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by Daniel Molano 6 replies
Pop-overs are a great way to increase opt-in conversion and sales conversion.

So what experience do you have with "Pop-Overs"? Has anyone tested exit pop-overs vs entering pop-overs for any given page? Or maybe pop-over after a few seconds of entrance?

Personally, I'm using a 5 seconds after entrance pop-over script and it is doing great, but maybe I could be doing better.
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    I do find exit pop over kinda annoying, execept for those that offer downsell. I get some complain from my subscriber about it. I dont know, maybe its just some off them.
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      For opt-in I prefer the entrance pop-over..

      For sale conversion I prefer exit pop-up using a "chat agent" that offers a discount or extra bonus. I recommend SmartJabber (see signature) for that, but I have to disclose that I am the co-owner of this service.
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        I tried pop over and I hadn't much success with it for some reason. It was entering pop under.


        So, you said that you had success with yours. I think you have to tell me about how you did it. lol

        Have a nice day or evening


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          Is this on a sales page? If so I'm reminded of something the late Gary Halbert said, that if someone is reading your sales message, it's pretty stupid to distract them by having something else appear and block what they are reading.

          For a sales letter, I would only use an exit pop. If people are annoyed, well, they were leaving anyway.
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            Don't know if they're still increasing opt-ins, but I've always found pop-ups to be really annoying and distracting from the sales message. But now I think they're starting to look very "old hat" as well.

            I guess an exit pop-up/chat agent is OK if the surfer was leaving your site anyway.

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              I was just checking my opt-in subscriptions and most come from the squeeze page anyway, only like 2% come from the pop up, so I removed it from the sales letter.

              Thanks a lot for the replies, I might try one of those intellichat virtual agents.
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