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Sorry I'm really new to the Internet Marketing thing. I just finished my second ebook, a pretty short one, which I want to use to promote my other ebook. I want to distribute it for free to as many people as possible. Do you guys have any tips? Any good websites you can recommend? Any other ideas?

I've been browsing on a lot of free ebook websites, but a lot of them charge some money to have your ebook listed there for free downloads.

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    You are going to have to pay something to get your product in front of peoples faces. Either money or time. Don't want to spend money? Get started with some bum tactics (article marketing, blogging, etc.)

    Why not spend $20 and offer a free WSO here?
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      How about linking your free ebook to the freebie websites? That's a lot of links back to your page to look at your ebook. Just Google freebies for a huge list. I used to do that for promoting give aways for other businesses.

      You can also just post a few articles on EzineArticles and other sites, and then put a link at the bottom of the page on where to get the free ebook.
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    You can easily give away lots on forums just like this one. Just post it in a member recommended section and members will defiantly download it. If its any good it can easily spread. Send me the link if you want an opinion on it.

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      WSO and there are tons of IM related forum, or if your niche is not IM. You can find forum related to the reports. Post them there. Since you are giving them something, they will not consider you as spamming. They will love you...

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