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A few days ago I was watching Brendon Burchard's free 4 hour webcast he gave which was pretty cool. One of the things that he mentioned during the webcast was that you should have a product first or have one planed out before thinking about opening up a blog or any other marketing platform so you know what audience to attract. After hearing that, my thoughts ran off with themselves and began thinking about, "do even most 'gurus' even keep an up to date blog?"

So I did a little research and to my surprise I noticed a pattern occurring that most DO NOT! I mean, if most of you agree with me that we've been taught it's good to open up a blog to gain an audience and to get free traffic to help build your list etc. I looked at people like Eben Pagan, Frank Kern, Amish Shah, Andy Jenkins, Ryan Deiss, and even Brendon Burchard...So my question is whats up? Am I missing something here? Are what most of these "gurus" are doing is just having huge product launches every year where they build a huge affiliate army and launch their products?

For instance, I noticed the pattern with Eben Pagan, every year around mid spring he'll announce he'll be releasing a product in May or June, prior to that he'll release FREE video content where he'll teach some valuable things up until the day of the launch. Once he launches the product, you don't hear from him for the rest of the year, no keeping up to date with a "blog" and/or new videos unless you count the countless affiliate offers he offers throughout the year through his list. So I guess my question is, is this a proper business model to follow for online? Is even having a blog even worth the time and headache if the only thing you have to do is build a product that people need and get several JV partners to help you promote your product? What's your thoughts on this?

P.S. Not only that,but wasn't it Frank Kern in his State of the Internet address that said, "...Product Launches are a bonus, and not a business model..." and I'm paraphrasing.
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    Blogging isn't the only way to make money online.

    If you have something to say (and even if you don't) you can use a blog to build your brand and relationship with your audience.

    But many marketers do not publish a regular blog because it provides no value to themselves and takes a lot of time or resources.

    One advantage of a blog is you can publish a lot of content to get traffic from SEO.

    Most of the big names you mentioned may have had a regular blog at some point but probably dropped it.

    They don't need traffic or to build their name.

    Their model is probably landing pages to build their list and sales pages to push their products supplemented by temporary or static sites to host content/free videos/etc to support their products and launches.

    Then they power their huge launches with hundreds of affiliates who want to "work with the gurus" and JV with other big marketers most probably don't have access to. Like each other

    You can't always look at what the Big Guru's are doing as an exact model of what you should do. With years in business they have used many different models to build their brand and client base.

    "...Product Launches are a bonus, and not a business model..."

    That doesn't mean blogging is the only business model. List building is a great business model and launching your own products is a great way to use that model to make money.
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      Yeah agreed, I just found it kind of weird, and most of us are not in this to build subscribers but buyers, and it seems that without the weight of keeping a blog up to date, you can focus more on creating better products and serving customers needs. I don't know, just my two cents.
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    There are some great blogs by marketers who go into great detail about how they make money like Empire Flippers, Niche Pursuits and Viper Chill. Naturally they also have opt-ins and their own products.
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      Originally Posted by onSubie View Post

      There are some great blogs by marketers who go into great detail about how they make money like Empire Flippers, Niche Pursuits and Viper Chill. Naturally they also have opt-ins and their own products.
      Oh, cool thanks, I'll check them out. I also follow people like Derek Halpern, Marie Forleo, and Corbett Barr personally who are other people who are leading in the blogosphere. Just a heads up. Thanks for the info buddy.
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    Blogging is just a marketing tool.

    Most of the time, it's not a business in and of itself.
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    When you are new, you have to do what you have to do in order for you to make your break through online. All the big dudes that you read about, have already gone through the 'grind'.

    They are just regular people just like you. Many of them were broke when they started out so money isn't a reason that someone can't have success.

    And blogging is not for everyone. It may be for John Chow who has become quite successful with this blogging skills.

    But John loves writing.

    He would do it if there was no money attached to it.

    The problem with most people is that they are doing it mostly for the money and not the sheer joy of writing.

    Some Internet marketers who have made over one million dollars, made a lot of their money through 'Paid' ads.

    Some guys that you hear about making thousands and thousands of dollars per month spend thousands of dollars per month.

    Some guys spend over $30K per month on ads alone.

    Eben Pagan already has gone through the grind that most of the people here are going through.

    He is one of Mike Dillards Mentors.

    Now Eben has such a huge following, he doesn't even need to advertise. He has his own list of marketers who 'buy' from him.
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    In my opinion, blogging is not the right way to make money online... Can you make money blogging? Of course you can, but is it worth the effort? I wouldn't bet on that...

    As someone already said, blog is just a marketing tool and if used in the right way it can be a nice boost to real money making methods...

    Also, blogging is great for branding, getting your name out there and as a quick way to publish your ideas, thoughts, news and other type of content...

    If you consider blogging as the main money making method, then I would say you're wrong because blogging takes too much time, it's very time consuming and usually it takes a lot of time before any blog becomes popular enough to actually be profitable...

    When you consider all the other ways you can use to make money online, blogging is not even near the top of the list... That's probably the reason why most "gurus" don't blog...

    On the other side, the idea that blog should be regularly updated is completely wrong... in the same way as an idea that a usual blog post should be 1000+ words long... I know several successful marketers who rarely post more than 500 words and still they have more than successful blogs...

    Also, much better than updating your blog once per day is to update it once per week while using the rest of your time to effectively promote your blogs posts...

    There is much more to say about blogging but in general, I would say that blogging, in the way most people see it and most courses explains it, is simply waste of time and effort... mainly because you can make much more money by concentrating on more profitable methods...
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      Originally Posted by Pedro Paiva Sousa View Post

      I just don't get the notion: "it's too much work".

      That's exactly why 97% of people fail to make money online.
      Too Much Work... and they keep looking for a Magic Button.

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