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Hello all. I am a new poster on this forum (was lurking for the past 2 years). I was recently laid off so I obviously have more time on my hands to really sit down and educate myself and put in the hard work to try and become successful with IM. I really like the information on this board and I think it is great how others take time out of their day to help new people. That type of attitude will get you far in this world and I am very appreciative of it.

I specialize in reselling pop culture collectibles based on movies/games/music/sports/comics from the 80's to now. These items range from Action Figures, Statues, Comics, Vinyl figures, etc. This is something that I have been passionate about for the past 6 years. I currently sell my items on ebay only (I buy directly from the manufacturers for the most part). There is alot of competition on ebay in this niche, and the big stores/sellers are obviously able to price their items so low that it makes it hard to compete. Sales are up and down, but I know it will remain difficult without having the same buying power as these big companies.

Is there any other ways that I can monetize from this niche? I would absolutely love to do a blog but am unsure if I can monetize from it? If so what are some ways that I could? Are their affiliate programs that relate to what I'm doing that I could advertize on my blog or a newsletter for the blog? I really would appreciate tips. Thanks for your time in advance.
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    you can always drive more traffic to your ebay store.

    Try youtube marketing. you can do little review videos and target item keywords, and drop a link in the description to you ebay store.

    But i believe "our passion" limits us. we can keep "our passion" and make money another way.

    My passion is martial arts. i train, i teach, but most of my money comes from a different niche.
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    Why not sell directly on your blog and targeted related keywords.

    Do you know much about keyword research? Check this out : How To Do Keyword Research - The Beginners Guide to SEO - Moz

    How about setting up social media accounts, and try building a facebook fan page?

    Have you thought about selling directly on amazon? have you checked out your niche related forums, blogs and trying to build reltionships on forums and then drive that traffic to your own site?

    There are thousands of ways to monetize a niche, just got to think outside the box.


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    You're obviously pretty interested and invested in this niche. I'd encourage you to take your own suggestion and start a blog.
    Monetizing? Easy. After you've built it and several good posts. You could be looking at affiliate links as well as CPA offers. Plus you could build interest in your own ebay store with the blog, and link your ebay buyers back to your blog as well in a thank-you message.
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    The greatest thing you've already proven to yourself is that people in this niche spend money.

    To give yourself an edge you really want to look into building a customer email list. This way you won't have to be competing head to head with other eBay sellers.

    Once your list starts to get large enough you can start offering bonuses with your eBay items or offering them at lower prices since you know you can more than make back your money on the backend.

    This is how larger companies are doing it and there's no reason you can't do the same. Get a GetResponse or Aweber account and start building your list of buyers.

    Good luck

    I don't send traffic traffic to opt in pages anymore. I Do This instead...

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