Clickbank Niche- How to choose best product?

by wapi
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Hi, I am a newbie. I'd be very pleased to learn how to select the best products from Clickbank to promote. I'm looking at top 5 niches that clickbank shows good result. Like fitness, education , etc.
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    You have to think about human nature and the psychology of people. Some things never change. What was popular in the past will be popular now and In the future.

    People will always want to better themselves and achieve something that is presently absent or nonexistent in their lives.

    People will always be interested in making more money , losing weight , and dating.


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      Originally Posted by Superstar88 View Post

      3. Change "Sort Results By:" to GRAVITY and you'll get the Top 5 Affiliate Selling Products for your niche.
      If you are going to base your decision purely on CB gravity you will probably fail...
      Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

      ― George Carlin
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        I would recommend figuring out your marketing strategy first. You're sort of putting the cart before the horse.

        Start with a way to market products, then depending on what that method is will help you best determine products to promote. For example if you're going to do display ads to a general audience then some products will do much better than others, if you're going to market on Facebook then the same thing, if you're going to do PPC then you'll want products that solve a specific problem that is being searched for.

        Once you've figured that out then it's a matter of testing different products to determine what is converting best. There are other things to look for as well, here's a video which covers what to look for.
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    Market research should be your first step.

    Find out the target audience in any given market. Whether there will be enough people to promote to, if there isn't, don't waste your time.

    If you decide to choose a big market, make sure you come up with a plan to be above the noise, be better than you competition
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    Start with the niche first. Do homework to see which niche is ripe, then go to Clickbank and look for a good product that suits the needs/demands/wants of the niche you discovered.
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    Step 1: Search for a niche that has at least 5-10 hot selling products (as a rule of thumb, use the gravity filter on Click Bank although it is not a strict indicator)
    Step 2: Check the google keyword planner to see how many monthly phrases the products names get. Does the product name have over 200 searches per month? Good - it's a keeper.
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    Gravity is important, you always want to promote something that is already selling well. But more importantly, you need to think about what niches interest you. It's much easier to promote something that you are passionate about. So whatever you promote, make sure you like it enough to become somewhat knowledgeable about it.
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    Lower gravity is great. I wouldt go with Zero gravity, as you dont if it has zero gravity because A: nobody has tried to promote it, or B: people have tried but it doesnt sell.

    I think a perfect gravity score is about 5-10, because you will never face any kind of tough competition. But dont rely on a low gravity score.

    For me, i use the following before promoting a product.

    Will the product solve a problem for someone?
    Has it got a good sales page without an optin?
    Has it got a video (Not a must but i like it)
    Gravity score under 30
    Health niche
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    Thank you everyone for wonderful post on this thread. I have some good pointers here. Surely this will help me profit better in the market.

    In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

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      I'm such a newbie...I've just joined do I find a niche? sorry to be so stupid but I've been searching and can't seem to find the answer... nevermind...had to log in..then saw marketplace...not finding a whole lot that interests me though and that have high gravity for multiple products...
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    Originally Posted by wapi View Post

    Hi, I am a newbie. I'd be very pleased to learn how to select the best products from Clickbank to promote. I'm looking at top 5 niches that clickbank shows good result. Like fitness, education , etc.
    The first thing that you have to think about is that where and how you are going to promote the products? Are they really interested to purchase this kind of products?

    Also even if they are interested to purchase products like this, you may never make any sale. It entirely depends on how you promote your products and the words you use while promoting.

    To make everything possible, it is very important to have good knowledge about the products. Only then you can promote it perfectly. If you don't have much knowledge about the product you are going to promote, I would suggest you to gather some knowledge at first.

    At last, you have market your products actively. Remember, if you can choose the right products and promote it the right people at the right time, you can easily earn hundreds of dollars as affiliate commissions.

    I don't earn that much. But I have earned quite good amount of money online promoting affiliate products. I do it basically through my blog. If you are looking for a good product to promote, I would suggest you to check this article once : Top 7 ClickBank Products That Make The Most Money.

    I think that I should mention that the links you will get there are actually my affiliate links. But my intention is not to get sales through you. I hope these articles will help you choose a good product and make money as I made.

    In terms to choosing the best ClickBank products and sales, these 3 articles should help you a lot as it did for me ...

    How I Grew A Niche Affiliate Site From $0 To $3,934 A Month In 6 Months & How You Can Do The Same!

    12 Tips for Quickly Boosting Your Affiliate Marketing Sales

    Finding a Good Niche in Affiliate Marketing

    At last, you must remember that a lot of this business depends on your luck. Hope you do great.

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    go after health niche, but not weight loss.
    pain niche, cure low back pain, jaw pain etc....people will pay if they are in pain.
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    Choose a product which best describes your blog/website. The product should have gravity 6-50 not more than 60 and also check the refund rate.Refund rate should be less..
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    Follow my these steps and hope you'll get success.

    1) Suppose if you are looking for how get muscles.The product would be an informational Product about secrets of muscles.

    2) Once you find the product that catches your eyes then look at the gravity of the product.Don't with extremely high or low gravity score go for middle.
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