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Ok, so I've started keeping an activity journal and realized that I don't do enough money making activities.

I'm not asking about what products/services to sell. I have a good handle on that.

I'm really asking about money making activities I can do to SELL those products and services.

So far I've come up with Facebook ads, Money posts on my Facebook page, email prospecting and press releases.

Which ones am I missing? (I know that can't be all there is.)
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    With Facebook book ads, are you split testing? There is like a million ways to split test for Facebook Ads. After that, are you optimising the ads?

    You may as well set up a personal blog and shoot videos to further brand yourself. This will kill an hour or two if you have spare time.

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      Constantly be willing to learn, take information in and apply. Knowledge is power and will help you make money in this niche.

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    How about a blog? Or an email series to your subscribers? How about creating a product like an eBook and selling it?
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    You dont need to do too many things. You only need to do a few things{that works} many things.

    Email marketing should be on the top of the list. You should be building 100+ daily leads per day. Facebook and banner ads can do that for you easily.

    That is a great money making activity apart from sending value driven emails to your leads, providing great stuff and of course making money.
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    Getting your product or service offer(s) in front of your customers are the activities that I would focus doing. Like others have mentioned email your list and figure on how to build it, FB ads, Google Adwords, Pinerest, Twitter, blog articles, guest blog articles, joint venture offers, solo ads, create a new product/service, ad swaps, affiliate that sell for you...
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    Money making activities include anything that generates leads.

    1.Free traffic strategies, paid traffic strategies or anything that will get visitors to your lead capture page to produce leads.

    2. Conversion, anything that will turn leads into money... This includes emailing your list, doing a live webinar, basically making an offer with a call to action in it.

    Cleaning your desktop, is not a money making activity, neither is cleaning your office, or yapping it up on Facebook (unless your 2nd in an affiliate contest like I am right now hehe)

    So keep in mind..

    Anything that drives traffic to your site and creates leads is a money making activity
    Anything that turns a lead into money is a money making activity
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      This depends on whether you're talking long term/short term.

      Short term
      - Pad affiliate marketing with popular, large volume, quality traffic sources, (Google, Bing, FB, TV, LI, 50OnRed, etc)
      - Building campaigns
      - spending some day each time learning new things/getting new ideas.

      Long term
      - Facebook fan pages
      - email marketing
      - blogs, pop shops, etc.
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        New to this, but my 2 pieces of advice would be Pinterest (a (still) growing site) and YouTube.

        I looked into making a living off the internet a few years ago and was told that YouTube is the second biggest search engine (I am re-learning and happy to be corrected). I am currently putting together plans for a series of videos for YouTube, as these can be hugely powerful, especially given the energy it takes to make them.
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    Sadie, how about picking just 'one' thing that you are good at and focus all of your might into that idea.

    I bet if you mastered that one marketing method, that you could become a lot more productive than trying to do everything.

    They say that only about 20% of your efforts actually bring you the desired results.

    Well how about focusing on that one thing instead of the other 80% of wasted energy?

    Successful Marketing comes down to a 'process'. Are you going through the full process? Have you even started?

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    Hello.I'm new here & I get many information here.Thank you everyone.
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    If you have your list and sales funnel in place, then the only thing I would concentrate on is traffic generation, both free and paid, in order to drive more visitors to my squeeze page and down my sales funnel...

    If you still don't have your list and sales funnel, that's the "money making" thing you should go after...
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    For me what has worked for me is building a HQ blog with lots of HQ images, then regularly promoting them on pinterest, and drive traffic
    Using that traffic to make income from adsense and infolinks

    This is best method that is working for me
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    Creating (or re-purposing) and publishing is one of the best money earning activities in my experience. The important thing is that you are putting things out there for others to consume, metaphorically speaking.
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