Is it possible to prevent a responding prospect from receiving next campaign emails?

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Question: Is it possible to prevent someone who responds to an email in an email campaign (specifically a 3 step repeater email) from receiving all 3 emails.

Why: I don't want them to get the next email saying we didn't hear back from them if we did hear back from them.

Software: This will be done with various clients of mine, and they will likely have various email systems. I imagine some may be using aweber, some mailchimp and whatever other popular email systems that are out there now.

Thanks for all your help guys!!!
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    You can certainly do this since all the major mailing companies (aweber, mailchimp, getresponse, etc) offer APIs you can use. It will require a bit of programming though.

    If you use Cpanel, you can setup email piping (Email Piping - osTicket Wiki) which would basically let you setup a custom email address and then the email piping would automatically pull those emails it receives into a script on your server. You'd need to setup this script to interact with the mailing host provider API and remove/move the subscriber off the current list so they wouldn't receive anymore emails.
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    Thats the problem with repeat emails.
    You could:
    Send a message which says thank to those who did response but if you haven't yet...easiest option but not so good if you are repeating more than once!
    Or you could segment the group - based on the action they took and email only the segmented group that didn't take the action you wanted.
    You might be able to automate it with infusionsoft but you can't in get response.
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      Could you not set up a trigger (GetResponse calls these goals) on the confirmation page of the action, that would move the contact to a new campaign (list) when they navigate to the confirmation page of the action.

      Anyone who took action would then not get duplicate emails.

      I can give detailed instructions if you use GetResponse, but I assume our competitors should be able to do this too.



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        Thanks everyone that was very helpful.

        The issue is, this will be rolled out to many clients licensing the campaign from me, so I suppose having instructions for each system would be a real pain. Just knowing that it is possible with some general pointers is very helpful though. Thanks everyone!
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