Hosting help for newbies (at WF)

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Hi all,

I know how hard it is for newbies to justify spending money before they make a dime. Hosting is one of those first expenses.

I would like to help out any newbies who have this problem in the Warrior forum.

If you genuinely could do with help finding hosting for your website and are a newbie, I am going to offer 10 people (first come first served) their own, full hosting account on our servers for less than any other option out there.

FULL HOSTING ACCOUNT FOR UP TO TEN WEBSITES (unlimited email addresses etc)
$14 for the entire year. That should cover my costs in doing this.

I will offer you all the usual features.
The account will be comparible with the basic hostgator account (check the features for the $5 pm account on their site)

I wont restrict you to one domain/website like they do, you can have up to 10 sites on this account.

If you are interested, reply to this post and I will PM you.

After the ten spots go, thats it, I dont have unlimited resources.

This is strictly for Warrior members only. You must have over 5 posts to show that you actually use this forum.

(Please only apply if you really are a cash strapped newbie so those who need it can get the accounts!)
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