Desperate Plea to Find Drag and Drop Software to Edit Coded Site

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Oh my goodness, I've managed to dig myself into quite a ditch.

Back in the fantastic 90s, just around the time my mother could finally make a phone call at the same time I was on AOL, I picked up HTML and designed several sites.

At the time, I thought these sites were good and that I was awesome, because it was the 90s, and I was a kid, and my competition was Geocities and dancing hamsters.

Fast forward to a job interview in 2013, where, after a year of unemployment, my best shot at getting a job, asked me if I knew html.

And I said yes, because I did, but the html I knew and loved in the 90s has gotten a whole lot sexier over the past decade and to put it midly, I've been left in the dust.

Because I have a (tiny and utterly useless) background in coding, I know enough to know I'm in over my head. I agreed to update a professional designed website and good lord, what did I get myself into. I've been staring blankly at the existing code in Dreamweaver thinking, "well..back in my day"

This is the only web project I'll need to complete, but whoever coded this ungodly mess of nonsense did so in the most convoluted, nonsensical way you could imagine. So many tables...I've never seen so many gd html tables.

Wow, that was an incredibly long lead up to my question:
How on earth am I going to pull this off? Does anyone know of a Drag and Drop builder that you can upload and edit existing sites to?? I'm working for a university (don't judge! I am perfectly aware of how poorly that speaks for our education system ;P) so I'm not working directly with the site/server, but editing and then providing IT with the style sheet and html. As I mentioned, I tried sorting out the code via Dreamweaver but I somehow ended up making things worse so I really am so past the point of trying to update my HTML & CSS skills (or more accurately lack there of) and just looking to make a couple design/cosmetic adjustments in the easiest, idiot-proof way possible.

I can't tell you how much I would appreciate the help. For anyone who's ever gotten trapped in a situation of their own unfortunate making, I'm sure you can relate to the feeling of isolation, so a bit of human comradery/compassion would be the most fantastic thing in the world.

Of course, this is still the internet. So before you bother, yes---I concur that every insult you are about to throw at me is absolutely correct. It's absolutely deplorable and unthinkable that I would embellish my skill set in an interview.
For what it's worth, I have kicked ass at every other aspect of this employment, this will be the first and last web design related task I have to perform, I have absolutely no intention of pursuing a career in drag-and-drop website-ing--I am pursuing my doctorate and working for a university is the only way I could afford to do so, and I am wholly aware that coding has a plethora of distinct design and functional related advantages over drag and drop.

All that being said---DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP ME!

With infinite gratitude and awe,

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