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by mcerny
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Hey guys.

I just recently republished my main product - I switched from a kindle e-book to a separate product with a proper sales page selling through clickbank.

To see what I'm talking about, click here:
Caveman Principles | Ripped and Healthy All Year Without Ever Counting Calories

I really put everything I ever learned about marketing into the sales page.

Anyway, I've set up a google alert for "caveman principles" and these last few days I've been getting a couple of alerts about youtube videos being posted.

They're usually just showing the cover image, highlighting some of the bullet points from the original sales copy and maybe playing some music.

That's not much of a problem, but today, I got a really annoying one. Someone has actually bought a .net domain ( and put up some very weak copy (I'm talking 4th-grade-non-english-speaker lame copy) to a very badly designed page.

It also says on "Welcome in Caveman Principles Blog By «m.cerny »" down on the web page... of course I have nothing to do with it.

I'm not sure what to do about it. Should I just ignore it? Should I somehow contact google to penalize the page?

I mean a sale is a sale no matter where it comes from, but there's probably no chance of anyone ever buying the book from such a lame website - it will probably have the opposite effect.

What do you guys think? Is this normal stuff that affiliates have to deal with?
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    If you can find anything on the page that was copied directly from your site or product, you can send them a DMCA notice and "politely" inform their website is crap. I think you can blacklist affiliates in clickbank as well, someone else will have to chime in about how, though.

    If you can blacklist them, you can also threaten to blacklist the owner of the website if they don't improve it. That could be a way to get a quality affiliate too. There's also the possibility that they're still working on the site, so be careful and tread lightly whatever you do.

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      Yes, I would just ignore it. It's not worth your time as once you deal with one you'll have more.

      I would spend your time focused on marketing your product, etc. and just let the low quality sites and videos weed their way to the bottom of the results as higher quality content works its way up.

      You'll never control the actions of others and if it's not directly causing you a loss of sales then it's not worth the trouble.
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