you'll give them a good discount for results-based incentives, i.e. Affiliate commissions per product sold or per generated and confirmed lead...

    If you can do this, then you could get consistent monthly income and become an affiliate partner of those health and fitness shops. Hope this helps...

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    • We have 2 decades of real world expertise in subject areas like Machine Learning / Deep Learning / AI / IOT / software programming / DIY electronics, digital marketing and telesales, product review / tutorial / blog / news article writing ...

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    Just going to brain dump here but I agree with the post that you're a good writer. Set up your landing page/signup form and get that address in your signatures.

    Sign up at and write for money while you decide on what to do.
    Put an ad in the classified section of the WF for article writing.
    Put together a pack of PLR articles and sell it on as a WSO. Add some videos as an upsell.
    Write some ezine articles pointing to your lander.
    Write an ebook and contact related sites that have traffic but don't seem to be monetized well or building a list. Tell them they can buy the rights to the book as either a giveaway or sell it for X amount of commission. Or offer to put the sign up page up and the book for free and build your own list off their traffic.
    Put your book on Kindle (free) and get your site and FB page in the book. Put flyers or actual copies in the health stores/ fitness stores etc.

    Find allergists and sell them the rights to put the e-book on their page for sign ups. Then interview them and ask if they would like to be in a collaborative book for $2k or more each. Being a published author will give them big credibility in their field and will build their brand etc.

    Facebook is free to start. Create a page with great posts and pictures daily and engage on related sites. People will click through to your profile.
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      You may be able to eventually monetize your story etc. BUT in the meantime you need immediate cash. It could take months even years to learn what you need to do to make money online.

      I would suggest buying goods and flipping them on Amazon, eBay and Craigslist. If you have anything around the house you don't want, sell it to get some money and get started. If you have nothing, you can go around and collect cans or what not to recycle to earn some cash. Or advertise to haul people's unwanted things away on Craigslist. You can make fast cash doing this. Easiest way to get started is with Craigslist. No fees, cash and carry...quick sales if you do it right.

      Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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    Eric, I hear you man.

    But I would recommend you get anther job and pursue this industry part time. You need money to make money. Period!

    Most people will try to make a go of this industry when the goings not good. It would make much better sense to build your online biz while both you and your wife have incomes coming in.

    The only hard part about this scenario is managing your time outside a full time job and showing up daily to work on your Internet biz daily.
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      Hey Eric,

      I am also passionate about health and changed
      my diet to eliminate allergies, but this doesn't make
      you money.

      Think in terms of a service you can charge for at
      first. That will get you started, anything you plan
      online will require a marketing budget.
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